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Abgenix Inc.

AVI BioPharma Inc.

License and option agreement; use of Abgenix¿s XenoMouse technology to develop fully human antibodies to human chorionic gonatropin (hCG) for treating cancer

AVI licensed technology to generate product candidates; AVI responsible for product development, manufacturing and commercialization; Abgenix gets certain payments, milestones and royalties (1/99)

Abgenix Inc.

Genentech Inc.

New, multi-product research collaboration (supercedes agreements from 4/98 and 6/98); use of Abgenix¿s XenoMouse technology to generate fully human monoclonal antibodies for up to 10 antigen targets chosen by Genentech

Genentech gets rights to use technology in its research programs and option to obtain product licenses for up to 10 antigen targets, but not more than 2 in any 1 year, over 6-year term of agreement (included in the 10 are 2 targets previously identified under superceded agreements); Genentech will acquire 0.5M shares Abgenix stock for $8M; agreement can be renewed for up to 4 more targets over 3-year period; if agreement is renewed, Genentech will buy additional $2.5M in Abgenix stock at 50% premium to market; Abgenix gets $8M per target in licensing fees and milestones, making total agreement worth as much as $122.5M, plus royalties; Genentech will be responsible for product development, manufacturing and marketing (1/99)

Affymetrix Inc.

Eos Biotechnology Inc.*

DNA array internal use license agreement

Eos gets non-exclusive license to certain of Affymetrix¿s patents to allow it to make and use its own non-light directed nucleic acid arrays for gene expression monitoring; Affymetrix gets license fee and annual royalty based on number of array-based experiments performed by Eos (2/99)

Affymetrix Inc.

Gene Logic Inc.

Use Of Affymetrix¿s GeneChip probe arrays to build large, commercially available gene expression database products; initially for expression patterns of 40,000 human genes and gene fragments from various normal and diseased tissues

Gene Logic will build database products and will market them broadly as resources for drug development; Gene Logic will get annual subscription fees from database users; Gene Logic will pay annual subscription fees to Affymetrix for use of GeneChip probe arrays, will purchase the probe arrays and related instrumentation and software and will pay royalties to Affymetrix on database subscription fees (1/99)

Algene Biotechnologies Corp. (TSE:AGN.B; Canada)

Myriad Genetics Inc.

Agreement in principle for genetic research program in 3 disorders of interest to Myriad (via Algene¿s founder population database)

Algene will collect case samples and do genotyping in search for causal genes; Myriad will pay $5M in research funds in form of convertible debentures issued quarterly over 3 years based on research milestones; debentures have 6% annual interest and are convertible into Class B subordinate shares at market price; after 3 years, if debentures haven¿t been converted, Algene will repay them in cash or in exchange for acquired royalty rights; subject to execution of definitive agreement (1/99)

Alteon Inc.

Genentech Inc.

Termination of 12/97 development and marketing agreement on Alteon¿s pimagedine (for treating diabetic kidney disease) as well as 2nd generation product

Preliminary analysis of the Phase III trial data on pimagedine in 11/98 showed that product failed to meet primary endpoint; Genentech terminated its support for the program for business reasons; Alteon regained all rights to pimagedine and any 2nd generation products in development; Genentech will retain its equity investment in Alteon per terms of original agreement; companies remain in negotiations for a separate collaboration (2/99)

Altus Biologics Inc. (subsidiary of Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.)

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Restructuring of Vertex¿s investment in Altus (which it formed in 1/93 to develop and market protein stabilization technology)

Vertex will provide Altus with $3M cash in exchange for preferred stock and warrants; preferred stock gives Vertex a minority stake; Altus will operate independently going forward; Vertex retained non-exclusive, royalty-free right to use Altus¿ technology for discovering, developing and manufacturing small molecule drugs (2/99)

Array BioPharma*

Icos Corp.

Lead optimization agreement on up to 4 undisclosed targets of Icos¿; Array will optimize lead chemical structures provided by Icos based on its high-speed parallel synthesis and purification technologies

Icos gets exclusive worldwide rights to develop and market any products; Icos will fund research and make milestone payments (2/99)

Aurora Biosciences Corp.

