Biotech Co.* (Country/Symbol)

Pharma Co. (Country)


Disclosed Funding (M)

Terms/Details (Date)

Aastrom Biosciences Inc. (ASTM)

BioWhittaker Inc.

Aastrom's Dendricell products and BioWhittaker's X-Vivo cell culture media


Co-marketing alliance for their cell therapy products (8/2)

Amarin Corp. (UK; AMRN)

Elan Corp. plc (Ireland)



Amarin gains exclusive U.S. marketing, sales and distribution rights to Permax tablets to treat Parkinson's disease; Amarin also entered an option agreement to acquire the U.S. rights to Zelapar (7/30)

Antisoma plc (UK; ASOM; LSE:ASM)

W.C. Heraeus GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)



Antisoma signed a cooperation and supply agreement for Thioplatin, a platinum-based compound used for killing cancer cells (7/11)

Arius Research Inc. (Canada; CDNX:YAR)

Goodwin Biotechnology Inc.*

AR460-23 and AR5LAC-20


Goodwin will manufacture supplies for upcoming cancer studies in humans (7/16)

Atrix Laboratories Inc. (ATRX)

Faulding Pharmaceuticals (division of F.H. Faulding & Co. Ltd.; Australia)

Atrix's three Leuprogel products


Exclusive licensing deal for Australian and New Zealand rights to the Leuprogel products for inhibiting the growth of hormone-responsive advanced prostate cancer (8/10)

Cellegy Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CLGY)

PanGeo Pharma Inc. (Canada; TSE:PIL)

Tostrex testosterone gel


Long-term agreement under which PanGeo will manufacture Cellegy's Tostrex testosterone gel; Cellegy will supply PanGeo with Tostrex over a five-year period following final FDA approval (8/21)

Cellegy Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CLGY)

Ventiv Integrated Solutions



Ventiv will provide marketing and sales solutions for launching Anogesic; it will cover prelaunch and early launch expenses, up to $10M, through a loan to Cellegy, which will be paid back through Anogesic revenues; Ventiv also will receive undisclosed royalties during the six-year deal (8/10)

CeNeS Pharmaceuticals plc (UK; LSE:CEN)

International Processing Corp.

CeNeS' oral sustained-release drug delivery technology


Alliance to co-promote the technology in the U.S.; CeNeS is responsible for formulation, development and supply of product for Phases I and II, and IPC is responsible for manufacturing for Phase III and beyond (9/19**)

Chiron Corp. (CHIR)

Merck Frost Canada Ltd.

Menjugate vaccine


Merck will distribute Menjugate in Quebec (7/18)

CombiMatrix Corp. (unit of Acacia Research Corp.; ACRI)

Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland)



Roche will purchase, use and resell CombiMatrix's biochips and related technology for rapid production of customizable biochips; deal includes a revenue-sharing arrangement and has a term of 15 years; Roche will make minimum payments for three years (7/3)

Connetics Corp. (CNCT)

Mipharm SpA (Italy)

Product licensing agreement that grants Mipharm commercial rights in Italy for Connetics' OLUX topical treatment for moderate to severe scalp dermatoses, permethrin foam for scabies, and Hexifoam, a hand disinfectant


Connetics will receive up-front license fees, milestone payments and royalties on future product sales (9/6)

Corixa Corp. (CRXA)

Nycomed Amersham Imaging



Agreement in which Corixa's U.S. sales force will co-promote Metastron, developed for the palliation of metastatic bone pain (7/13)

EntreMed Inc (ENMD)

Royalty Pharma AG (Switzerland)

Thalomid (thalidomide)


EntreMed sold its rights to future royalties from the sales of Thalomid to Royalty Pharma for $24.3M; EntreMed may receive another $3M if certain sales milestones are achieved (8/8)

Evotec OAI (Germany; Neuer Markt:EVT)

Novartis Pharma AG (Switzerland)

AIDA on-bead chemistry in combination with PICKOscreen on-bead screening technology for drug discovery


Evotec will deploy, further develop and market the combination chemistry and technology (9/19**)

