Biotech Agribusiness Partner Type/Product Area Amt. Terms/Details (Month)
Company** (Symbol/Country)
Acacia American Cyanamid Research collaboration; ND Acacia will provide chemical and bio-
Biosciences Co. (subsidiary of use of functional genomics logical profiles on a class of American
Inc.* American Home and bioinformatics to aid Cyanamid's compounds for undisclosed
Products Corp.; in selection and optimiza- fee (1/98)
NYSE:AHP) tion of lead compounds for
crop protection products
DuPont Agricultural Research collaboration; ND Acacia will provide chemical and bio-
Enterprise (unit of E.I. use of functional genomics logical profiles on a class of duPont's
duPont de Nemours and bioinformatics to aid compounds for undisclosed fee (6/98)
and Co.; NYSE:DD) in selection and optimiza-
tion of lead compounds for
crop protection products
Novartis Crop Protec- Research collaboration; ND Acacia will provide chemical and bio-
tion (unit of Novartis use of functional genomics logical profiles on a class of Novartis'
AG; Switzerland) and bioinformatics to aid compounds for undisclosed fee (8/98)
in selection and optimiza-
tion of lead compounds for
crop protection products
Alanex Corp. Zeneca Agrochemicals Research collaboration; ND 3-year agreement; Alanex will provide
(wholly owned (division of Zeneca use of Alanex' exploratory compounds on non-exclusive basis but
subsidiary of Ltd., NYSE:ZEN; U.K.) chemical libraries for Zeneca has right to exclusively license
Agouron Pharma- screening in Zeneca's any leads for use in agriculture, horti-
ceuticals Inc.) high-throughput assays for culture, forestry and public health;
agrochemicals Alanex retains rights to human pharma-
ceutical and animal health uses; Alanex
gets up-front license fee, annual research
support, milestones and royalties (6/98)
BioSource Dow AgroSciences Research collaboration; ND Dow gets rights to all discovered genes
Technologies LLC (wholly owned use of BioSource's fun- that provide useful crop traits; Bio-
Inc.* subsidiary of the Dow ctional genomics technol- Source retains rights to all pharma-
Chemical Co.; ogy in Dow's high through- ceutical and animal health applications;
NYSE:DOW) put screens to create 3-year agreement; other terms ND
specific crop traits (9/98)
CombiChem Novartis Crop Protec- Research collaboration; ND CombiChem will generate compounds
Inc. tion (unit of Novartis use of CombiChem's com- for in vivo testing in whole organisms;
AG; Switzerland) putational drug discovery CombiChem gets initial fee, research
program to generate com- support and milestones; Novartis gets
pounds for use as herbicides, exclusive worldwide rights to develop
fungicides and insectides and market or sublicense products;
CombiChem gets royalties (5/98)
CuraGen Corp. DuPont Agricultural Research collaboration; ND ND (7/98)
Enterprise (unit of E.I. use of genomics technol-
duPont de Nemours ogies to characterize
and Co.; NYSE:DD) genetic components and
metabolic pathways under-
lying a DuPont crop pro-
tection product
CuraGen Corp. Pioneer Hi-Bred Expansion of 6/97 gene ND Pioneer will double its annual funding
International Inc. discovery collaboration; use from $2.5M/year to $5M/year (4/98)
(NYSE:PHB) of genomics technologies to
discover genes responsible
for agricultural seed product
Ecogen Inc. Monsanto Co. Revision of 1/96 contract ND Ecogen will assist Monsanto in expand-
(NYSE:MTC) research agreement on ing its capabilities in the Bt area;
enhanced Bt genes amended agreement terminates 1/99
(1 year earlier than original) but Eco-
gen still gets $10M total per original
terms; Monsanto holds 12% of Ecogen
stock (2/98)
Enzo Biochem Japan Tobacco Inc. License agreement; ND Japan Tobacco gets license to use tech-
Inc. (Japan) use of Enzo's genetic nology in Japan; Enzo gets up-front fee,
antisense technology to commercialization payments and royal-
develop improved strains ties (1/98)
of rice
EnzyMed Inc.* Novartis Crop Protec- Research collaboration; ND 3-year agreement; EnzyMed gets 1st
tion (unit of Novartis use of EnzyMed's combi- option to perform lead optimization
AG; Switzerland) natorial biocatalysis tech- services on all active hits resulting
nology to create compound from Novartis' screening of libraries
libraries (potential crop (6/98)
protection agents)
Exelixis Phar- Bayer AG Research collaboration; $30M Exelixis will identify and validate tar-
maceuticals (Germany) use of Exelixis' model gets and develop assays for high-
Inc.* system genetics, genomics throughput screening against Bayer's
and bioinformatics to chemical compound libraries; Bayer will
identify screening targets evaluate, develop and commercialize
for crop protection agents products; Exelixis will also develop
expressed sequence tag database for
pest species of Bayer's choosing;
Exelixis gets $30M total in license fees,
research support and milestones, as well
as royalties; 5-year collaboration (5/98)
Flamel Monsanto Co. Research collaboration; ND This agreement expands scope of the
Technologies (NYSE:MTC) use of Flamel's Agsome parties' 8/96 collaboration; Flamel gets
SA (France) agrochemical delivery R & D funds, milestones and royalties;
system (nanoencapsulation) Monsanto retains right to use Agsome
to develop enhanced formu- technology in other crop protection pro-
lation of Roundup herbicide ducts; Flamel retains rights in all areas
outside of agrochemicals (1/98)
Forage Monsanto Co. Research collaboration; ND Letter of intent signed; Monsanto will
Genetics* (NYSE:MTC) incorporation of genes contribute gene technology; Forage will
