Published Aug. 30 & Sept. 6 (EPO); Aug. 17, 24, & 31(WO)

Abbott Labs Hepatitis GB virus WO 95/21922

Abbott Park, Ill.

Hepatitis GB virus (HGBV) DNA and amino acidsequences, HGBV antibodies; for diagnosis andtreatment.

Affymax Fragmented DNA WO 95/22625

De Ruydekade, reassemblyNetherlands Antilles

Methods for DNA reassembly after randomfragmentation; for molecular evolution.

Agritech Labs Inhibin puberty WO 95/22980

Grand Prairie, Tex. acceleration

Coding sequence of inhibin, encoded protein; foraccelerating puberty in birds.

Ajinomoto Bacterial glutamic EPO 670 370

Tokyo acid production

Escherichia coli strains whose metabolic pathways aremodified to increase L-glutamic acid production.

Ajinomoto Corynebacterial WO 95/23224

Tokyo L-lysine production

Corynebacteria strains whose metabolic pathways aremodified to increase L-lysine productivity.

Akzo Nobel Tumor associated WO 95/22613

Arnhem, Netherlands antibodies

Transformed B-cells from cancer patients immunizedagainst autologous tumor antigen, produced monoclonalantibodies.

Akzo Nobel T cell receptor WO 95/23164

Arnhem, Netherlands fragment

Coding sequence of variable region of a T-cell receptorassociated with an immune disease, encoded protein.

American Cyanamid G-protein coupled WO95/21925

Wayne, N.J. receptors

Coding sequence of G-protein coupled receptors; forexpression in yeast.

American Red Cross Transgenic WO 95/22249

Washington fibrinogen

Transgenic animals that produce fibrinogen, fragments,fusions, and other variants in their milk.

Amgen Cell cycle protein WO 95/21917

Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Coding sequence of a mammalian cell cycle protein,encoded protein; for controlling cell division.

Amicon Mobile site WO 95/23236

Beverly, Mass. sequencing

Gene sequencing that uses mobile DNA sites for DNApolymerases.

Angeletti Inst. Molec. Optimized HCV WO95/22985

Biol. Res. protease activity

Pomezia, Italy

Coding sequences of hepatitis C virus (HCV) proteinsthat give a protein with an optimal serine proteaseactivity.

BASF CD45-associated WO 95/21916

Ludwigshafen, Germany protein

Coding sequence of a CD45-associated protein, encodedprotein; for treating immune system disease.

Becton Dickinson Mycobacteria EPO 669 402

Franklin Lakes, N.J. oligo probes

Oligonucleotide probes that are specific forMycobacterium kansasii; for detection.

Boehringer Ingelheim Interferon-regulatory EPO 669400

Ingelheim, Germany factor-1

Coding sequence of interferon-regulatory factor-1; formeasuring gene inactivation and diagnosing cancer.

Boehringer Mannheim 3'-RNA labeling EPO669 395

Mannheim, Germany

Use of terminal transferase and deoxynucleotides to label3'-RNA (in German).

Brazil, Republic of Anchored WO 95/22614

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil recombinant proteins

Production of recombinant proteins anchored byglycosylphosphatidylinositol in yeast production strains.

Brigham & Women's Hosp. TIL stimulating WO95/21862

Boston fragment

Antigenic oncogene protein fragment; for stimulating thegrowth of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL).

Brigham & Women's Hosp. Integrin WO95/22610

Boston subunit

Coding sequence of integrin subunit, encoded protein,expression vectors, and host cells.

California, Univ. of Lung cancer WO 95/22624

Oakland, Calif. chromosomal abnormalities

Detection of chromosomal abnormalities that arecorrelated with lung cancer; for diagnosis.

Case Western Res. Univ. Homeobox growth WO95/23161

Cleveland inhibitor

Coding sequence of a homeobox-related gene encodingan inhibitor of vascular smooth muscle cell growth.

Cleveland Clinic Fdn. 2-5A-dependent WO95/22245

Cleveland RNases

Coding sequences of 2-5A-dependent RNases, encodedprotein; for inhibiting viral replication.

