Published Feb. 18 & 25 (EPO); Feb. 12 & 19 (WO)

Agrivax WO 98/06861 Edible allergens Los Angeles Autoantigens and allergens expressed in transgenic plants; for foodstuffs to treat autoimmune diseases or allergies.

Alabama, Univ. of WO 98/06428 Mucosal immunogen vaccines Birmingham, Ala. Chimeras of cholera toxin and salivary binding protein expressed in attenuated bacteria; for mucosal immunity.

Amgen WO 98/06843 Neuritin Thousand Oaks, Calif. Gene for neuritin which is expressed in selected brain regions, encoded protein.

Austin Res. Inst. WO 98/05768 Transplant glycosyltransferases Heidelberg, Australia Chimeric glycosyltransferases, encoding genes; for expression in transplanted organs to reduce antibody recognition.

Bio Merieux WO 98/05766 Target sequence amplification Marcy l'Etoile, France Target nucleic acid sequence amplification method resulting in prefunctionalized products.

Biogen WO 98/05783 TNF-related ligand Cambridge, Mass. Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-related ligand, modified versions; for therapeutics.

Boehringer Ingelheim WO 98/06834 Transgenic construction methods Ingelheim, Germany Transgenics constructed by injecting totipotent embryonic stem cells into tetraploid blastocysts.

Bristol-Myers Squibb WO 98/05787 Inhibiting immunoglobulin toxicity New York, N.Y. Immunoglobulin (Ig)-induced toxicity inhibition in immunotherapy by inactivating an Ig constant region portion.

California, Univ. of WO 98/05654 & 05759 Viral packaging cell generation Oakland, Calif. Inducible expression system using multi-chimeric transactivators; for generating retroviral packaging cell lines.

California, Univ. of WO 98/05786 Ras processing assay Oakland, Calif. Genes encoding proteins mediating post-prenylation processing of Ras polypeptides; for assessing Ras activity.

California, Univ. of WO 98/06430 Cryptosporidium vaccines Oakland, Calif. DNA and RNA encoding Cryptosporidium antigens, mutants, variants, fragments, antibodies; for vaccines.

California, Univ. of WO 98/06737 Engineered fluorescent proteins Oakland, Calif. Proteins engineered to have long wavelength fluorescence, encoding genes; for use as reporter molecules.

Chiron WO 98/05778 Deep orange tumor suppressors Emeryville, Calif. Mammalian deep orange tumor suppressor genes, encoded proteins; for making transgenics and therapeutics.

Commonwealth Serum Labs WO 98/06853 Helicobacter ulcer therapeutics Parkville, Australia Recombinant catalase and fragments from Helicobacter; for treating ulcers.

Cornell Univ. WO 98/05784 Mycobacterium vaccines Ithaca, N.Y. Genes for proteins allowing uptake of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by T cells, antibodies; for vaccines.

Dana-Farber Cancer Inst. WO 98/05777 BCL-x apoptosis resistance Boston, Mass. BCL-x isoform expressed in T lymphocytes and associated with apoptosis resistance; for preventing immune disorders.

Genencor Intl. WO 98/06836 Lipase cascade modulation Rochester, N.Y. Expression vector system for modulating the Pseudomonas lipase regulation cascade.

Genesense Technol. WO 98/05769 Antitumor antisense Winnipeg, Man. Antisense sequences directed against R1 and R2 ribonucleotide reductase components; for use as tumor inhibitors.

Genetics Inst. WO 98/05776 & 05781 Secreted protein genes Cambridge, Mass. Genes encoding secreted proteins, encoded proteins, vectors; for identifying secreted protein genes.

Harvard Univ. WO 98/06749 Soluble MHC I fusion proteins Cambridge, Mass. Design and production of soluble monovalent and multivalent MHC Class I fusion proteins.

Human Genome Sciences WO 98/06733 CD33-like protein Rockville, Md. Gene for a CD33-like protein, encoded protein, recombinant vectors, host cells.

Human Genome Sciences WO 98/06839 CD44-like protein receptor Rockville, Md. CD44-like protein receptor, encoding gene, screening methods for agonists and antagonists; for affecting CD44 signalling.

Human Genome Sciences WO 98/06844 Keratinocyte growth factor-2 Rockville, Md. Keratinocyte growth factor-2, muteins, encoding genes, production methods; for accelerating wound healing.

Immunivest WO 98/05791 Cell subpopulation transfection Wilmington, Del. Magnetic particles coated with genetic material and a cell-specific ligand; for transfection and cell separation.

