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Abgenix Inc.

Amgen Inc.

R&D collaboration under which Abgenix will use its XenoMouse technology to generate fully human monoclonal antibodies to ND antigen

Abgenix will receive an up-front research payment and could receiveadditional fees and milestones, plus royalties on any product sales; Amgen will be responsible for product development, manufacturing and marketing (4/99)

Advanced Tissue Sciences Inc.

Inamed Corp. (OTC BB:IMDC)

Development and marketing agreement for several of ATS's human-based, tissue-engineered products for aesthetic and certain reconstructive applications

Inamed licensed rights to certain tissue-engineered products for use in cosmetic surgery, cartilage for plastic and reconstructive surgery, and extracellular matrix for use in breast reconstruction; Inamed also received an option to license rights to use extracellular matrix from ATS's 3-D culture system for softtissue augmentation; ATS could receive up to $20M in up-front and milestone payments, and from the sale of ATS common stock to Inamed at premium to market; deal also includes potential royalties for ATS (5/99)

Affymetrix Inc.

deCODE Genetics Inc. (Iceland)

Use of Affymetrix's GeneChip technology for gene expression monitoring

ND (5/99)

Algene Biotechnologies Corp.(Canada; TSE:AGN.B)

Genset SA (France)

R&D agreement giving Genset exclusive access to Algene's collection of DNA samples taken from Alzheimer's sufferers, as well as a license to use Algene's genemapping results

Genset owns all intellectual property rights to results of the program;Algene will receive license fees and 1-year program funding, with milestones possible (5/99)

Myriad Genetics Inc.

Cancellation of non-binding agreement in principle for genetic research program in 3 disorders of interest to Myriad (via Algene's founder population database)

Under original agreement, Algene would have received interest-bearing loan of C$5M from Myriad in the form of convertible debentures (4/99)

Alkermes Inc.

Genentech Inc.

Expansion of 1/95 collaboration for Nutropin Depot, an injectable, sustained-release formulation of Genentech's human growth hormone based on Alkermes' ProLease drug-delivery system

Terms include immediate purchase by Genentech of $35M of newly issued convertible exchangeable preferred stock of Alkermes with a conversion price of at least $45 per share; agreement includes potential milestones for Alkermes of approximately $40M; Alkermes will use preferred stock sale to fund the Nutropin Depot program and will receive payments based on sales; Genentech and its partners will be responsible for worldwide sales and marketing (4/99)

Targeted Genetics Corp.

Exclusive license to Alkermes' patent for the manufacture of adenoassociated viral vectors-

Targeted will issue 0.5M shares of common stock as payment for upfront license fee to Alkermes for exclusive rights to issued patentand related pending patent applications; Targeted will also issue warrants to Alkermes to purchase up to 2M shares of common stock at substantial premiums to current market price for periods up to 10 years; Targeted will pay milestonesand royalties on products manufactured using the technology (6/99)

AlphaOne Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

ProMetic Life Sciences Inc.* (Canada)

Joint venture agreement to develop alpha-1 antitrypsin

ND (4/99)

Angstrom Pharmaceuticals*

Diatide Inc.

License agreement for Angstrom's tumor-targeting technology (smallcyclic peptides that bind to urokinase plasminogen activator receptor)

Diatide will have worldwide exclusive rights to imaging and certain therapeutic products, and will provide an up-front payment, research and milestone payments, and royalties on on any sales; Diatide will be responsible for clinical trials and regulatory approvals, and will also provide research support (5/99)

Aradigm Corp.

Genentech Inc.

Joint development agreement for a pulmonary delivery system for Genentech's Pulmozyme (dornase alfa) Inhalation Solution in the U.S. using Aradigm's AERx pulmonary drugdelivery technology; Pulmozyme Inhalation Solution is a recombinant human protein used in the management of cystic fibrosis (CF) to improve lung function

Aradigm will receive up-front and milestone payments during development; Genentech will provide bulk Pulmozyme to Aradigm, and Aradigm will manufacture the unit dose liquid formulations and electronic inhalers; Aradigm will be responsible for clinical development and manufacturing of the system; Genentech will be responsible for marketing and communications; there will be a mutual right of first negotiation for additional products administered by pulmonary delivery for use in CF (5/99)

Avax Technologies Inc.