Columbia Univ. Vertebrate WO 95/23223

New York hedgehog homolog

Coding sequence of vertebrate homolog of hedgehog(vhh-1) which is expressed by the notochord.

CSIRO (Comm. Sci. Pathogen-resistant WO95/21924Indus. Res. Org.) plants

Campbell, Australia

Coding sequence of glucose oxidase; for creating disease-resistant transgenic plants.

Curie, Pierre & Marie, Univ. Gene therapy WO95/22617

Paris system

Host cell-vector system for use in gene therapy that isviral-based and produces defective infectious viruses.

Daiichi AT/AT-III complex EPO 669 344

Tokyo antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies to antithrombin (AT)-antithrombin III (AT-III) complexes; for diagnostic use.

Dana-Farber Cancer Inst. Nucleic acid WO95/22618

Boston delivery system

Fusion protein with target cell and nucleic acid bindingmoieties; for stable transgene expression.

Freiburg Univ. Cloned fibroblasts WO 95/23216

Freiburg, Germany transfected

Preparation of fibroblast clones from donors, genetransfection method, transfected fibroblast clones.

Fujirebio Treponema EPO 670 494

Tokyo antibody

Treponema pallidum antibody; for use in a sensitive assayfor the antibody.

Fujisawa Recombinant WO 95/23220

Osaka, Japan 2KLGA

Transformed bacterial strains used to make 2-keto-L-gulonic acid (2KLGA); for producing ascorbic acid.

Fuso Pharma Yeast probes EPO 670 373

Osaka, Japan

Nucleotide probe specific to the yeast, Candida albicans;for infection diagnosis.

Grunenthal Improved bifunctional EPO 669394

Aachen, Germany urokinase

Bifunctional derivatives of urokinase with improvedfibrinolytic and antithrombin inhibiting activities [inGerman].

Hoffmann-La Roche Long DNA EPO 669 401

Basel, Switzerland amplification

PCR amplification of DNA sequences of greater than 10kilobases using thermostable enzymes.

Illinois, Univ. of Affecting cisplatin WO95/22612

Urbana, Ill. sensitivity

Genetic suppressor elements that confer resistance tocisplatin, genes associated with sensitivity to cisplatin.

Imclone Systems VEGF receptor WO95/21868

New York antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies to the extracellular domain ofvascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) receptor.

Immusol Hepatitis B WO 95/22600

San Diego ribozymes

Coding sequences for ribozymes that treat hepatitis Binfection, encoded ribozymes.

Isis Innovation Hypoxic gene WO 95/21927

Oxford, U.K. therapy

Vectors with a coding sequence of a therapeutic proteinlinked to a promoter induced by hypoxia.

Kirin Brewery Thrombopoietin WO 95/21919


Coding sequence of thrombopoietin polypeptides,encoded proteins, antibodies; for treating plateletdisorders.

Landegren, U. Circularizable probe WO 95/22623

Uppsala, Sweden detection

arget nucleic acid detection by probe binding andcyclization, followed by digestion and isolation.

Leeds, Univ. of Anti-parasitic WO 95/23229

Leeds, U.K. transgenic plants

Transgenic plants with a gene for an inhibitor of adigestive enzyme of a parasite.

Li-Cor Fluorescent EPO 670 374

Lincoln, Neb. labeled DNA

Marking DNA strands with fluorescent labels; foridentifying specific strands.

Ludwig Inst. Cancer Res. MAGE-1 on WO95/21630

New York abnormal cells

Methods for identification of MAGE-1 derived peptideson abnormal cells; for diagnosis and therapy.

Ludwig Inst. Immunointeractive WO 95/21865,Cancer Res. molecules WO 95/21866

New York

Molecules that are immunointeractive with animalgrowth factor receptors; for diagnosis and treatment.

