Published March 13 & 20 (EPO); March 7 & 14 (WO)

Amrad Operations Variant WO 96/07737

Kew, Australia hematopoietin receptors

Hematopoietin receptors, component parts, and variants withencoding genes; for agonist assays.

Austin Res. Inst. Increased protein WO 96/06937

Heidelberg, Australia production

Method for increasing protein production in host cells by loweringthe amount of A and/or T rich exon regions.

Behringwerke Vascular gene WO 96/06938

Marburg, Germany therapy

Cell cycle-regulated activation of smooth muscle cell-specificpromoter-based vector; for vascular gene therapy.

Behringwerke Neural gene WO 96/06939

Marburg, Germany therapy

Cell cycle-regulated activation of glial cell-specific promoter-basedvector; for neural gene therapy.

Behringwerke Endothelial cell WO 96/06940

Marburg, Germany gene therapy

Cell cycle-regulated activation of endothelial cell-specific promoter-based vector; for endothelial cell gene therapy.

Behringwerke Immune system WO 96/06941

Marburg, Germany gene therapy

Cell cycle-regulated activation of immune system cell-specificpromoter-based vector; for immune system gene therapy.

Biotest Cytomegalovirus EPO 702 083

Dreleich, Germany fusion proteins

Polypeptides and fusion proteins with C-terminal fragments ofcytomegalovirus proteins, encoding genes (in German).

Biovector Therapeutics Immunogenicity WO 96/06638

Ramonville-Saint-Ange, enhancement


Antigen immunogenicity enhancement by associating the antigenwith a phospholipid covered vector.

Boehringer Mannheim Retroviral WO 96/07747

Mannheim, Germany vector hybrids

Replication defective retroviral vector hybrids; for gene transfer inhematopoietic stem cells.

Children's Hosp. CNS regeneration WO 96/06859

Boston factors

Trophic factors for central nervous system (CNS) regeneration thatwere identified by culturing retinal nerve cells.

Chiron High yield IGF WO 96/07744

Emeryville, Calif.

High yields of insulin-like growth factor (IGF) obtained by alkalinelysis of cell cultures.

Chiron Viagene Competent virus WO 96/07749

Emeryville, Calif. inhibition

Replication competent virus production inhibition by intracellularrecombination of vector genes causing cell death.

Dundee, Univ. of Apoptotic opioid WO 96/06863

Dundee, U.K. precursors

Products of opioid precursor molecule genes that are used as inducersor repressors of apoptosis.

Genentech Calcium phosphate WO 96/07750

S. San Francisco transfection

Calcium phosphate transfection method for eukaryotic cells in whichparticles are grown to optimal size.

Genvec Adenovirus penton WO 96/07734

Rockville, Md. vector

Recombinant adenovirus with gene for chimeric penton base andtherapeutic protein; for gene therapy.

German Hlth. & Targeted retroviral WO 96/07748

Welfare Res. Ctr. vectors

Oberschleissheim, Germany

Non self-inactivating expression targeted retroviral vectors; for use intargeted gene therapy.

Hagiwara, Y. Anti-cancer idiotype EPO 702 082

Hyogo, Japan antibodies

Anti-idiotypic antibodies against anti-cancer human monoclonalantibodies, encoding gene; for cancer treatment.

Hoechst Mersacidin EPO 700 998

Frankfurt, Germany antibiotic

Gene for the peptide antibiotic mersacidin, encoded protein; fortreating infections.

Fred Hutchinson Rapid T cell WO 96/06929

Cancer Res. Ctr. expansion


Rapid expansion method for growing T cells using a non-dividingfeeder cell layer; for adoptive immunotherapy.

Igen Antibodies catalyzing EPO 701 818

Rockville, Md. peptide cleavage

Catalytic antibodies that cleave or form peptide linkages; for proteindegrading therapeutics.

Immtech Intl. C-reactive protein WO 96/06624

Evanston, Ill. muteins

Mutated C-reactive protein with one amino acid removed, encodinggene; for reducing aggregation.

Immutran Modified WO 96/07738

London complement proteins

Complement pathway proteins, such as C3, modified to form a stableC3 convertase, encoding genes, conjugates.

Japan Clin. Labs IGF-1 antibodies EPO 700 994


Monoclonal antibodies specific for insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-1; for assay kit.

Japan Poliomyelitis Poliovirus EPO 701 127

Res. Inst. vaccine neurotoxicity

Kanagawa, Japan

Poliovirus vaccine neurotoxicity tested by inoculation into spinalchord of transgenic animal with poliovirus receptors.