(wholly owned with improved agronomic provide alfalfa germplasm and transfor-
subsidiary of traits into alfalfa germplasm; mation technology; companies will
Research Seeds initial focus is Roundup broadly license all product improve-
Inc.) Ready alfalfa ments to alfalfa breeding and market-
ing organizations (6/98)
Forage Novartis Seed Research collaboration; ND ND (8/98)
Genetics* - (unit of Novartis AG; development, evaluation
(wholly owned Switzerland) and release of new NK
subsidiary of brand alfalfa varieties with
Research Seeds Roundup Ready trait
Gene Logic Inc. Hoechst Schering Research collaboration; $45M 3-year exclusive agreement with possi-
AgrEvo GmbH use of functional genomics ble extension for another 5 years; Gene
(joint venture between to discover genes for crop Logic will identify genes and develop
Hoechst AG and protection and improvement databases for various crops; AgrEvo
Schering AG; gets access to Gene Logic's flow-thru
Germany) chip technology for further analysis of
identified genes; Gene Logic gets data
base fees and research funds of $45M
over full term; it also gets milestones
and royalties (7/98)
GeneTrace Monsanto Co. Research collaboration; $17.2M Monsanto gets series of options to
Systems Inc.* (NYSE:MTC) use of GeneTrace's tech- (equity; exclusively license all aspects of Gene-
nology in plant and % ND) Trace's genomics technologies for
animal genomics; includes plant and animal uses; as part of initial
use of genotyping methods agreement, Monsanto licensed geno-
to improve seed germplasm typing methods; GeneTrace gets $17.2M
in crops (corn, soybeans) total, including R & D funds, equipment
purchases, supply agreements and
equity investment (4/98)
Microbix Schering-Plough Termination of collabor- ND Schering-Plough acquired collaboration
Biosystems Inc. Animal Health (unit ation on adenovirus vector- when it bought Mirobix' original part-
(TSE:MBX; Canada) of Schering-Plough based recombinant vaccine ner Mallinckrodt Veterinary Inc. in 6/97;
Corp.; NYSE:SGP) for rabies in companion program does not fit into Schering-
animals Plough's core business; Microbix re-
acquired all product rights and will be
paid for 2 outstanding milestones (7/98)
Mycogen Corp. Rhone-Poulenc Agro Worldwide plant biotech ND In future, companies plan to incorporate
(unit of Rhone- alliance; pooling of assets additional agronomic/quality traits (oil
Poulenc SA; NYSE: to develop and market or protein content); companies will
RP; France) genetically modified plants license products to seed companies;
and seeds containing multiple Mycogen will also market directly in
traits (especially for insect- North and South America and Europe
resistance and herbicide (7/98)
tolerance); initial focus on
cotton and sugar cane
Neurogen Corp. Animal Health div- License agreement; use of ND This is expansion of agreement between
ision of Pfizer Inc. Neurogen's small molecule the companies covering human anxiety
(NYSE:PFE) compounds that work via disorders and dementia; Neurogen will
gamma amino butyric acid identify drug candidates; Pfizer will de-
neurotrasmitter system to velop them and pays all costs; Neurogen
develop drugs for treating gets milestones and royalties (9/98)
anxiety and cognitive
dysfunction in companion
Oxford Dow AgroSciences Research collaboration; $1.2M 18-month agreement; Oxford Asym-
Asymmetry LLC (wholly owned discovery, synthesis and metry gets $1.2M in fees, plus mile-
International subsidiary of the Dow screening of new chemical stones and royalties for each compound
plc (LSE:OAI; U.K.) Chemical Co.; compounds for agricul- developed (3/98)
NYSE:DOW) tural applications
Oxford Pioneer Hi-Bred Research collaboration; $27.5M 5-year collaboration; Oxford will con-
GlycoSciences International Inc. use of Oxford GlycoSci- struct protein expression databases for
plc (U.K.) (NYSE:PHB) ences' proteomics technol- Pioneer; Oxford gets $12.5M up front
ogy with Pioneer's plant plus $15M in R & D funds; it also gets
gene database to discover milestones and royalties (9/98)
genes for improving agri-
cultural seed products;
initial focus on corn
Performance Dow AgroSciences Research collaboration; $1.2M ND (9/98)
Plants Inc.* LLC (wholly owned introduction of growth
(Canada) subsidiary of the Dow enhancement technology
Chemical Co.; and augmented microbial
NYSE:DOW) and plant expression tech-
nology (GET and AMPLE
genes) to improve value and
performance of canola and
other crops
Vaxcel Inc. Heska Corp. License agreement; ND Vaxcel gets up-front license fee, mile-
(OTC Bulletin (NASDAQ:HSKA) use of Vaxcel's micro- stones and royalties (8/98)
Board: VXCL) encapsulation technologies
in oral vaccines for com-
panion animals
Virus Research Heska Corp. Research collaboration ND Virus Research will supply Adjumer
Institute Inc. (NASDAQ:HSKA) and license agreement; use for formulation with Heska's antigens;
(merged with of Virus Research's vaccine Virus Research gets license fee, mile-
T Cell Sciences Inc. delivery system Adjumer in stones and royalties (2/98)
in 8/98 to form vaccines for companion
Avant Immuno- animals
therapeutics Inc.)
# This chart covers research and development-based collaborations and licensing agreements in agricultural biotechnology — including animal health, crops and agrochemicals — announced between 1/1/98 and 10/19/98. It encompasses both new agreements and those that have been modified or terminated.
ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available; LSE = London Stock Exchange; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stock Report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 12-13.