Macfarlane Burnet Non-pathogenic WO95/21912Ctr. Med. Res. HIV strains

Fairfield, Australia

Non-pathogenic strains of HIV-1 and their geneticsequences; for AIDS diagnosis and treatment.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. Chimeric CD4 cells WO95/21528


Coding sequence of a chimeric CD4 receptor, receptorbearing cells; for immune response against HIV-infectedcells.

Max-Planck Inst. Insulin mediator WO95/23231

Munich, Germany cells

Cell lines with insulin receptor and receptorphosphotyrosine phosphatase; for identifying insulinmediators.

Merck FK-506 binding WO 95/21861

Rahway, N.J. protein

Cytosolic protein that binds FK-506 and othermacrolides; for immunosuppressant assays.

Michigan, Univ. of Bone cell WO 95/22611

Ann Arbor, Mich. transfection

Methods for transferring nucleic acids into bone cells insitu; for treating bone diseases.

Mitsubishi Glutamate receptor EPO 669 397

Tokyo mutein

Coding sequence of mutated glutamate receptor gene,encoded protein; for study of the central nervous system.

Mogen Intl. Fungal-resistant WO 95/21929

Leiden, Netherlands plants

Coding sequence of antifungal proteins, encodedproteins; for making resistant transgenic plants.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Hepatitis E WO 95/21858

Bethesda, Md. peptides

Coding sequences of a mosaic hepatitis E viruspolypeptide and epitopes, encoded proteins.

Nexstar Pharma Thrombin/bFGF WO95/21853

Boulder, Colo. ligands

Nucleic acid ligands to thrombin and basic fibroblastgrowth factor (bFGF).

Novo Nordisk Factor VIII:C EPO 670 332

Bagsvaerd, Denmark activity protein

Coding sequence of a human Factor VIII:C-like proteinwith A and C subunit sequences, but not those of the Bsubunit.

Novo Nordisk Lipolytic enzyme WO 95/22615

Bagsvaerd, Denmark mutein

Mutagenized lipolytic enzyme with decreaseddependence on calcium and/or improved tolerance todetergents.

Olsen et al. Seedling tissue WO 95/23230

As, Norway vector

Expression system for germinating seedling tissue with avector driven by the lipid transfer protein gene promoter.

Ono Pharma Programmed cell EPO 670 369

Osaka, Japan death protein

Coding sequence for a membrane protein involved inprogrammed cell death, encoded protein.

Ono Pharma PGI2 receptor WO 95/21863

Osaka, Japan

Coding sequence of prostaglandin I2 (PGI2) receptor,encoded protein, antibodies to the protein.

Oregon Hlth. Sci. Univ. ATP-sensitive WO95/21943

Portland, Ore. potassium channels

Coding sequences of ATP-sensitive potassium channelproteins, encoded proteins; for diabetes treatment.

Oregon Reg. Primate Ctr. Bombesin- WO95/23159

Beaverton, Ore. related peptide

Coding sequence of bombesin-related peptide, encodedpeptide, expression vector, host cells.

Pasteur Merieux Combinatorial WO95/21914

Lyon, France antibody vectors

Vector populations with mixtures of antibody lightchain/heavy chain variable region coding sequences.

Penn. St. Univ. Self-incompatibility WO95/21913

University Park, Penn. gene

Antisense DNA to the self-incompatibility gene in plants;for eliminating self-incompatibility in transgenic plants.

Pfizer Canine/feline WO 95/23218,

New York cell lines WO 95/23219

Immortalized canine and feline cell lines; for makingdiagnostic reagents and vaccines.

Procter & Gamble Osteosarcoma WO 95/21918

Cincinnati, Ohio cell lines

Rat osteosarcoma cell lines, growth factor produced, andprotein purification methods.

Qiagen Single/double-strand WO 95/21849

Hilden, Germany chromatography

Chromatographic process for separating single-strandedand double-stranded nucleic acids.

