Published Sept. 11 & 18 (EPO); Sept. 6 & 12 (WO); Sept. 18 (GB)

Abbott Labs Phosphorylated WO 96/27017 &

Abbott Park, Ill. protein expression 27018

Vector containing a recombinant protein and its kinase; forphosphorylating before secretion in bacteria.

Akzo Nobel HIV-2 infected EPO 731 165

Arnhem, the Netherlands cell line

Human T-cell line chronically infected with HIV-2; for purificationof gp120 and assay of infection.

Akzo Nobel HIV-1 group WO 96/27012

Arnhem, the Netherlands O antigens

Antigens from HIV-1 group O variant strains, encoding genes; fordiagnosis.

Amrad Vascular endothelial WO 96/27007

Kew, Australia growth factor

Gene for a vascular endothelial growth factor-like protein, encodedprotein; for vascular therapy.

Arkansas, Univ. of Natural killer WO 96/26744

Little Rock, Ark. protein

Gene for a natural killer lytic associated protein, encoded protein; forenhancing the activity of natural killer cells.

Asahi Cytoplasmic EPO 732 398

Osaka, Japan tyrosine kinase

Gene for a cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase whose expression isinfluenced by blood cell differentiation, encoded protein.

Asahi Variable EPO 732 404

Osaka, Japan region library

Vector designed to prepare an antibody variable region library.

Astra Mycobacterial GB 2 298 862

Sodertlje, Sweden polymerase sigma subunits

Genes for the sigma subunits of Mycobacterium tuberculosis RNApolymerase; for identifying inhibitors.

Bio Merieux Rheumatoid EPO 731 168

Marcy l'Etoile, France arthritis retrovirus

Isolation of a retrovirus that is associated with rheumatoid arthritis(in French).

Biomay Cladosporium WO 96/27005

Linz, Austria herbarum

Genes for Cladosporium herbarum allergens, encoded allergens; forallergy treatment.

California, Univ. of Vascular disease WO 96/26742

Oakland, Calif. gene therapy

Replication-deficient adenovirus with inserted transgenes; forperipheral vascular disease gene therapy.

California Inst. Technol. Neuron-restrictive WO 96/27665

Pasadena, Calif. silencer factor proteins

Gene for neuron-restrictive silencer factor proteins, encoded proteins,antibodies.

Canji Viral vector WO 96/27677

San Diego purification

Purification of recombinant viral vectors with anion exchange andimmobilized metal ion chromatography resins.

Cell Genesys Chimeric signal EPO 732 402

Foster City, Calif. transduction receptors

Chimeric receptors that are involved in signal transduction pathways,encoding genes; for therapeutics.

Cephalon Alzheimer's EPO 732 399

W. Chester, Penn. proteases

Chymotrypsin-like proteases that cleave a-amyloid precursor proteinof Alzheimer's disease; for identifying inhibitors.

Cephalon Transgenic WO 96/27395

W. Chester, Penn. SOD deficiency

Gene-targeted transgenic animal that is deficient in the superoxidedismutase (SOD) gene, vectors, cells.

Chiron Yeast hepatitis EPO 732 403

Emeryville, Calif. antigen expression

Yeast expression systems with vectors having GAPDH promoters;for producing hepatitis B surface antigen.

Cornell Univ. Interdependent WO 96/27021

Ithaca, N.Y. adenoviral gene therapy

Expression modulation during gene therapy by transfection withinterdependent adenoviral vectors.

Edinburgh, Univ. of Secretory gene EPO 731 169

Edinburgh, U.K. trap vectors

Secretory gene trap vectors; for isolating extracellular proteins andmaking cells with mutant secretory genes.

Fox Chase Cancer Ctr. Metastasis- WO 96/27609

Philadelphia associated gene

Chromosome 17 gene whose disruption is associated with cell growthand tumor development; for diagnosing metastases.

Genentech Heteromultimeric WO 96/27011

S. San Francisco proteins

Three-dimensional protein structure modification: for constructingmultimeric proteins with heterologous subunits.

Genentech Mutant signal WO 96/27016

S. San Francisco sequence vectors

Vectors with mutant signal sequences having reduced translationalstrength; for optimizing expression.

Genentech Fusion protein WO 96/27671

S. San Francisco cleavage

Bacterial subtilisin variants that cleave substrates at basic residues;for cleaving fusion proteins.

Genetics Inst. Megakaryocyte EPO 732 401

Cambridge, Mass. stimulating factor

Gene for a human megakaryocyte stimulating factor, encodedprotein, purification; for use as a therapeutic.

Glorioso et al. Herpes infected WO 96/27672

Cheswick, Penn. tissue treatment

Vector with a herpes virus promoter and a structural gene of interest;for treating herpes infected neurological tissues.

