Published Jan. 3 & 10 (EPO); Dec. 28 & Jan. 4 (WO); Jan. 10 (GB)

Alexion Pharma Pig xenograft WO 95/35120

New Haven, Conn. protection

Monoclonal antibodies against pig antigen presenting cells; forreducing rejection responses to xenografts.

Amgen Megakaryocyte EPO 690 127

Thousand Oaks, Calif. growth factors

Genes for megakaryocyte growth and development factors, encodedproteins, soluble forms.

Astra Penicillin binding GB 2 290 792

Sodertlje, Sweden protein

Soluble derivatives of penicillin binding protein fused to affinitymatrix binding protein; for purification.

Bio-Technology General Superoxide EPO 691 401 &

New York dismutase analogs 691 406

Genes for human manganese superoxide dismutase and analogs,encoded proteins, preparation; for treating inflammation.

California, Univ. of Lyme disease WO 95/35114

Oakland, Calif. vaccine

Gene for a Lyme disease antigen, encoded protein, expression vector;for use as a vaccine.

Cancer Res. Inst. Anti-proteolytic EPO 691 350

Copenhagen, Denmark antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies that inhibit binding between u-PA and u-PAR; for counteracting localized proteolytic activity.

Celltech Therapeutics Recombinant WO 95/35375

Slough, U.K. IL-5 antibodies

Recombinant antibodies to interleukin (IL)-5 that have heavy and/orlight chain residues from the donor antibody.

Chemoserotherap. Res. Inst. HIV antigen EPO 690 132

Kumamoto, Japan antibody

Monoclonal antibody to conserved region of a glycoprotein coatantigen of HIV; for treating multiple variants.

Children's Hosp. Bacterial adhesin WO 96/00233


E. coli chromosomal DNA encoding an adhesin that mediatesbacterial colonization of intestines.

Chiron IL-8 receptor WO 95/35376

Emeryville, Calif. binding domains

Recombinant polypeptides with interleukin (IL)-8 receptor bindingdomains; for identifying agonists/antagonists.

Chugai Caldecrin WO 96/00287


Gene for caldecrin, encoded protein, transformed host, productionprocess.

Ciba-Geigy Japan Heat-stable WO 96/00293

Hyogo, Japan prolylendopeptidase

Gene for heat-stable prolylendopeptidase, encoded protein,transformed host, production process.

Cornell Univ. Thermostable WO 96/00281

Ithaca, N.Y. cellulase

Gene for a thermostable cellulase, encoded protein, gene fragments,recombinant cellulases.

Dade Intl. Guanidine-free WO 96/00228

Deerfield, Ill. DNA isolation

Rapid isolation of nucleic acid using guanidine-free solutions; forobtaining suitable material for cloning.

Dan, M.D. Glioma therapy WO 95/35374

Don Mills, Ont.

Genes for monoclonal antibodies to cell cycle independent gliomasurface antigen; for treating gliomas.

Doheny Eye Inst. Protocadherins WO 96/00289

Los Angeles

Genes for protocadherins and variants, encoded proteins, antibodies,recombinant production methods.

Du Pont Modified starch WO 95/35027

Wilmington, Del. genotype

Grain with a genotype that causes the resulting plant to producestarch with modified functional properties.

Duke Univ. Autoimmune EPO 690 307

Durham, N.C. antigen retrieval

Autoimmune antigens identified by inserting DNA library into cells,binding secreted antigens, and cloning genes.

Florida, Univ. of Oxalate assay WO 95/35377

Gainesville, Fla.

Genes for formyl-CoA transferase and oxalyl CoA decarboxylase; fordetection of oxalate in biological samples.

Fred Hutchinson CTCF genes WO 95/35319

Cancer Res. Ctr.


Genes for CTCF, encoded proteins, antibodies to them; foridentifying mutants.

Gene Shears Optimized WO 96/00232

Neutral Bay, Australia ribozymes

Optimized ribozymes, including those embedded in tRNAs; fordiagnostic and therapeutic uses.

Genetics Inst. IL-3-like factors EPO 691 403

Cambridge, Mass.

Genes for primate interleukin (IL)-3-like hematopoietic growthfactors, encoded proteins.

Georgetown Univ. Herpes tumor WO 96/00007

Washington therapy

Replication competent herpes simplex virus vectors with defectivegenes; for killing malignant brain tumor cells.

Gist-Brocades More active WO 95/35382

Delft, Netherlands a-amylases

Amylolytic enzymes with improved properties and greater activitythat are derived from a-amylases.

Hoechst Schering Agrevo Antiviral EPO 691 402

Berlin ribozymes

Modified satellite RNAs and satellite viruses for adapted ribozymes;for use as antivirals (in German).