Neptunus International Holdings Ltd. (Hong Kong)

Letter of agreement to form marketing joint venture for Avax's autologous cell cancer vaccine in Australia and New Zealand

Neptunus will purchase A$4M in stock and has the option to purchase up to A$10M in shares, or up to a 50% interest, in Avax's Australian subsidiary, Avax Australia Pty. Ltd.; Avax also will receive options to purchase common stockequivalent to 5% of Neptunus fully diluted shares; Avax Australia will handle R&D and marketing of the product; Neptunus has options to participate in commercialization in China, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand (6/99)

Catalytica Advanced Technologies Inc. (a subsid-iary of Catalytica Inc.)

CombiChem Inc.

Joint-venture agreement combining the companies' respective proprietary and patented technologies to provide catalytic-based combinatorial discovery services to third parties in catalytic materials, and products and processes derived from these materials; the companies will form Aperion LLC, a limited liability company, to be headquartered in California

ND (6/99)

Catalytica Inc.


U.S. distribution agreement for Catalytica's Aloprim (intravenous allopurinol) for treating elevated serum and urinary uric acid levels related to cancer therapy

Nabi will sell and Catalytica will manufacture Aloprim; both companies will share the product's profits (6/99)

CellMart Inc.*

Neocrin Co.*

Option for a license to CellMart's technology for expanding human

Neocrin acquired option for worldwide license; further details ND islet cells for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diabetes

Cellomics Inc.*

Molecular Probes Inc.*

Agreement gives Cellomics rights to key MPI fluorescence technologies and products for use in Cellomics'reagents, assays and kits for High Content Screening applications

Cellomics gains exclusive rights to incorporate aspects of MPI's technology into High Content Screening system, plus non-exclusive rights to certain MPI technology for reagents, assays and kits used in high-throughput screening (4/99)

Cerep SA (France; Nouvea Marché:CEREP)

Tibotec NV (Belgium)

Research collaboration to discover new drug candidates for HIV; Tibotec will screen Cerep's compound library for potential leads; companies will jointly undertake profiling, further development (6/99) lead optimization and preclinical

Companies will share costs and revenues, with separate agreements to be signed for lead candidates selected for testing

ChemDiv Inc.* and Contract Services Co. subsidiary

Nanoscale Combinatorial Synthesis Inc.*

ChemDiv will provide chemical intermediates for synthesis of custom libraries for Nanoscale customers, and CSC will provide scale-up capabilities

ND (4/99)

Chromagen Inc.*

CombiChem Inc.

Assay development and drug-screening agreement under which Chromagen will develop biological assays and screen CombiChem compounds for multiple targets pursued by CombiChem in its internal drug-discovery program

Chromagen will receive research support and a percentage of future payments received by CombiChem upon outlicensing of drug candidates to pharmaceutical companies (3/99)-

CombiChem Inc.

ICOS Corp.

Expansion of 4/98 drug-discovery and development collaboration with addition of ND target discovered by ICOS; CombiChem will utilize its Discovery Engine, an iterative approach combining software for hypothesis generation, a computerbased virtual library and rapid synthesis capability

ICOS has exclusive worldwide rights to develop and market any products arising from collaboration; under new agreement CombiChem is to receive an up-front payment, research support, and milestone and royalty payments for any products arising from work on the new target(5/99)

CuraGen Corp.

COR Therapeutics Inc.

Product-discovery and pharmacogenomics agreement under which CuraGen will apply its SeqCalling, GeneCalling and PathCalling technologies, related services and pharmacogenomics expertise to identify drug targets and develop cardiovascular drugs

CuraGen retains rights to newly discovered protein therapeutics for use in the company's internal drug-development programs, while COR retains the rights to small-molecule and inhibitory antibody therapeutics emanating from this agreement; renewable collaboration is valued at $2.6M for initial period of 18 months; CuraGen may also receive milestone and royalty payments for products developed by COR as a result of collaboration (5/99)

CV Therapeutics Inc.

Innovex (unit of Quintiles Transnational Corp.)

