Company* (Country, Symbol)

Company* (Country, Symbol)

Type/Product Area

Terms/Details (Date)

Abgenix Inc. (ABGX)

CuraGen Corp. (CRGN)

Strategic alliance expanded to develop and test up to 250 fully human antibody therapeutic candidates using XenoMouse and functional genomics technologies

Original agreement was for 120 candidates to treat metabolic diseases, cancer, inflammation and autoimmune disorders; Abgenix will make an equity investment in CuraGen totaling $50M; each company expects to invest an additional $100M in support of the collaboration (11/28)

Abgenix Inc. (ABGX)

Immunex Corp. (IMNX)

Multiyear collaboration to discover, develop and commercialize fully human monoclonal antibodies to treat cancer

Each company will contribute five cancer-specific antigen targets during the first five years, sharing their technologies; the companies will share equally in development and commercialization of any product (11/28)

Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Allergan Inc. (NYSE:AGN)

Extension of functional genomics collaboration formed in Sept. 1997

Acadia and Allergan extended their collaboration for two years to study AGN 195795 for glaucoma in the clinic (10/31)

Aclara BioSciences Inc. (ACLA)

Zeptosens AG* (Switzerland)

Exclusive license agreement for access to microfluidics intellectual property

Financial terms were not disclosed (11/3)

Alchemia Pty Ltd.* (Australia)

Dow Chemical Co. (NYSE:DOW)

Joint venture to make complex carbohydrates in commercial quantities for clinical use or biotechnology research

Alchemia will receive an up-front payment plus milestone payments, as well as half of all profits (12/6**)

Amarin Corp. plc (UK; AMRN)

Laxdale Ltd.*

Licensing agreement for LAX-101 to treat Huntington's disease

Agreement includes an up-front payment in cash and stock to Laxdale, future milestone payments and royalties (11/27)

Amersham Pharmacia Biotech*

BioImage AS* (Denmark)

Collaboration to commercialize a new cell-based screening technology based on green fluorescent protein

Amersham Pharmacia gains an exclusive license to BioImage's European patent portfolio on GFP, including the right to sublicense the technology (12/18)

Amgen Inc. (AMGN)

Oxford Asymmetry International plc (UK; unit of Evotec Biosystems AG; Neuer Markt:EVT)

Collaborative agreement for OAI chemists to provide Amgen with discovery chemistry services

The #1.8M (US$2.6M) agreement includes fees for services and future milestone payments (12/7)

Applied Molecular Evolution Inc. (AMEV)

Biosynexus Inc.*

Collaboration to develop an optimized prophylactic agent for staphylococcus bacterial infection in neonatal and pediatric populations

AME will receive research and development funding, milestone payments and royalties (12/20)

Arakis Ltd.* (UK)

Vectura Ltd.*

Collaboration to develop an inhaled formulation for AD237 to treat chronic pulmonary disease

Companies will share development costs and revenues (11/29)

ArQule Inc. (ARQL)

Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Drug discovery collaboration to to discover novel small-moleculedrug candidates directed at individual G protein-coupled receptor targets

Companies will share intellectual property resulting from the collaboration and will equally contribute to at least one joint drug discovery program; they also will share revenues resulting from commercialization of any products (12/19)

Array BioPharma Inc.*

Amgen Inc. (AMGN)

Research and license agreement to identify and optimize small-molecule inhibitors

Companies will collaborate to optimize small-molecule inhibitors to the phosphatase target, PTPIB, to treat diabetes and related diseases; Array will provide Amgen with an exclusive license to Array's existing PTBIB program and exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize PTPIB-related products (11/1)

Arrow Therapeutics Ltd.* (UK)

Virogen Ltd.* (UK)

Discovery and development agreement for respiratory syncytial virus therapies

Each company will fund its own research and will share revenues generated (12/1)

Aurora Biosciences Corp. (ABSC)

Senomyx Inc.*

Exclusive collaborative research and license agreement for the discovery of consumer products enhancing taste and olfaction

Aurora will employ its green fluorescent protein technology and beta-lactamase technology to develop screening platforms for Senomyx and will conduct high-through-put screening; agreement includes an up-front technology access fee, research funding and performance milestones; Aurora purchased 1M shares of Senomyx's Series C preferred stock for $4.8M (11/1)