Human Genome Sciences 5-lipoxygenase- WO 95/35372

Rockville, Md. activating protein II

Gene for 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein II, encoded protein; foridentifying antagonists and mutations.

Human Genome Sciences Retinoic acid WO 96/00242

Rockville, Md. receptor epsilon

Gene for retinoic acid receptor epsilon, encoded protein; foridentifying binding ligands.

Human Genome Sciences ICE-like WO 96/00297

Rockville, Md. apoptosis protease-1/2

Genes for interleukin-1a converting enzyme (ICE)-like apoptosisprotease-1 and 2, encoded proteins.

Immuno Factor VIII EPO 690 126

Vienna, Austria fragments

Derivatives and fragments of Factor VIII, preparation methods; forhemophilia A treatment.

Immuno TBE virus vaccines EPO 691 404

Vienna, Austria

Improved vaccines for immunization against TBE virus infection,methods of preparation (in German).

Imp. Coll. Sci. Tech. Med. Schistosoma WO 95/35370

London antigen

Schistosoma protein antigen; for use as an anti-coagulant or vaccine.

Innogenetics Specific eubacterial WO 96/00298

Ghent, Belgium probes

Simultaneous detection and identification of eubacterial strains withspecific nucleic acid probes.

Inst. Hlth. Welfare Swine fever WO 95/35380

Leiystad, Netherlands virus

Swine fever virus genome, expression vector with partial sequences;for diagnosis and prevention.

Inst. Phys. Chem. Res. Cytotoxic EPO 690 125

Saltama, Japan lymphocyte immunotherapy

Culture of tumor cells and lymphocytes; for isolating tumor cytotoxiclymphocytes for adoptive immunotherapy.

Johns Hopkins Univ. Gene delivery WO 96/00295

Baltimore, Md. particles

Enzymatically degradable gelatin with bound nucleic acid and a cellsurface ligand; for targeted gene delivery.

Johnson & Johnson Horseradish EPO 690 071

Clin. Diag. peroxidase antibodies

Rochester, N.Y.

Inhibitor and anti-inhibitor monoclonal antibodies to horseradishperoxidase; for conjugation to ligands.

Kirin Beer Glucan elicitor WO 95/35371

Tokyo receptor

Gene for glucan elicitor receptor, encoded protein, expression vector,plant cells containing the gene.

Krebs Res. Inst. Aromatase WO 96/00231

Heidelberg, Germany oligonucleotide

Antisense oligonucleotide that is suitable for use in inhibiting theexpression of aromatase.

La Jolla Cancer Res. Fdn. Contactin WO 95/35373

La Jolla, Calif.

Gene for human contactin, encoded protein, its production; fortreating neuron damage.

Ludwig Inst. Cancer Res. Cytolytic WO 95/35500

New York T cell production

Production of cytolytic T cells that are specific for a peptide/MHCcomplex.

Ludwig Inst. Cancer Res. Immortal WO 96/00285

New York cells

Cells with immortalizing gene together with a gene of interest,animals containing these cells.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. Melatonin WO 95/35320

Boston receptors

Genes for melatonin receptors, encoded proteins, antibodies; forfinding antagonists and controlling circadian rhythms.

Mass. Inst. Technol. Lipoprotein WO 96/00288

Cambridge, Mass. scavengers

Gene for scavenger receptor type proteins with an affinity formodified lipoproteins, encoded proteins.

MRC (Med. Res. Counc.) Non-infectious WO 96/00294

London viral particles

Viral particle designed to deliver its nucleic acid to a cell but notinfect the cell.

Merck Contraceptive WO 95/35118

Rahway, N.J. vaccine

Sperm surface protein; for disrupting sperm-egg interactions andpreventing fertilization.

Merck Streptomyces WO 96/00282

Rahway, N.J. expression vectors

Streptomyces expression cassettes useful for gene expression.

Miller, J.E. cDNA synthesis WO 95/35369

Carlsbad, Calif.

Methods for synthesizing cDNAs using a synthetic polynucleotidetemplate primer molecule.

Mt. Sinai Sch. Med. Ligation-depen- WO 95/35390

New York dent amplification

Identification of target sequences by ligating complementarysequences and ligand-mediated isolation followed by PCR.

Netherlands Org. Biol. Res. Protease EPO 691 409

The Hague, Netherlands assay

Modified proenzymes used as substrates to detect protease activity inbiological samples.

Netherlands Org. Biol. Res. Transforming WO 95/35389

The Hague, Netherlands difficult bacteria

Introducing genetic material into difficult to transformmicroorganisms by using osmotic shock and low pH.

Nitta Gelatin Culturing EPO 691 400

Osaka, Japan embedded cells

Embedding animal cells by mixing cells with collagen, gelling thenattaching droplets, and adding medium.