U.S. marketing and sales agreement for CV's ranolazine, currently in Phase III trials for chronic stable angina

Quintiles will invest $5M in CV's common stock, and upon FDA's acceptance of ranolazine NDA will make available up to a $10M secured credit facility for funding of pre-launch activities to be performed by Innovex under a traditional fee-for-service agreement; the credit facility is convertible into CV common stock at the election of Quintiles under certain circumstances; Quintiles will also make a milestone payment of $10M upon product launch, which can be offset by the loan; Innovex will conduct pre-launch activities, hire and train a cardiology sales force for the product, and provide post-launch marketing and sales; Innovex will provide services for at least 3 years after launch, and for years 4 and 5 if sales goals are met; 1st-year fee expected to be at least $19M (5/99)

Digital Gene Technologies Inc.*

Immunex Corp.

Immunex renewed experimentation license on a Digital Gene gene implicated in inflammatory bowel disease; molecule is the 1st of 6 licensed by Immunex during the 1st year of research collaboration using Digital Gene's TOGA gene expression technology to discover diagnostics and therapeutics for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal system

Agreement calls for annual renewal rights and fee payment for experimentation licenses issued for each gene chosen by Immunex (6/99)

EntreMed Inc.

Calbiochem-Novabiochem Corp. (unit of CN Bio-sciences Inc.)

Non-exclusive, worldwide license agreement

Calbiochem will receive the right to sell research-grade Endostatin and Angiostatin proteins for non-commercial research purposes, as well as research grade human recombinant Endostatin protein produced by EntreMed; EntreMed will receive royalty payments on all sales of both murine (mouse) and human Endostatin and Angiostatin (6/99)

EnzyMed Inc.*

IntraBiotics Pharmaceuticals

Research collaboration agreement; EnzyMed will focus on lead optimization of selected IntraBiotics compounds for treatment and prevention of infectious diseases

EnzyMed will receive up-front funding and potential milestone and royalty payments (5/99)

Eos Biotechnology Inc.*

Vysis Inc.

Research collaboration to validate new genomics-derived breast cancer markers; Eos will contribute targets and Vysis will validate them using fluorescence in situ hybridization technology

Vysis receives worldwide diagnostic rights, Eos therapeutic rights (6/99)

Evotec Analytical Systems GmbH* (subsidiary of Evotec BioSystems AG; Germany)

Qiagen NV (the Netherlands)

Joint venture agreement for development and commercialization of high-throughput nucleic acid detection and purification systems; Qiagen contributes technology in nucleic acid handling, separation, purification and amplification; Evotec provides single molecule detection ability and other technology

Equally funded joint venture; Qiagen will handle worldwide distribution; further details ND (5/99)

Genentech Inc.

Immunex Inc.

Licensing agreement covering Genentech's p75TNRF:Fc fusion proteins, including Immunex's FDA-approved Enbrel

Immunex will pay Genentech an initial license fee and royalties on sales of Enbrel from the date of product launch and continuing for the life of the Genentech patents (6/99)

Genentech Inc.

Immunex Inc.

Joint development and commercialization agreement for TRAIL/Apo2L (TNF-related, apoptosis inducing ligand); companies had separately been working on different forms as anticancer agents-

Companies will form joint steering committee and project committee to select a single lead molecule for development, manage the development process, and allocate clinical, manufacturing and marketing responsibilities to each company (6/99)-

Genzyme Transgenics Corp.

Lonza Biologics (unit of Algroup; Switzerland)

Agreement to develop purification and production methods for therapeutic proteins, including monoclonal antibodies; deal provides Genzyme Transgenics access to Lonza's infrastructure for downstream protein purification; initial projects will focus on large-scale purification of transgenic proteins and monoclonal antibodies under development at Genzyme Transgenics

Based on achievement of certain goals, Algroup will make a "significant" investment in Genzyme Transgenics' common stock; further terms ND (5/99)

Millennium BioTherapeutics Inc. (majority-owned subsidiary of Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc.)

R&D agreement to use Genzyme Transgenics' expertise in development of transgenically produced biotherapeutics to develop ND Millennium proteins and antibodies

ND (3/99)

Geron Corp.