Clontech Laboratories Inc.*

Agreement to commercialize Aurora¿s mutant green fluorescent proteins (GFP; used as tag to monitor gene regulation and expression during development)

Clontech gets exclusive worldwide license to supply GFP technology to all customers (for-profit and not-for-profit) doing non-commercial research; Aurora gets upfront technology access fee and royalties (3/99)

Axys Pharmaceuticals Inc.

PPD Inc.

Formation of joint venture company PPGx Inc. to provide pharmacogenomics services and products

PPD¿s subsidiaries Intek Labs Inc. and Intek Labs Ltd. were absorbed into PPGx; PPD will provide initial funding for PPGx and gets exclusive rights to pharmacogenomics products and services; PPD paid $11M for an 18% stake in PPGx; Axys licensed to PPGx its pharmacogenomics intellectual property, bioinformatics software and Allele Frequency Database; Axys gets upfront license fee and majority ownership of PPGx; Allele Frequency Database will be available on subscription basis; PPGx initially valued at $60M (2/99)

Axys Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Protein Design Labs Inc.

Research collaboration on compounds that interact with key cellular signaling pathways; companies will screen Axys¿ small molecule library against Protein Design¿s selected cell signaling pathways

Axys gets upfront payments and milestones; specific molecular targets and financial details ND (2/99)

Caliper Technologies Inc.*

Amgen Inc.

Subscription to Caliper¿s high throughput screening technology access program

Amgen subscribed to technology access program and also gets access to successive generations of Caliper¿s LabChip nanoscale screening systems for biochemical and cellular drug targets; Caliper gets license fee, annual subscription fees, reimbursal of support costs (1/99)

Caliper Technologies Inc.*

Neurocrine Biosciences Inc.

Research collaboration on drugs for treating diseases of central nervous and immune systems; development of ultra high-throughput screening assays via Caliper¿s lab-on-a-chip technology to screen for lead compounds directed against targets from Neurocrine¿s neurogenomics research program

Companies will jointly develop at least 35 enzyme, receptor and functional cellular assays derived from Neurocrine¿s neurogenomics program; will screen assays against Neurocrine¿s chemical library and Caliper¿s compound collection; Caliper gets payment on delivery of screening data, milestones and royalties (1/99)

Cambridge NeuroScience Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board:CNSI)

Creative BioMolecules Inc.

Licensing agreement on Cambridge NeuroScience¿s rights to growth factor neurotrophic protein (GDF-1; member of transforming growth factor-beta super family) for treating nervous system disorders

Creative BioMolecules gets exclusive rights to GDF-1; Cambridge NeuroScience gets cash payment and royal-ties (1/99)

Celera Genomics (division of The Perkin-Elmer Corp.; NYSE:PKN)

Amgen Inc.

Subscription to 3 of Celera¿s database products: Human Gene Index, Drosophila Genome Database and the Human Genome Database

5-year agreement; Amgen gets subscription to databases and early access to new genomic information; Amgen retains all rights to any discoveries it makes to use in drug development programs; Amgen will also provide input into development of Celera¿s products; Celera will focus on gene discovery; Amgen responsible for product development and commercialization; Celera gets milestones and royalties (1/99)

Clontech Laboratories Inc.*

Progen Industries Ltd. (ASX:PGL; Australia)

Distribution agreement on Clontech¿s life science products for genetic engineering research

Progen will be exclusive distributor of products in Australia(1/99)

Corixa Corp.