Biogen Inc. (BGEN)

NsGene AS* (Denmark)

Option license exercised for Neublastin

Biogen will pay an up-front fee for the license and will pay NsGene $20M in fees and milestone payments upon commercialization of the neurodegenerative disease therapeutic (12/6)

Biota Holdings Ltd. (Australia; ASX:BTA)

Vapotronics Ltd.*

Agreement to research the effectiveness of aerosol applications

The companies will research the applications for one or more of Biota's drugs (10/31)

Biovation Ltd.* (Scotland)

Viragen Inc. (AMEX:VRA) and Procyon Biopharma Inc. (Canada; TSE:PBP)

Partnerships to use Biovation's DeImmunisation technology to develop therapeutic monoclonal antibodies

Biovation will receive research revenues, milestone payments and royalties (11/20)

BioVisioN GmbH & Co. KG* (Germany)

Matrix Science Ltd.* (UK)

Long-term strategic alliance focused on developing bioinformatics technologies

The companies will combine their technologies in human peptide research and software for protein identification (12/6)

British Biotech (UK; LSE:BBG; BBIOY)

BresaGen Ltd. (Australia; ASX:BGN)

Collaboration to develop and commercialize E21R for acute myeloid leukemia

British Biotech will make an equity investment of US$1M in BresaGen by issuing 1.1M new shares; it also will make up-front and milestone payments totaling US$7M; milestone payments could include another US$6M if E21R is developed for other indications; the deal also includes royalties (12/20)

Celera Genomics (NYSE:CRA)

Diversa Corp. (DVSA)

Collaborative agreement to sequence the genomes and discover the genes of selected, uncultured microorganisms

Companies will focus on genes contained in Diversa's environmental libraries; financial terms were not disclosed (12/5)

Celera Genomics (NYSE:CRA)

Lion Bioscience AG (Germany; Neuer Markt: LIO; LEON)

Strategic alliance to develop and deliver new software tools through the Celera Discovery System

The companies will collaborate to create improved software tools by further developing and customizing the Lion SRS system and developing new technologies (11/9)

Cell Genesys Inc. (CEGE)

Xenogen Corp.*

Evaluation license agreement giving Cell Genesys access to Xenogen's in vivo imaging technologies

Cell Genesys will use the technology to develop cancer gene therapies (12/21)

Compugen Inc. (unit of Compugen Ltd.; CGEN)

Motorola Inc. (NYSE:MOT)

Development and manufacturing agreement for DNA biochips

Motorola Life Sciences will develop and manufacture a number of DNA biochips using Compugen's chip design services (11/28)

Crucell NV (Netherlands; CRXL)

Eurogene Ltd.* (UK)

Licensing agreement for access to the PER.C6 technology

Eurogene will license the adenoviral packaging cell line for research purposes, with an option to convert to a commercial license within five years; Crucell will receive an up-front payment with further annual payments along with royalties on net sales (12/18)

Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CBST)

Emisphere Technologies Inc. (EMIS)

Research and development collaboration to use Emisphere's oral drug delivery technology for Cubist's product Cidecin and other lipopeptides

Emisphere could receive fees, research funding and milestone payments totaling $30M if a product is commercialized; Emisphere also would receive a potential royalty on sales; Cubist would be responsible for drug development and would receive exclusive worldwide commercialization rights to any oral products (11/6)

Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CBST)

International Health Management Associates Inc.*

Acquisition of worldwide rights to oral ceftriaxone

Cubist acquired the rights to oral ceftriaxone, the first orally active version of the intravenous antibiotic, Rocephin; terms were ND (11/27)

Cyclacel Ltd.* (Scotland)

CV Therapeutics Inc. (CVTX)

Agreement to determine the cancer-inhibition potential of CV's small-molecule compounds

Cyclacel will screen a library of compounds and also obtained the right to negotiate exclusive worldwide development and commercialization licenses for some compounds (12/5)

D-Pharm Ltd.* (Israel)

Nycomed Amersham plc (UK; NYSE:NYE; LSE:NAM)

Research collaboration to discover novel imaging agents

D-Pharm will apply its lipid vector technology to early stage compounds discovered by Nycomed (11/21)

