¿ Epigenomics AG, of Berlin, said it is playing a major role in a DM5.34 million (US$2.4 million) three-year research project funded in part by the German Research Ministry. It is expected to promote the further development of a high-throughput technology to detect methylation patterns in human DNA. Joining Epigenomics in the project are Jvrg Hoheisel from the German Cancer Research Center, of Heidelberg, and Ronald Frank from the German Research Center for Biotechnology, of Braunschweig.

¿ ExonHit Therapeutics SA, of Paris, said the U.S. Patent Office issued it a patent for its core technology, DATAS (Differential Analysis of Transcripts with Alternative Splicing), and products derived from it. DATAS is a differential gene screening technology that exploits the diversity of the nucleic acids needed for the proper functioning of cells. It detects and systematically compares the genetic alterations that can affect this repertoire of nucleic acids following the administration of a drug, exposure to pollutants, or the onset of disease. According to ExonHit, such qualitative information cannot be obtained by any other currently available technology.

¿ GPC Biotech AG, of Martinsried, Germany, appointed Marcel Rozencweig senior vice president of drug development. Rozencweig¿s primary responsibilities will include the acceleration of the company¿s drug development programs and the expansion of its portfolio through in-licensing of new clinical compounds in core therapeutic areas.

¿ LION bioscience AG, of Heidelberg, Germany, granted a license to its data integration system SRS to Affymetrix Inc., of Santa Clara, Calif. The license enables Affymetrix to build a web portal, supplying detailed information relating to Affymetrix¿s GeneChip probe arrays and related products. The portal is expected to provide access to a wide range of biological data including genomes, genes, transcripts, proteins and literature annotation. SRS integrates more than 400 diverse databases and is currently used by more than 50 commercial customers and more than 100 academic institutions worldwide, LION said.

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