Idec Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Research collaboration; use of genes identified by Corixa that are selectively expressed in prostate cancer as targets for monoclonal antibody-based therapies

Idec will develop monoclonal antibodies that can be used as monotherapy or in conjunction with radiolabeled yttrium; further details ND (2/99)

ICAgen Inc.*

Incyte Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Research collaboration to create ion-channel gene expressionmicroarray (GEM)

Companies will jointly mine Incyte¿s LifeSeq gene sequence and expression database as well as public domain databases to identify all known ion channels; companies will also study ion channel expression in normal and diseased tissues; ICAgen gets period of exclusive access to ion channel GEM data; Incyte will make available to its database partners the ion channel GEM as well as use it for internal R &D programs (2/99)

ID Vaccine (subsidiary of ID Biomedical Corp.;Canada)

Biomira Inc. (Canada)

Contract manufacturing for ID Vaccine¿s therapeutic subunitvaccine for AIDS (contains 8 different HIV-1 peptides)

Biomira will manufacture vaccine; ID Biomedical will complete all requirements to proceed with human clinical trials (1/99)

ID Vaccine (subsidiary of ID Biomedical Corp.;Canada)

Ribi ImmunoChem Research Inc.

ID Vaccine will test Ribi¿s adjuvant and vaccine delivery technology in its vaccines for enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli infection and enteropathogenic E. coli infection (intranasal delivery)

ND (2/99)

Infigen Inc.*

Imutran Ltd. (U.K.; subsidiary of Novartis Pharma AG;Switzerland)

Strategic partnership to develop technologies for porcine gene targeting and nuclear transfer for use in xenotransplantation; use of Infigen¿s technology to modify DNA of pig cells

Imutran will pay upfront license fee for exclusive rights to Infigen¿s technology; Infigen gets guaranteed R&D funding, as well as milestones and royalties (1/99)

Inhale Therapeutics Systems Inc.

Biogen Inc.

Research collaboration and license agreement; use of Inhale¿s deep-lung pulmonary delivery system to deliver Avonex (recombinant interferon beta-1a) for treating multiple sclerosis

Inhale gets upfront signing fee, $25M in R&D funding and milestones, plus royalties; Biogen will provide bulk drug to Inhale for formulation into dry powder; Inhale will manufacture and package drug and supply inhalation devices; Biogen responsible for clinical development, marketing and commercialization (2/99)

Integra LifeSciences Corp.

Genetics Institute Inc. (wholly owned subsidiary of American Home Products Corp.; NYSE:AHP)

Extension of 1994 supply agreement on Integra¿s absorbable collagen sponges for use in Genetics Institute¿s bone regeneration implants (which contain recombinant human bone morphogenic protein-2)

Companies extended agreement for 5 years, through 2004 (1/99)

IriSys Research & Development LLC*

Avanir Pharmaceuticals

Letter of intent to license IriSys¿ drug for treating emotional lability associated with amyotrophic lateral pain and chronic cough; drug is combination of dextromethorphin and an enzyme inhibitor

Avanir gets worldwide rights to drug; IriSys gets milestone payments in cash or Avanir stock, as well as royalties sclerosis, certain types of neuropathic (2/99)

Irori* (subsidiary of Discovery Partners International)

Ontogen Corp.*

Licensing agreement on Ontogen¿s two patents relating to radiofrequency (RF) tagging of chemical combinatorial synthesis libraries

Irori gets exclusive rights to patents; Ontogen retains rights to use technologies internally; financial terms ND (1/99)

Ixsys Inc.*

MedImmune Inc.

Ixsys will use its directed evolution and protein engineering technologies to optimize 3 target antibodies provided by MedImmune; also, collaboration on Ixsys¿ humanized monoclonal antibody Vitaxin (anti-angiogenic; currently in Phase II trials for cancer)

Ixsys will optimize antibodies; MedImmune will be responsible for clinical development, manufacturing and commercialization; MedImmune will make $6.4M equity investment in Ixsys, fund research and pay milestones and royal-ties; total value to Ixsys of $50M (not including royalties) (2/99)

Magainin Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Genentech Inc.

Collaborative research and option agreement on use of Magainin¿s asthma functional genomics database (especially interleukin-9; IL-9) for developing protein therapeutic (blocking antibody) for treating asthma

Genentech gets access to IL-9 therapeutic target; companies will explore potential of blocking antibody to IL-9 to suppress asthmatic response; Genentech made initial $2M equity investment in Magainin (10% premium to market); Genentech has option to enter into development and commercialization agreement; if it exercises option, Magainin gets $35M in payments and royalties (1/99)

Medarex Inc.