Incyte WO 98/05792 Leptin receptor gene-related protein Palo Alto, Calif. Human leptin receptor gene-related protein, encoding gene, expression vectors, host cells, agonists, antagonists.

Incyte WO 98/06840 Human glycoprotein Palo Alto, Calif. Human glycoprotein, encoding gene, antisense, antibodies, production methods, agonists, antagonists.

Incyte WO 98/06841 Human NSP-like proteins Palo Alto, Calif. Human NSP-like proteins, encoding genes, antisense, antibodies, expression vectors; for diagnostic assays.

Incyte WO 98/06846 Human induced tumor protein Palo Alto, Calif. Human induced tumor protein, encoding genes, antibodies; for stopping cancer cell division.

Incyte WO 98/06847 Diazepam binding inhibitor-like protein Palo Alto, Calif. Gene for a diazepam binding inhibitor-like protein, encoded protein, antisense, antibodies; for diagnostics.

INSERM (Natl. Inst. Hlth. Med. Res.) WO 98/05775 Notch3 gene in CADASIL Paris Notch3 gene and encoded protein; for determining CADASIL risk and treating related diseases.

Inst. Phys. Chem. Res. EPO 825 265 Low abundance mRNA amplification Wako, Japan Selective amplification of cDNAs synthesized from mRNAs expressed in small quantities using 3' untranslated probes.

Japan Tobacco EPO 825 259 CTEP antibodies Tokyo Monoclonal antibodies to human CTEP; for treating hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis.

Johns Hopkins Univ. WO 98/06746 Melanoma cell therapeutic Baltimore, Md. Non-MHC-matched melanoma cells expressing immunodominant antigens and increased amounts of cytokines; for therapy.

Knoll WO 98/05774 VEGF gene for ischemia Ludwigshafen, Germany Human vascular endothelial cell growth factor (VEGF) gene for direct gene therapy in chronic ischemic states.

Krebs Res. Inst. WO 98/05770 & 05771 Enhanced antisense effect Heidelberg, Germany Antisense RNAs with secondary structures combined with double-stranded RNase expression; for increased effect.

Krebs Res. Inst. WO 98/05790 Papillomavirus vaccines Heidelberg, Germany Vector encoding a papillomavirus fusion protein containing a non-transforming segment; for vaccination.

Leukosite WO 98/06248 Lymphocyte infiltration antibodies Cambridge, Mass. Humanized antibodies to a4ß7 integrin, encoding genes; for controlling lymphocyte infiltration.

Leuven Res. & Develop. EPO 825 198 Tumorigenesis genes Goteborg, Sweden PLAG and CTNNB1 gene families that are implicated in tumorigenesis; for diagnosis and therapy.

Life Technol. WO 98/06736 Amplification compositions Rockville, Md. Thermostable compositions not requiring dilution; for nucleic acid amplification and sequencing.

Life Technol. WO 98/06845 Ribonuclease inhibitors Rockville, Md. Genes for mammalian liver ribonuclease inhibitors, encoded proteins, chimeric proteins, production methods.

Lilly WO 98/05676 Streptococcus antibacterial screen Indianapolis, Ind. Stem peptide biosynthesis murA gene from Streptococcus pneumoniae, encoded enzyme; for identifying inhibitors.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. WO 98/05761 Longevity genes Boston, Mass. AGE-1 polypeptides, encoding genes, vectors; for isolating antagonists and affecting longevity.

Max Delbruck Ctr. Molec. Med. WO 98/05678 Liposomal gene transfer Berlin, Germany Cationic, amphiphilic lipids; for use in liposomal-mediated gene transfer.

M.D. Anderson Cancer Ctr. EPO 98/05763 Premature ageing transgenics Houston, Tex. Transgenics with a frameshift mutation causing slower growth and premature ageing.

Mikrogen WO 98/06850 Lyme disease therapeutics Munich, Germany Immunologically active Borrelia burgdorferi proteins, encoding genes; for treating Lyme disease.

Minnesota, Univ. of WO 98/06827 Immortalized cell virus propagation Minneapolis, Minn. Production of immortalized cells using vectors encoding the p53 gene; for virus propagation.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) WO 98/06864 Heat-inducible gene expression Bethesda, Md. Spatial and temporal control of gene expression using a vector having the heat shock protein gene promoter.

Neurex WO 98/05780 Anticonvulsant calcium channel blockers Menlo Park, Calif. Tarantula-derived proteins that block voltage-gated calcium channels; for use as anticonvulsants.

Novartis WO 98/06833 Apoptotic protease crystal structure Basel, Switzerland Crystal structure of the cell death-related protease CPP32, preparation methods; for designing modulators.