Clontech Laboratories Inc.*

Clontech will manufacture and market Geron's telomerase-immortalized cell lines to the not-for-profit research market; Clontech will also supply to the biotech and pharmaceutical products industries under licenses to be executed between Geron and the individual companies

Clontech will pay an up-front technology licensing fee, and the companies will share equally operating profits generated from the sale of the cell lines; Clontech will be responsible for manufacturing (3/99)

Introgene BV*(the Netherlands)

Tibotec NV (Belgium)

Agreement to form Galapagos Genomics NV, a high-throughput functional genomics company focused on identification of human gene function using IntroGene's adenoviral technology in combination with Tibotec's high-throughput screening capabilities-

Galapagos will be equally funded by IntroGene and Tibotec (4/99)

Invitrogen Corp.

Diversa Corp.*

Exclusive license and access agreement to exchange proprietary technologies and products in specified fields of use-

Diversa will receive an exclusive license to use Invitrogen's TOPO Cloning technology in Diversa's proprietary field of cloning nucleic acids from mixed populations and uncultured organisms; Invitrogen will receive exclusive access to selected proprietary DNA-modifying enzymes for use in the research reagent marketplace (3/99)

IRORI* (a subsidiary of Discovery Partners International)

Afferent Systems Inc.*

Collaboration agreement to define and develop future chemical synthesis and informatics technology and products using an interface developed by Afferent that links its software to IRORI's solid phase synthesis products

IRORI will begin immediate distribution of Afferent software products; financial terms ND (5/99)

Lexicon Genetics Inc.*

Cephalon Inc.

Research agreement under which Lexicon will make custom knockout mice for Cephalon using methods of homologous recombination

ND (5/99)

LifeTime Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Dovetail Technologies Inc.*

License agreement and right-of-first refusal/R&D agreement covering all Dovetail compounds, including lead compound, Beta LT, an anticancer drug and immune-system booster in Phase I/II trials

Dovetail will continue preclinical development of 6 classes of compounds in return for milestones, and has guaranteed supplies of Beta LT for trials and future sales;additional terms ND (6/99)

Lion BioscienceAG* (Germany)

Paracel Inc.*

Purchase agreement; Lion will use Paracel's GeneMatcher genetic data analysis system as part of its effort to identify target genes

ND (5/99)

Lynx Therapeutics Inc.

Oxagen Ltd.*

Research agreement under Lynx will apply its technologies for extracting and genotyping single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)to identify disease-associated SNPs from populations of patients with inflammatory bowel disease; Oxagen will map and further refine the regions of association defined by these SNPs to locate disease genes and identify the functional polymorphisms within them

Companies may seek pharmaceutical partners for package; terms ND (5/99)-

Molecular Biology Resources Inc.*

Invitrogen Corp.

Invitrogen acquired sole ownership of the patents that cover technologies used in the TA Cloning method, a polymerase chain reaction technique used in functional genomics research and gene-based drug discovery

Previously, Molecular Biology and Invitrogen were co-owners of the patents; acquisition gives Invitrogen exclusive worldwide royalty free rights as the sole assignee through 2013, the life of the patents; financial terms ND (6/99)

Neomorphic Software Inc.*

SyStemix Inc. (unit of Novartis AG; Switzerland)

Research collaboration under which Neomorphic's hidden Markov model technology will be used to identify genes in SyStemix's gene sequence database

ND (5/99)

Novavax Inc.

Cantab Pharmaceuticals plc (U.K.)

Cantab exercised option under 1/98 agreement to license Novasomes (liposome adjuvants) for therapeutic vaccination of women with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, a precancerous condition caused by human papilloma virus infection

Novavax will receive additional license fees and milestones, plus potential royalties (4/99)

OSI Pharmaceuticals Inc.

BioChem Pharma Inc. (Canada)

License agreement replacing earlier collaborative program focused on antiviral drug discovery; OSI is licensing to BioChem rights to the companies' joint technology in certain antiviral targets

OSI will receive a $2M up-front licensing fee, plus milestones and royalties; companies have crosslicensed joint technology in HIV, allowing both to continue R&D in this area (3/99)

Oxford Asymmetry International plc (U.K.)