Immunex Corp.

Licensing agreement on Medarex¿s HuMAb-Mouse technology to produce fully human monoclonal antibodies to Immunex targets

Immunex gets rights to use technology throughout its organization for an unlimited number of targets for 10 years; Medarex gets technology access fees, license fees, research payments, milestones and royalties (1/99)

Medarex Inc.

LeukoSite Inc.

Expansion of 10/97 licensing
agreement on Medarex¿s HuMAbMouse technology to produce fully human monoclonal antibodies to LeukoSite targets

LeukoSite gets rights to use technology for a number of targets; Medarex gets license fees, milestones and royalties; Medarex also gets certain rights to an anti-interleukin-8 antibody that was jointly developed by LeukoSite and Medarex subsidiary GenPharm (2/99)

MorphoSys AG* (Germany)

Chiron Corp.

License agreement; use of MorphoSys¿ HuCAL (human combinatorial antibody library) technology for generating human antibodies

2-year agreement; MorphoSys gets licensing fees, milestones and royal-ties; Chiron has option to renew license for 3 more years; financial terms ND (1/99)

Nanoscale Combinatorial Synthesis Inc. (Nanosyn)*

Caliper Technologies Inc.*

Nanosyn will provide Caliper with custom combinatorial libraries that combine Caliper¿s microfluidics screening technology with Nanosyn¿s miniaturized synthesis technology

ND (2/99)

Novavax Inc.

Organogenesis Inc.

Research collaboration; use of Novavax¿s transdermal drug delivery technology with Organogenesis¿ tissue engineering technology to develop therapeutics for undisclosed disease targets

ND (1/99)

Ocean Pharmaceuticals Inc.* (Canada)

Synsorb Biotech Inc. (Canada)

Research collaboration; screening of Ocean¿s marine microorganisms as alternate sources for antibiotics for bacterial and fungal infections

Synsorb will provide financial and technical support for product development through preclinical stage, at which point it will acquire rights to compounds and conduct clinical trials (1/99)

Ontogeny Inc.*

Biogen Inc.

Extension and expansion of 7/96 agreement on 3 Hedgehog cell differentiation proteins (which induce formation or regeneration of tissues; Sonic, Indian and Desert); covers most disease areas, initially central nervous system disorders

Agreement extended through 6/01 and expanded to include certain areas of gene therapy; financial terms ND (2/99)

Pangea Systems Inc.*

Genetics Institute Inc. (wholly owned subsidiary of American Home Products Corp.; NYSE:AHP)

Licensing agreement on Pangea¿s computational tools for use in Genetics Institute¿s genomics-based drug discovery program; tools allow clustering and alignment of expressed sequence tags and full-length genetic sequences

ND (1/99)

Praecis Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Amgen Inc.

Collaboration on Praecis¿ drug Abarelix (synthetically modified peptide that acts as gonadotropin releasing hormone antagonist) for treating hormonally-responsive prostate cancer (currently in Phase III trials) and endometriosis (currently in Phase I/II trials)

Praecis responsible for clinical trials and regulatory approval for prostate cancer indication; Praecis will fund clincial trials in 1999 for endometriosis indication; Amgen will commercialize product in U.S., Canada, Australia, Asia and other markets; Amgen will conduct trials for approvals in non-U.S. territories; Amgen will spend $100M on this collaboration in 1999 (3/99)

Protein Design Labs Inc.

Medarex Inc.

Licenses under Protein Design¿s antibody humanization patents for two of Medarex¿s bispecific antibodies (not identified) that are now in clinical trials

Medarex gets two non-exclusive worldwide licenses; Protein Design gets signing and licensing fees, annual maintenance fees, milestones and royalties (1/99)

Strata Biosciences Inc.*

Tularik Inc.*

Research collaboration on high throughput target validation; use of Strata¿s functional genomics technology in Tularik¿s drug discovery program

2-year collaboration; Strata will get funding from Tularik as well as milestone payments (2/99)

Systems Integration Drug Discovery Co. Inc. (SIDDCO)*

CellPath Inc.