Epimmune Inc. (EPMN)

Valentis Inc. (VLTS)

Licensing agreement for Valentis' PINC gene delivery technology

Epimmune will use PINC for its DNA vaccines against HIV and hepatitis C virus; non-exclusive license is in exchange for undisclosed up-front, milestone and royalty payments (12/4)

Gemini Genomics plc (GMNI)

Genmab AS (Denmark; CSE:GEN)

Collaboration to develop products for osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity

Companies equally will share product rights and costs (12/6)

Gene Logic Inc. (GLGC)

Biogen Inc. (BGEN)

Agreement to supply a gene expression database

Gene Logic will construct a customized database of gene expression data derived from its GeneExpress Suite (12/21)

Genencor International (GCOR)

Danisco AS*

Four-year agreement for the discovery, development and production of bioingredients for use in the food industry

Genencor and Danisco entered into an agreement that provides up to $20M in funding for Genencor's research and development efforts (10/31)

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Actelion Ltd. (Switzerland; SWX:ATLN)

Agreement for the development and co-promotion of Actelion's endothelin receptor antagonist Tracleer (bosentan) in the U.S.

Both companies will be involved in the marketing and promotion of Tracleer, with Actelion taking the lead in the development efforts and commercialization; deal includes an up-front fee of $35M, as well as milestone payments that could make the deal worth $140M (12/13)

GenOdyssee SA* (France)

UroGene SA* (France)

Two-year research collaboration for the discovery of single nucleotide polymorphisms that indicate a pre-disposition to prostate cancer

UroGene will provide GenOdyssee with a list of relevant candidate genes for studying genetic predisposition to prostate cancer in the male population; UroGene will pay fees and milestones, as well as royalties (11/15**)

Genome Therapeutics Corp. (GENE)

Interleukin Genetics Inc. (ILGN)

Commercial research program to provide DNA sequencing information

The program will focus on key genes in the chromosomal region of 2q13, which may be associated with risk for inflammatory diseases; Genome will use its GTC Sequencing Center and the contract includes gene discovery and bacterial artificial chromosome screening across the interleukin-1 region; financial terms were ND (11/15)

Genzyme Transgenics Corp. (GZTC)

ImmunoGen Inc. (IMGN)

Agreement for GTC to produce the humanized monoclonal antibody, huN901, in goat milk

ImmunoGen will use the antibody in its tumor-activated prodrug huN901-DMI/BB-10901, being developed to treat small-cell lung cancer (11/29)

Human Genome Sciences Inc. (HGSI)

Cambridge Antibody Technology plc (UK; LSE:CAT)

Extended collaboration agreement for development of B-Lymphocyte Stimulator (BLyS), a protein discovered by HGS

Companies studied BLyS, which may serve as a treatment for autoimmune and neoplastic disorders, as part of their August 1999 pact; CAT will be entitled to receive license fees, clinical development milestones and royalties on product sales; financial details were ND (10/30)

Immunex Corp. (IMNX)

Cambridge Antibody Technology plc (UK; LSE:CAT)

Partnership for phage display library access and eight exclusive therapeutic antibody product options

Agreement includes a license fee, milestone and royalty payments to CAT in exchange for CAT's antibody library for reagent generation and target validation, and eight options to develop MAbs (12/1)

Immuno-Designed Molecules* (France)

Medarex Inc. (MEDX)

Licensing and distribution agreement for therapeutic rights

IDM will attain the right to use certain therapeutic products developed by Medarex, including MDX-210, MDX-220 and MDX-447; IDM obtained worldwide rights to MDX-210 and more limited rights to the other two products; Medarex increased its equity stake in IDM from 6% to 34% (11/1**)

Immunomedics Inc. (IMMU)

Amgen Inc. (AMGN)

Licensing agreement for a novel cancer therapeutic antibody, epratuzumab, to treat indolent and aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Amgen gains the rights to develop and commercialize epratuzumab in North America and Australia; Amgen also will be responsible for commercial manufacturing and will receive rights to second-generation CD22 products; the agreement includes an $18M up-front payment, clinical milestone payments potentially totaling $65M, and royalties; it also provides for one-time sales milestone payments totaling $50M to $225M if and when annual net sales reach $500M to $1B (12/18)