Ontogeny Inc.*

Optimization agreement on small-molecule leads derived from Ontogeny's developmental pathway-based assays

Oxford Asymmetry will provide Ontogeny with medicinal chemistry service, and will give Ontogeny access to its combinatorial chemistry expertise; financial terms ND (6/99)

Oxford Biomedica plc (U.K.;AIM:OXB)

ViroMed Ltd.* (Korea)

Joint venture agreement for Southeast Asia markets; deal establishes Virotech Ltd. to combine Oxford's lentiviral vector and enzyme/prodrug technologies with ViroMed's vector development technology, clinical trial facilities and development expertise-

ND (5/99)

Pangea Systems Inc.*

Rigel Inc.*

Licensing agreement for Pangea's high-throughput analysis software that allows researchers to access, annotate and analyze genetic sequence data

ND (6/99)

Ontogeny Inc.*

Licensing agreement for Pangea's GeneWorld, an automated, high-throughput analysis software that allows researchers to access, annotate and analyze genetic sequence data

ND (6/99)

EOS Technology Inc.*

License agreement for Pangea's software for clustering and aligning high volumes of expressed sequence tags and partial gene sequences into full-length gene sequences suitable for gene indexing and other drug-discovery applications

ND (6/99)

Pangea Systems Inc.*

Axys Pharmaceuticals Inc.

License agreement for Pangea's software for clustering and aligning high volumes of expressed sequence tags and partial gene sequences suitable for gene indexing and other drug-discovery applications

ND (6/99)

Genencor International Inc.*

Genencor purchased Pangea data on metabolic pathways for an ND organism in order to optimize quality and yield of proteins it manufactures using that organism

ND (6/99)

Pentose Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

V.I. Technologies Inc. (VITEX)

Development, manufacturing and license agreement to combine technologies to enhance viral elimination from pooled transfusion plasma products; the collaboration will focus on applying Pentose's Inactine antiviral technology to VITEX's PLAS+SD plasma product as a second inactivation step that will broaden the spectrum of viral elimination to include non-enveloped viruses

Dependent on the successful achievement of certain milestones, Pentose could receive up to $12M in up-front cash, equity and milestone payments, plus royalties on any future sales; VITEX will obtain exclusive rights in North America and, contingent on certain ND events, non-exclusive rights in the rest of the world to use Inactine in combination with solvent detergent for treating pooled transfusion plasma (3/99)

Pharma Pacific Pty. Ltd.

Coulter Pharmaceutical Inc. (Australia; subsidiary of Fernz Corp.)

License agreement giving Coulter worldwide rights to Pharma Pacific's 64G12, a therapeutic monoclonal antibody specific for the Type I interferon receptor, which may represent a new approach to the treatment of autoimmune diseases and transplant rejection

Coulter will receive exclusive worldwide rights for all human therapeutic and prophylactic uses for 64G12 and related intellectual property, as well as other antibodies recognizing the Type I inter-feron receptor; Coulter will be responsible for worldwide clinical development, manufacturing and commercialization; Coulter will pay Pharma Pacific an upfront payment of $1.5M and potential up to $10.25M; Pharma Pacific will receive royalties on future product sales (6/99)

Pharmacopeia Inc.

Tularik Inc.*

R&D agreement for discovery of small-molecule therapeutics; Tularik will provide high-throughput-screening technologies, and Pharmacopeia will contribute combinatorial chemistry libraries; Tularik will be responsible for development and commercialization of any products

Pharmacopeia receives an upfront fee, milestones and royalties (4/99)

Polymasc Pharmaceuticals plc (U.K.; AIM:

Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc.

License agreement executed following successful research collaboration; Onyx will license Polymasc's ViraMASC technology for further development of its genetically modified adenoviruses

Deal triggers a milestone for Polymasc; further milestones and royalties are payable on each product developed (5/99)

PPL Therapeutics plc (U.K.)

ND biotechnology company based in the U.S.