N. Carolina, Univ. of CDK6 inhibiting WO 95/35115

Chapel Hill, N.C. protein

Gene for a CDK6 inhibiting protein, encoded protein, antibodies toit, antisense oligonucleotides.

Novo Nordisk Yeast WO 95/35384 &

Bagsvaerd, Denmark expression host 95/35385

Yeast expression system lacking proteases and having vector withyeast signal sequence; for production in yeast.

Novo Nordisk Biotech Laccase WO 96/00290

Davis, Calif.

Gene for Polyporus laccase, encoded protein, methods ofpurification.

Nutrasweet Amino acid EPO 691 405

Deerfield, Ill. hypersecretion

Insertion of a DNA inversion gene into bacteria; for hypersecretionof amino acids.

Pasteur Inst. Mycobacterium WO 96/00299

Paris xenopi probe

Nucleic acid probe that is specific to Mycobacterium xenopi; fordetection and identification.

Pennsylvania, Univ. of Ethylene WO 95/35318

Philadelphia sensitivity genes

Plant genes for ethylene sensitivity and pathogen resistance, encodedproteins.

Pennsylvania, Univ. of Alzheimer's WO 95/35366

Philadelphia transgenics

Transgenic animals exhibiting Aa deposits characteristic ofAlzheimer's disease; for identifying therapeutics.

Perkin-Elmer Nucleic acid EPO 691 148

Norwalk, Conn. separation

Separation of double-stranded from single-stranded nucleic acidsusing solid support materials with aralkylamines.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Intl. Plant genes WO 95/35383

Des Moines, Iowa affecting growth

Genes for gibberellic acid biosynthesis; for making transgenic plantswith altered growth characteristics.

Pittsburgh, Univ. of Nitric oxide WO 96/00006

Pittsburgh synthase

Gene for inducible nitric oxide synthase, encoded protein; fortreatment of vascular disorders and diseases.

Schering Insoluble protein WO 95/35368

Kenilworth, N.J. extraction

Insoluble mammalian protein extraction from bacteria while avoidingirreversible insolubilization of host proteins.

Scottish Crop Res. Inst. Spliceosomal WO 95/35386

Dundee, U.K. protein gene promoters

Promoters from potato and maize spliceosomal protein genes; forexpression of heterologous proteins.

Snow Milk Osteoblast WO 96/00240

Sapporo, Japan growth factor

Protein with osteoblast proliferating activity, its amino acid sequence;for treating bone disease.

SCRAS (Soc. Res. Sci. Isoprenyl protein GB 2 290 791

Applic. Counc.) transferase


Oligonucleotides that hybridize to genes or transcription products ofisoprenyl protein transferase.

Stanford Univ. Cyclophilin WO 95/35501

Stanford, Calif. ligand

Gene for the cyclophilin ligand, a calcium signal modulating protein,encoded protein; for screening drugs.

Stanford Univ. T cell anergy WO 96/00300

Stanford, Calif. genes

Methods for identification of T cell anergy genes; for monitoringinduction of tolerance.

Symbicom Lyme disease WO 95/35379

Umea, Sweden vaccine

Genes for Lyme disease antigen, encoded antigen, antibodies to it;for diagnosis and vaccination.

Taisho Pharma Liver growth EPO 691 347

Tokyo factor

Gene for hepatic parenchymal growth substance obtained fromhemihepatectomized tissue, encoded protein.

Texas, Univ. of Lyme disease WO 95/35119

Austin, Tex. mutants vaccine

Surface protein from mutant bacteria that cause Lyme disease; forvaccine.

Toagosei Endothelial cell WO 96/00286

Tokyo growth factor oligo

Antisense nucleic acid that binds endothelial cell growth factor gene;for expression inhibition.

Torchilin et al. Autoantibody WO 96/00084

Charlestown, Mass. cancer therapy

Antinuclear autoantibody from an aged mammal that binds cellsurface tumor antigens; for cancer therapy.

Unilever Hydrophobic WO 95/35381 &

Rotterdam, Netherlands lipase variants 96/00292

Variants of Pseudomonas lipase in which the surface hydrophobicityhad been increased.

USDA (U.S. Dept. Agricult.) Virus resistant WO 95/35024

Beltsville, Md. plants

Genes for proteins inducing resistance to tobacco mosaic virus,encoded proteins; for making transgenic plants.

Vertex Pharma IL-1a converting WO 95/35367

Cambridge, Mass. enzyme

Crystal structure and mutants of interleukin (IL)-1a convertingenzyme; for designing inhibitors.

Wellcome Fdn. Suicide vectors EPO 690 129


Vectors with thymidine kinase gene and tissue-specific controlelements; for targeting cancer cells for suicide.

Zeneca Modified starch WO 95/35026

London production

Transgenic/mutated plants with a genotype modification resulting inproduction of functionally modified starch.

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