Incyte Genomics Inc. (INCY)

Galapagos Genomics NV* (Netherlands)

Collaboration to conduct functional genomics studies on full-length genes

Galapagos will generate a recombinant ad will generate a recombinant adenoviral library containing full-length genes selected from Incyte's LifeSeq Gold collection for use in discovering and validating gene function; financial terms were ND (11/14)

Incyte Genomics Inc. (INCY)

Sankyo Co. Ltd.* (Japan)

Licensing agreement for Incyte's LifeSeq Gold database

Sankyo gained the rights to LifeSeq, as well as the ZooSeq animal model database, via Incyte's web site (11/30)

LactoFerrin Products Co.*

Manatech Inc.*

Marketing agreement for exclusive worldwide distribution rights for immune-supporting agents

Agreement is for a combination of immune supporting agents, including Prime Colustrum, a mucosal-delivery growth and repair factor containing product harvested from newborn hormone-free dairy cattle; financial terms were ND (10/29)

Lion Bioscience AG (Germany; LEON)

Nestle Research Center (Switzerland)

License agreement for the data integration technology SRS and other technologies

Lion licensed the technology, including its gene and genome annotation system bioScout, the microarray analysis system array-Scout, as well as genomeScout, Lion's genome comparison software (11/2)

Luminex Corp. (LMNX)

Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. (AMEX: BIO.A, BIO.B)

Strategic partnership to commercialize a system for drug discovery applications based on the LabMAP technology

BioRad has incorporated Luminex's microsphere-based assay technology and reader in an integrated system to allow researchers to easily extract more data from small samples (12/12)

Luminex Corp. (LMNX)

BioSource International (BIOI)

Strategic partnership to develop reagents and assay kits for basic research and drug discovery

The new assay detection system will be based on Luminex's LabMAP technology (12/18)

Luminex Corp. (LMNX)

MiraiBio Inc.* (formerly Hitachi Genetic Systems)

Multiyear distribution agreement to reagents and instrumentation based on Luminex's LabMap technology

MiraiBio has worldwide nonexclusive rights (12/7)

Luminex Corp. (LMNX)

One Lambda Inc.*

Development agreement for human leukocyte antigen-based tissue typing applications

Luminex entered a multiyear strategic partnership with One Lambda, which receives worldwide nonexclusive rights to develop and distribute reagents and instrumentation based on the LabMAP technology in return for making an up-front payment to Luminex and paying royalties (11/10)

Magainin Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MAGN)

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Agreement to terminate the license and collaboration agreement dated April 28, 2000 covering the IL-9 antibody development program and related respiratory technology

The original deal was worth $65.5M to Magainin; Genentech had made an up-front payment of $5.5M in an equity investment (12/18)

Maxygen Inc. (MAXY)

Integrated Genomics Inc.*

Collaboration allowing Maxygen access to Integrated Genomics' bioinformatics software and databases

Financial terms were not disclosed (12/8)

MDS Proteomics Inc.*

Zyomyx Inc.*

Collaboration agreement to conduct research to prove the use of protein biochips in mass spectrometry-based proteomic studies

MDS purchased an equity stake in Zyomyx for $2.5M as part of Zyomyx' Series D financing; MDS also will provide funding to support research and development (12/18)

Medarex Inc. (MEDX)

Epigen Inc.*

Research, development and marketing collaboration for antibody-based cancer therapeutics

The companies will share equally in pre-clinical and clinical development, as well as commercialization (11/17)

MedImmune Inc. (MEDI)

MGI Pharma Inc. (MOGN)

Asset purchase agreement for Hexalen (altretamine)

MGI Pharma will pay $7.2M, plus royalties on sales for 10 years of the chemotherapeutic agent, which is approved in the U.S. for ovarian cancer, to MedImmune over an 18-month period; MGI Pharma will assume full product responsibilities early in 2001 (11/15)

Mermaid Pharmaceuticals GmbH* (Germany)

Gene Tools LLC*

Research alliance to examine the biological function of the majority of vertebrate genes

Collaboration will combine the Morpholino antisense technology with high-throughput in organismo screening technology in zebrafish (11/29)

Molecular Simulations Inc. (unit of Pharmacopeia Inc.; PCOP)