Harvard Univ. ELF-2 ligand WO 96/26958

Cambridge, Mass. of Eph

Gene for the ELF-2 ligand of the Eph receptor tyrosine kinases,encoded proteins; for neurological growth.

Hisamitsu Pharma Glutamate WO 96/26957

Saga, Japan transporters

Gene sequences for glutamate transporters and muteins, encodedproteins.

Human Genome Sciences Amine WO 96/27009

Rockville, Md. transporter

Gene for a human amine transporter protein, encoded protein; foridentifying agonists and antagonists.

Hybridon VEGF antisense WO 96/27006

Worcester, Mass. therapy

Oligonucleotides that are complementary to vascular endothelialgrowth factor (VEGF); for antisense therapy.

Imp. Cancer Res. Technol. Transgenic WO 96/27019

London psoriasis

Transgenic animals expressing integrins in the suprabasal layer of theepidermis; for use as a psoriasis model.

INSERM (Natl. Inst. HIV-1 group WO 96/27013

Hlth. Med. Res.) O strains


HIV-1 group O retrovirus strains, fragments of these retroviruses; foruse as immunogens and diagnostic reagents.

INSERM (Natl. Inst. E2 protein WO 96/27613

Hlth. Med. Res.) antibodies


Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against a specific region of theE2 protein; for detecting/controlling tumors.

Italian Ministry Univ. Res. Chimeric EGF WO 96/27010

Rome receptor antibody

Chimeric mouse-human monoclonal antibody against the EGFreceptor, nucleic acid and amino acid sequences.

Italian Natl. Counc. Res. t(14;18) WO 96/27663

Rome translocation antisense

Antisense that hybridizes to the pre-mRNA of the disrupted gene int(14;18) translocated cells; for therapy.

Italian Natl. Counc. Res. B lymphocyte WO 96/27664

Rome IgH antisense

Antisense that hybridizes to the pre-mRNA of an immunoglobulin H(IgH) gene expressed in B lymphocytes; for therapy.

Loyola Univ. Immortalized WO 96/27004

Chicago fusion partners

Oncogenes expressed in lymphoid tissue injected into nuclei offertilized ova; for making hybridoma fusion partners.

NeXstar Pharma Exponential WO 96/27605

Boulder, Colo. ligand enrichment

Nucleic acid ligands produced by exponential enrichment; foridentifying therapeutically useful ligands.

Nippon Zoki Pharma Ambiguous EPO 731 176

Osaka, Japan sequence amplification

Duplication and amplification of a gene with an ambiguous DNAsequence; for isolating pathogenic organism genes.

Pharmacia Doxorubicin WO 96/27014

Milan, Italy production

Host cell with recombinant vector containing daunorubicin 14-hydroxylase; for making doxorubicin from daunorubicin.

Pharmacia & Upjohn Multidrug WO 96/27015

Kalamazoo, Mich. resistance protein kinase

Gene for a protein kinase associated with multidrug resistance,encoded protein.

Q.B.I. Enterprises Expression WO 96/27676

New Ziona, Israel vector kit

Vector with a weak promoter, transcription initiation factor gene, anda cloning cassette; for producing proteins

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Atherosclerosis WO 96/27020

Antony, France gene therapy

Monocytes modified to express high density lipoprotein (LDL); foratherosclerosis gene therapy.

Shionogi Phospholipase C-a EPO 731 164


Gene for human phospholipase C-a, encoded protein, vectors; for useas an anti-inflammatory therapeutic.

Sumitomo Pharma Recombinant EPO 732 405

Osaka, Japan DNA virus vector

Recombinant DNA virus bearing a foreign gene; for transfection andgene therapy.

Tonen Calcium EPO 731 166

Tokyo binding proteins

Genes for calcium binding proteins, encoded proteins, antibodies tothem, for production.

Tularik Activated T WO 96/26959

S. San Francisco cell nuclear factor

Genes for the human nuclear factor of activated T cells, encodedproteins; for identifying diagnostic agents.

Washington Univ. Herpesvirus WO 96/26951

St. Louis detection

Genetically engineered cell lines with an expression vector having aherpesvirus-sensitive promoter; for detection.

Whitehead Inst. Genetically EPO 732 397

Cambridge, Mass. transduced hepatocytes

Hepatocytes transfected with heterologous genes and methods ofproducing and transplanting them.

Xoma Chimeric EPO 731 167

Berkeley, Calif. antibodies

Gene sequences that produce chimeric immunoglobulin moleculesand functional fragments; for humanization.

Yale University Vertebrate WO 96/27610

New Haven, Conn. Serrate genes

Genes for vertebrate Serrate genes, encoded proteins, antibodies; fordiagnosis and therapy.

Zeneca Diagnostic EPO 731 177

London base detection

Method of characterizing and detecting diagnostic base sequences innucleic acids in a sample.

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