Genzyme Canada Inc. (subsidiary of Genzyme Corp.; GENZ)

Theramed Corp. (subsidiary of Meta Health Services Inc.; Canada)

Thyrogen recombinant thyroid-stimulating hormone


Three-year exclusive agreement to jointly market Thyrogen following Canadian regulatory approval (8/13)

Genzyme Corp. (GENZ)

Pharming Group NV (the Netherlands)

Transgenic enzyme


Genzyme agreed to fully fund production of the transgenic enzyme being used to treat nine patients with Pompe disease until they can transition to a form of the enzyme derived from CHO cells (8/27)

Genzyme Transgenics Corp. (GZTC)

Fresenius AG (Germany)

Recombinant human serum albumin


Fresenius exercised an option to gain additional rights to market rhSA in North America and Asia, excluding Japan (7/18)

ICN Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NYSE:ICN)

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)



ICN licensed the rights to Levovirin to Roche, which will pay ICN a one-time licensing fee and milestone payments, as well as royalties (7/2)

ImmunoGen Inc. (IMGN)

BioInvent International AB (Sweden)

Monoclonal antibody


Manufacturing supply agreement to produce one of ImmunoGen's monoclonal antibodies (6/28)

Lexicon Genetics Inc. (LEXG)

Oriental Yeast Co. (Japan)



Oriental Yeast will assist Lexicon in the promotion of its LexVision database to Japanese pharmaceutical companies and in marketing Lexicon's drug target validation technologies in the Japanese market (7/10)

Maxim Biotech Inc.*

Agilent Technologies Inc.

Agilent's 2100 Bioanalyzer with DNA LabChip kits and Maxim's multiplex PCR reagents


Co-marketing agreement for the companies' products (8/2)

Myriad Genetics Inc. (MYGN)

Bioscientia Ltd. (Germany)

BRAC Analysis predictive medicine tests


Collaboration is to provide the tests in Austria, Germany and Switzerland; Myriad will transfer technical know-how for site-specific mutation detection to Bioscientia (6/27)

Nexell Therapeutics Inc. (NEXL)

Baxter Healthcare Corp.

Nexell's cell processing products


Baxter will purchase certain assets and liabilities of Nexell's cell processing business, as well as worldwide sales, marketing and distribution rights for the related products, for about $4.3M net (8/7)

Nonlinear Dynamics Ltd. (UK)*

Amersham Pharmacia Biotech

Progenesis 2D electrophoresis software package


Amersham will globally distribute the software package under APBiotech's Ettan brand (8/1)

Pilot Therapeutics Inc.*

Quintiles Transnational Corp.

PLT 3154


Quintiles' commercialization unit, Innovex, will be the exclusive sales service provider for Pilot's natural therapy for asthma; Quintiles' corporate venture group, PharmaBio Development, will provide Pilot a milestone-based convertible line of credit (6/27)

Procyon BioPharma Inc. (Canada; TSE:PBP)

Goodwin Biotechnology Inc. and Multiple Peptide System

Chimeric monoclonal antibody c-2C5


Manufacturing supply agreement to produce the lead candidate for Procyon's ANA anticancer platform technology; Procyon has a separate supply agreement for the production cGMP PCK2145 with Multiple Peptide System (7/26)

SkyePharma plc (UK; LSE:SKP)

Elan Corp. plc (Ireland)



SkyePharma licensed the marketing rights for DepoCyte in Europe and the Philippines to Elan Pharma International Ltd., an affiliate of Elan; milestone payments could reach $13M (7/25)

SkyePharma plc (UK; LSE:SKP)

Nippon-Shinyaku Co. Ltd. (Japan)



SkyePharma granted marketing and distribution rights in Japan and Taiwan to Nippon-Shinyaku (7/2)


# The information in the chart does not cover agreements between biotech companies or agricultural agreements. The chart may include collaborations that occurred prior to April 26, but were not listed in the previous chart.

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** Denotes the date the item ran in BioWorld International.

ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available

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