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT), Cytoclonal Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CYPH), Emerald Biostructures Inc.*, Exelixis Inc. (EXEL) and Genencor International Inc. (GCOR)

Establishment of a new high-throughput crystallography consortium

Research project is intended to accelerate drug research by developing and validating rapid methods for X-ray structure determination in structural biology (12/6)

Myriad Genetics Inc. (MYGN)

Encore Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Licensing agreement for the rights to develop, manufacture and market a drug to prevent and treat prostate, colon and other cancers

Myriad acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to MPC-7869 for an up-front equity investment and for several milestones and then royalties (12/8)

Oxford Glyco-Sciences plc (UK; LSE:OGS)

Incyte Genomics Inc (INCY)

Revised alliance to create content for Incyte's LifeExpress product offering

The companies will move from an exclusive profit-sharing arrangement to a nonexclusive contract payment basis; Incyte will retain its rights to market LifeExpress; financial terms were ND (11/7)

Packard BioScience Co. (PBSC)

Xenometrix Inc. (OTC BB:XENO)

Worldwide license agreement for gene expression profiling

The nonexclusive license covers the collection of gene expression profiles using all platforms, including biochips and high-density microarrays (11/14)

Paracelsian Inc. (OTC BB:PRLN)

Triangle Laboratories Inc.*

Strategic partnership agreement joining Paracelsian's dioxin screening Ah Immunoassay with the high-resolution gas chromatography/high-resolution mass spectrometry testing capability of Triangle

The agreement also provides for a later development and worldwide co-marketing deal for the combined system (12/7)

Paradigm Genetics Inc. (PDGM)

Lion Bioscience AG (Germany; LEON)

Five-year strategic alliance to co-develop and co-market a new plant and fungal metabolic profiling database

The database will be used for target identification and validation; the alliance is an expansion to the one initiated in January 2000; the companies will share revenues from the sale of the database, bioinformatics tools and solutions that result from the alliance (11/15)

Paradigm Genetics Inc. (PDGM)

Prionics AG* (Switzerland)

Extended collaboration to co-develop and co-market blood-based diagnostics for the rapid detection of Creutzfeld Jakob disease in humans and bovine encephalopathy in cattle

The parties will continue to share development costs and Paradigm will receive a royalty on any product developed as a result (12/14)

PE Biosystems Group (NYSE:PEB)

Geneva Proteomics Inc.*

Access agreement for Applied's Maldi TOF/TOF mass spectrometer and ICAT reagents

Geneva will deploy the mass spectrometers and reagents with the initial delivery of early access versions of the technologies in the first half of 2001 (11/22)

PPL Therapeutics Inc. (Scotland; LSE:PTH)

Celentis Ltd.* (New Zealand)

Joint venture focused on the production of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical proteins in the milk of transgenic cattle

The initial aim will be the production of a potential multiple sclerosis protein (12/14)

Protein Design Labs Inc. (PDLI)

InterMune Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ITMN)

Agreement in which PDL will humanize an InterMune monoclonal antibody targeted to Pseudomonas aeruginosa

PDL will receive an up-front fee and will be entitled to milestone payments, as well as annual maintenance payments and royalties (11/28)

Protein Sciences Corp.*

HTS Biosystems*

Discovery collaboration to develop novel protein molecules for the drug and diagnostics markets

PSC granted HTS exclusive rights to its protein library, and retained the right to sell all bulk proteins and peptides and affinity molecules (11/30)

Qiagen NV (Netherlands; QGENF)

Luminex Corp. (LMNX)

Strategic alliance to develop a range of consumable kits and assays

The companies will develop the kits and assays using Luminex's LabMAP technology; Luminex received an up-front payment and will receive future royalty payments (11/27)

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. (REGN)

Shearwater Corp.*

Agreement for the PEGylation of the obesity drug Axokine

Shearwater will use its PEGylation technology to develop a PEGylated form of Axokine in exchange for license fees, royalties and exclusive rights to supply the PEG (polyethylene glycol) reagent (12/4)

Response Genetics Inc.*

Dianon Systems Inc.*

Exclusive third-party U.S. sales and distribution agreement for Response's Danenberg Tumor Profile chemotherapy gudiance system

Dianon made an equity investment in Response of $1M (11/16)