Shared-risk drug discovery collaboration; SIDDCO will synthesize compounds for hit generation and lead optimization via combinatorial chemistry; CellPath will test compounds in its screens that use cancer cells freshly isolated from patients

ND (2/99)

Targeted Genetics Corp.

Sangamo BioSciences Inc.*

Licensing agreement; use of Targeted Genetics¿ gene delivery vectors (adeno-associated, retroviral and non-viral cationic lipid) to enhance Sangamo¿s Universal GeneTools technology (to combine gene transfer and gene regulation in single product)

Sangamo gets non-exclusive license to Targeted Genetics¿ vectors; Targeted Genetics gets royalties on sales of enhanced product (1/99)

Telik Inc.*

Cor Therapeutics Inc.

Research collaboration; use of Telik¿s TRAP chemoinformatics drug discovery technology to screen compounds against up to 5 disease targets (undisclosed) selected by Cor

Cor gets rights to any products worldwide except in Asia; Telik gets license fee, milestones and royalties; Telik retains rights in Asia, which it may reassign to 3rd party; financial terms ND (1/99)

Telik Inc.*

Scios Inc.

Drug screening and license agreement; use of Telik¿s TRAP chemoinformatics drug discovery technology and diverse compound library to identify small molecules with affinity for Scios¿ target (not identified)

Scios gets rights to any products worldwide except in Asia; Telik gets license fee, milestones and royalties; Telik retains rights in Asia, which it may reassign to 3rd party; financial terms ND (2/99)

Trega Biosciences Inc.

Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Isis will purchase combinatorial libraries from Trega through its Chem.Folio program

Isis gets non-exclusive access to Trega¿s small molecule combinatorial libraries in exchange for upfront payment on each compound delivered; Isis has option to license synthetic protocols for libraries from which active compounds are identified; specific terms ND (3/99)

Xenometrix Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board:XENO)

GeneTrace Systems Inc.*

License agreement on Xenometrix¿s gene expression profiling; covers collection of gene expression profiles using all methods, including high-density microarrays

GeneTrace gets non-exclusive license; further details ND (2/99)

Xenometrix Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board:XENO)

Genzyme Molecular Oncology

License agreement on Xenometrix¿s gene expression profiling; covers collection of gene expression profiles using all methods, including high-density microarrays

Genzyme Molecular gets non-exclusive license; further details ND (2/99)

Xenometrix Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board:XENO)

Incyte Pharmaceuticals Inc.

License agreement on Xenometrix¿s gene expression profiling; covers collection of gene expression profiles using all methods, including high-density microarrays

Incyte gets non-exclusive license; further details ND (2/99)

Xoma Ltd.

Biosite Diagnostics Inc. (NASDAQ: BSTE)

Licensing agreement on Xoma¿s bacterial cell expression system for producing and manufacturing genetically engineered diagnostic antibodies; separate licensing agreement on Xoma¿s patents for phage display selection of antibody-related protein products

Biosite gets non-exclusive licenses to Xoma¿s technologies and will pay up-front fees, milestones and royalties (1/99)

Xoma Ltd.

Genentech Inc.

Licensing agreement on Xoma¿s bacterial cell expression system for producing and manufacturing genetically engineered therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies

Xoma cross-licensed Genentech¿s antibody-related cell expression patents; Genentech gets non-exclusive license to Xoma¿s technology and will pay up-front fees, milestones and royalties (1/99)


@ This chart covers biotech company deals with other biotech companies announced between 1/1/99 and 3/12/99. It does not include deals in the area of agricultural biotechnology.

ASX = Australia Stock Exchange; ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available; TSE= Toronto Stock Exchange

# Indicates funding partner, where applicable.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found be referring to the BioWorld Stock Report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. x-y.