La Jolla Cancer Res. Fdn. Adenoviral WO 96/07322

La Jolla, Calif. tumor sensitization

Sensitization of tumor cells by introduction of genes for adenovirusE1A polypeptides; for therapy.

Eli Lilly CDR-grafted WO 96/06625

Indianapolis antibodies

Complementarity determining region (CDR)-grafted antibodieswhose binding/secretion are enhanced by molecular modeling.

Max Planck Inst. Genetically-altered WO 96/06942

Berlin T-cells

Genetically-altered mature T-cells having an introduced gene andautoreactive receptors.

Merck Transgenic WO 96/06927

Rahway, N.J. Alzheimer's model

Transgenic mice with a gene encoding human amyloid precursorprotein gene; for evaluating Alzheimer's therapeutics.

Montreal, Univ. of Chimeric HIV WO 96/07741

Montreal proteins

Chimeric HIV Vpr and Vpx proteins that can be targeted to HIVgenomes; for treating infections.

Neurocrine Biosciences IL-1 type WO 96/07739

San Diego 3 receptors

Genes coding for soluble and membrane-bound forms of interleukin(IL)-1 type 3 receptors.

New England Biolabs Thermostable EPO 701 000

Beverly, Mass. DNA polymerase

Extremely thermostable DNA polymerase made by mutagenizing 3'-5' exonucleases, encoding gene.

New England Hematopoietic WO 96/06928

Deaconess Hosp. stem cells


Quiescent pluripotent hematopoietic stem cells substantially freefrom mature cells, isolation methods.

New York Blood Ctr. Yeast WO 96/07728

New York fibrinogen production

Production and secretion of recombinant fibrinogen and variants in ayeast host cell system.

New York Univ. Transfection WO 96/07731

New York complex

Complex of nucleic acids with polylysine and hypericin; fortransfection of mammalian cells.

Northern Illinois Univ. Ribozymes EPO 700 996

DeKalb, Ill.

RNA catalyst with hairpin and substrate-binding segments, genecoding for this enzyme, expression vector.

Novo Nordisk Trefoil peptide WO 96/06861

Bagsvaerd, Denmark dimers

Trefoil peptide domains that are combined to form dimerizedmolecules.

Pasteur Inst. Rhesus protein WO 96/07740

Paris antibodies

DNA fragments coding for light and heavy chain domains ofmonoclonal antibodies to rhesus monkey proteins.

Pasteur Inst. Mycobacterial WO 96/07745

Paris screening vector

Mycobacterial expression vectors with reporter gene that can be usedto screen for infection.

Prizm Pharma VEGF-toxin WO 95/06641

San Diego conjugates

Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) conjugated to toxins; fortargeted therapy of the endothelium.

Prolifix Cell cycle-regulated WO 96/06943

London repressor

Cell cycle-regulated repressor that binds to a DNA element in controlsequences of cell cycle-regulated genes.

Roslin Inst. Cow embryonic WO 96/07732

Roslin, U.K. stem cells

Totipotent embryonic stem cells from cows and sheep; for in vitrocultivation and nuclear transfer to transgenics.

Sandoz Thrombomodulin WO 96/06933

Basel, Switzerland reducing inflammation

Cells expressing introduced gene for thrombomodulin; for reducingsusceptibility to inflammation.

Smit, V. Signal protein WO 96/06860

Delft, Netherlands modification

Signal protein modification using protease, chemical, and molecularbiological treatments; for increased activity.

Somatogenetics Intl. Hemoglobin EPO 700 997

Broomfield, Colo. production

Production of hemoglobin in a biologically active, secreted form inyeast or bacteria.

Tanuma, S. Chromatin DNA WO 96/07735

Tokyo DNase

DNase that selectively cuts the linker site of chromatin DNA,encoding gene, antibodies; for viral therapy.

Viagene Therapeutic EPO 702 084

San Diego retroviral vectors

Recombinant retroviruses with vectors expressing proteins that treatinfectious, cancerous, and autoimmune diseases.

Yuka Medias Thymosin 1 EPO 700 993

Ibaraki, Japan antibodies

Hybridoma producing anti-thymosin 1 antibodies that recognize theN-terminal region; for assay kit.

Zymogenetics Immortalized WO 96/07733

Seattle precursor cells

Immortalized precursor cells prepared from growth suppressor gene-deficient animals; for screening assays.

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