Rosetta Inpharmatics Inc. (RSTA)

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT)

Agreement focused on investigating the molecular basis of toxicity of compounds in animal and human liver model systems

Each company will fund its efforts; collaboration will use the FlexJet DNA microarray platform, the Resolver Expression Data Analysis product and Abbott's toxicological science expertise (11/30)

Rosetta Inpharmatics Inc. (RSTA)

Gemini Genomics plc (GMNI)

Discovery partnership for identifying and characterizing sets of genes associated with common human disease

Initial research will focus on the analysis of RNA collected from Gemini's clinical populations; each company will fund its respective contributions and will jointly own intellectual property; they intend to commercialize the rights by licensing them to third parties (11/8)

Seattle Genetics Inc.*


Development and manufacturing deal to provide qualified, GMP-grade product for clinical testing

ICOS will provide the product, a monoclonal antibody for cancer therapy; Seattle Genetics retains the rights to commercialize the product; terms were ND (11/9)

Select Therapeutics Inc. (OTC BB:SLPU)

Cytomatrix LLC*

Formation of a joint venture named Cell Science Therapeutics

Cell Science will develop and commercialize novel biopharmaceutical products based on technologies in cell culture, tissue engineering and immunotherapy; the joint venture encompasses all of Cytomatrix's assets and Select's vaccine program (12/13)

SIGA Technologies Inc. (SIGA)

Maxygen Inc. (MAXY)

Research collaboration for the development of novel vaccines

Collaboration will combine SIGA's vaccine delivery system with Maxygen's antigens for generating an immune response (10/30)

Structural Bioinformatics Inc.*

DeNovo Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Access agreement for multiple therapeutic target classes within SBI's ProMax 3-dimensional protein structure database

Financial terms were not disclosed (11/21)

Syrrx Inc.*

MolSoft LLC*

10-year strategic alliance to accelerate structure-guided drug discovery

Companies will combine MolSoft's Virtual Lig and Screening technology with Syrrx's high-throughput structural proteomics platform (10/31)

Trega Biosciences Inc. (TRGA)

Tibotec Group N.V.* (Belgium)

Licensing agreement for Trega's iDEA Predictive ADME Simulation System for absorption

Tibotec will use the module in its drug discovery activities, which are focused in the area of HIV and AIDS (12/13)

UroGene SA* (Paris)

SynerGenomics Inc.* (Canada)

Research collaboration for the identification of genes associated with the contraction and progression of prostate cancer

The two-year agreement calls for the two sides to conduct genetic studies of six key chromosomal regions discovered by UroGene; UroGene will retain exclusive owner-ship of all commercial applications of the genes discovered and SynerGenomics will receive service fees, as well as milestone payments (11/1**)

Valentis Inc. (VLTS)

Oxford BioMedica plc* (UK)

Collaboration to develop a new version of the cancer drug MetXia

The new version will be developed by adding polyethylene glycol chains to the drug using PolyMASC Pharmaceuticals plc's viraMASC PEGylation technology; PolyMASC is a unit of Valentis (12/13)

Xoma Ltd. (XOMA)

Allergan Inc.*

Dissolved deal for bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein (BPI)

Allegan chose to give back all rights to ophthalmic anti-infective products containing BPI (11/17)

Zyomyx Inc.*

Cambridge Antibody Technology plc (UK; LSE:CAT)

Development collaboration for high-density protein biochips based on antibody arrays

Companies will jointly develop arrays to detect proteins from complex biological mixtures; financial terms were ND (12/4)

Zyomyx Inc.*

Fujirebio Inc.* (Japan)

Collaboration and licensing agreement to develop protein biochips

Zyomyx will receive funding to support research and development efforts for three years, as well as royalty payments on future sales; Fujirebio receives exclusive commercialization rights in Japan (11/17)


# This chart does not include agreements that involve agricultural product development.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk. ** Denotes the date the item ran in BioWorld International.

ND = Not disclosed, available or reported.

Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols listed for public biotechnology companies are on the Nasdaq market.

AMEX =American Stock Exchange; ASX = Australian Stock Exchange; CDNX = Canadian Stock Exchange; CSE = Copenhagen Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; SSE = Stockholm Stock Exchange; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange; VSE = Vancouver Stock Exchange