Novo Nordisk WO 98/05764 & 05765 DNA block shuffling Bagsvaerd, Denmark Double-stranded DNA with cohesive ends and shuffling DNA blocks from genes; for mutating gene sequences.

Pharmacia Biotech WO 98/06876 Remote thermal PCR Milwaukee, Wis. Solid phase PCR amplification using electromagnetic fields to induce temperature changes in reactions.

Princeton Univ. WO 98/06753 Mutants of p53 Princeton, N.J. Mutants of p53 that do not interact with other proteins or ligands, peptides from the proline-rich p53 domain.

Regeneron Pharma WO 98/05779 Modified TIE-2 ligands Tarrytown, N.Y. Modified and chimeric TIE-2 ligands; for affecting vascularization and both cell and tumor growth.

Saskatchewan, Univ. of WO 98/06848 GnRH-leukotoxin chimeras Saskatoon, Sask. Chimeric protein having leukotoxin and gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) moieties; for increased immunogenicity.

Schering WO 98/06842 T cell antigens Kenilworth, N.J. Genes encoding mammalian T cell antigens, purified antigens, antibodies; for diagnostics.

Scripps Res. Inst. WO 98/05352 Appetite gene La Jolla, Calif. Hypocretin gene from a hypothalamic cDNA library, encoded protein, antibodies; for affecting appetite.

SmithKline Beecham EPO 825 260 Arginase II Philadelphia, Penn. Arginase II gene, encoded protein, agonists, antagonists; for diagnosis and therapy.

SmithKline Beecham WO 98/05356 Antibacterial screen Philadelphia, Penn. FtsL genes, encoded proteins, production methods; for screening antibacterial compounds.

SmithKline Beecham WO 98/06734 Antibacterial screen Philadelphia, Penn. Prokaryotic genes, encoded proteins, production methods; for screening antibacterial compounds.

Somatogen WO 98/05773 Hemoglobin structural modification Boulder, Colo. ß-globin dimer formation control in hemoglobin by N-terminal metal binding site modification, crosslinked ß-globins.

Stichting Central Lab WO 98/06838 Complement activation modification Amsterdam, Netherlands Interference with CD97 and CD55 binding; for down-regulation of complement activation in xenotransplants.

Sydney, Univ. of WO 98/06830 Lysyl oxidase Sydney, Australia Gene for lysyl oxidase, encoded protein, variants; for high yield enzyme production.

Takeda EPO 824 149 GFAT gene Osaka, Japan Glutamine:fructose-6-phosphate aminotransferase (GFAT), encoding gene, antibodies, production methods.

Texas, Univ. of WO 98/06851 Moraxella antigens Austin, Texas Outer membrane protein of Moraxella catarrhaus, peptide epitopes; for diagnostics and immunotherapeutics.

Texas A&M Univ. WO 98/06835 Glycosylation modification vectors College Stn., Texas Recombinant baculovirus expression vectors; for modifying insect glycosylation pathways during protein production.

Texas A&M Univ. WO 98/06855 Liver gene delivery College Stn., Texas Baculovirus vectors modified to specifically deliver genes to hepatocytes; for treating liver disease.

U.S. Army WO 98/05687 E. coli antibodies Washington, D.C. Monoclonal antibodies to the CS4-CFA/I protein family of E. coli; for infection diagnosis and therapy.

Vical WO 98/05767 Plasmid DNA purification San Diego, Calif. Large-scale purification of plasmid DNA by polyethylene glycol precipitation and column chromatography.

Viral Technol. WO 98/06429 HIV-1 peptide vaccines Alexandria, Va. Peptide fragments of the p17 gag protein from strains of HIV-1, production methods; for vaccines.

Wistar Inst. WO 98/05968 BRCA1-associated protein Philadelphia, Penn. Gene for BRCA1-associated protein, encoded protein, antibodies; for cancer diagnostics and therapeutics.

Yale Univ. WO 98/06837 Conversion to drug sensitivity New Haven, Conn. External guide sequences that promote RNase P-mediated cleavage of bacterial resistance element RNAs.

Yuan, J., et al. WO 98/06263 Septic shock transgenics Boston, Mass. Transgenics with disrupted Ich-3 gene; for screening septic shock and follicle development therapeutics.

Zymogenetics WO 98/05782 Testis insulin homologs Seattle, Wash. Testis-specific insulin homologs, encoding proteins; for enhancing cryopreserved sperm function.

Zymogenetics WO 98/06849 Thrombopoietin Seattle, Wash. Thrombopoietin genes, vector, proteins, expression systems, and cells; for inducing hematopoiesis.