Feasibility study for the production of a host-defense peptide in the milk of transgenic rabbits for potential use as an antibiotic

ND (4/99)

ProdiGene Inc.*

Genencor International Inc.*

Expansion of 10/97 collaboration to develop enzyme products utilizing transgenic plants; alliance combines ProdiGene's expertise in producing recombinant proteins in transgenic plants with Genencor's enzyme technologies

Genencor exercised option to expand alliance and will fund R&D of additional products, plus additional ND consideration (3/99)

Progenitor Inc.*

Megabios Inc.

Megabios acquired rights and intellectual property related to the del-1 gene and protein from Progenitor

Megabios made a 1-time cash payment to Progenitor and has milestone and royalty obligations to Vanderbilt University, co-owner of del-1 (4/99)

Proten Design Inc.

Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Licensing agreement to apply PDL's humanization technology to Progenics' PRO 140, an anti-CCR5 monoclonal antibody that blocks HIV replication and is slated to enter clinical trials in 2000

Progenics will pay a licensing and signing fee, plus milestones and royalties on any sales (5/99)

BioNet Pharma GmbH(Germany)

Development and marketing agreement for PDL's SMART (humanized) Anti-L-Selectin Antibody in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

PDL receives $3M licensing fee and will be entitled to royalties on any sales; PDL will pay milestones to BioNet for meeting clinical and regulatory goals (5/99)

Selective Genetics*

Biomet Inc. (NASDAQ:BMET)

Licensing agreement covers Selective Genetics' Gene Activated Matrix and and other technologies for orthopedic indications; initial studies, planned for late 1999 or early 2000, are expected to address fracture repair in elderly osteoporotic patients

Selective Genetics could receive in excess of $32M, consisting of an upfront equity investment of $5M, R&D funding over a 10-year period and a potential further equity investment; Selective will also receive a royalty on net product sales (5/99)

Small Molecule Therapeutics Inc.*

Hybrigenics SA* (France)

Small Molecule will screen Hybrigenics infectious disease targets derived from protein interaction maps; lead compounds will be further validated in Hybrigenics' modeling systems

Companies will partner any potential drugs arising from collaboration with pharmaceutical partners; further details ND (3/99)

Synsorb Biotech Inc.(Canada)

BCY Ventures Inc.*

Sublicensing agreement for preclinical cystic fibrosis therapies Synsorb licensed from a consortium of Novadex Pharmaceuticals and various Canadian academic institutions

BCY gains exclusive license and will assume all financial responsibility in exchange for 2M shares of BCY stock, representing 37% of the company on a fully diluted basis; Synsorb retains option to manufacture product (6/99)

Vascular Genetics Inc.*

Biosense Webster (unit of Johnson & Johnson; NYSE:JNJ)

Collaboration for use of a Biosense Webster guided-delivery catheter with a Vascular Genetics' vascular endothelial growth factor-2 (VEGF) gene therapy

ND (6/99)

Vaxcel Inc.

Innovax Corp. (joint venture of Endorex Corp. and Elan Corp. plc [Ireland])

License agreement for Vaxcel's technology and patents for orally delivered human and veterinary vaccines based on polymeric microspheres

ND (5/99)

Vion Pharmaceuticals Inc

EPTTCO Ltd.* (U.K.)

R&D collaboration to develop cancer treatments by combining Vion's TAPET bacterial vectors with EPTTCO's prodrug activation technology, which uses enzymes to convert inactive prodrugs into cytotoxic anticancer agents

Both parties will equally contribute technology and manpower to establish and test the combined therapeutic system; if a specific combination proves successful, the collaboration will seek a corporate partner to clinically develop and commercialize the product (4/99)-

Xoma Ltd.

Allergan Inc.

Licensing agreement under which Allergan gains rights to use Xoma's recombinant bactericidal/permeability increasing protein (rBPI) in combination with other anti-infectives to treat ophthalmic infections

Xoma will receive up to $11M, consisting of up-front payment and milestones, plus royalties on any Allergan products using rBPI; Allergan will pay all future development costs of covered products; a Xoma affiliate will manufacture rBPI for Allergan (6/99)

@ This chart covers biotech company deals with other biotech companies announced between 3/13/99 and 6/30/99. It does not include deals in the area of agricultural biotechnology.

AIM = Alternative Investment Market; ASX = Australia Stock Exchange; ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange

# Indicates funding partner, where applicable.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stock Report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 14-15.