Queensland, Univ. of Insect cell WO 95/23215

St. Lucia, Australia expression

Production of large quantities of virus, viral orrecombinant proteins from low infection multiplicityinsect cells.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Cationic peptide WO95/21931

Antony, France transfection

Complexes of nucleic acids and cationic oligopeptides;for use in transforming cells during gene therapy.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Galanin receptor WO95/22608

Antony, France activity

Coding sequence of proteins with galanin receptoractivity, encoded proteins, expression host cells.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Alzheimer's WO 95/22616

Antony, France model

Transgenic animal model of Alzheimer's disease withinserted plaque gene.

Ribozyme Pharma Ribozymes WO 95/23225

Boulder, Colo.

Enzymatic RNA molecules that can be used to inhibit theexpression of disease-related genes

Rochester, Univ. of Tolerogenic WO 95/21916

Rochester, N.Y. peptides

Coding sequence of tolerogenic peptides presented asepitopes on fusion immunoglobulins; for cell expression.

Royal Cancer Hosp. Inst. MAP kinase WO95/21923

London phosphatases

Coding sequences of MAP kinase phosphatases, encodedproteins, antibodies; for control of cell growth.

Schering Thymokine WO 95/21921

Kenilworth, N.J.

Coding sequence of thymokine, encoded protein,antibodies; for diagnostic assay kits.

Seikagaku Glucan affinity EPO 669 396

Tokyo factor

Coding sequence for horseshoe crab amebocyte factorhaving high affinity for fungal cell wall glucan.

Shimadzu PCR bacterial EPO 669 399

Kyoto, Japan identification

Oligonucleotides complementary to genes specific to avariety of bacterial strains; for diagnosis by PCR.

SmithKline Beecham Methanolic yeast WO95/21928

Rixensart, Belgium production strains

Vectors encoding heterologous proteins under the controlof yeast sequences; for methanolic yeast fermentation.

SmithKline Beecham ESTs in disease WO95/21944

King of Prussia, Penn.

Identification of genes differentially expressed indiseased animals using expressed sequence tags (EST).

Stanford Univ. CD4 T-cell ligands WO 95/21915

Palo Alto, Calif.

Coding sequences for ligands binding to activated CD4 Tcells, encoded proteins, antibodies.

Stichting Pathol. Res. Genital HPV probes WO95/22626

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oligonucleotide probes specific to human genitalpapilloma virus (HPV) genotypes; for PCR-based assay.

Syntro Recombinant WO 95/22607

Lenexa, Kan. equine herpesvirus

Equine herpesviruses with inserted foreign genes; forproducing fetal-safe, live recombinant viruses.

Unilever Galactanase activity WO 95/23228

London protein

Coding sequence of an enzyme with exo-(1 to 4)-a-D-galactanase activity, encoded protein.

Vanderbilt Univ. Vacuolating toxin WO95/22988

Nashville, Tenn.

Coding sequence of Helicobacter pylori vacuolatingtoxin, encoded protein, deficient strains; forimmunization.

Vermont, Univ. of Diabetes T cells WO95/21623

Burlington, Vt.

Receptor from T cells mediating diabetes; for treatmentor gene therapy.

Washington, Univ. of HIV reverse WO 95/22622

Seattle transcriptase inhibitors

Methods for detection of compounds that inhibit HIVreverse transcriptase; for AIDS therapy.

Wellcome Fdn. Glutamate WO 95/22609

London receptors

Coding sequences of human glutamate receptors, encodedproteins; for ligand screening.

Wistar Inst. RNA editing WO 95/22604

Philadelphia enzymes

Coding sequence of RNA editing enzymes, encodedproteins, methods of use.

Yeshiva Univ. Mycobacteria- WO 95/23226

Bronx, N.Y. inhibiting gene

Mycobacterial diaminopimelic acid gene; for use inpreventing infection.

Yissum Res. Develop. Acetylcholine- WO 95/23158

Jerusalem sterase transgenes

Transgenic animals with alternative forms of humanacetylcholinesterase genes; for ligand assay.

Zeneca Pectin esterase WO 95/23227

London isoenzyme

Coding sequence of pectin esterase isoenzyme, transgenicplants; for modifying fruit-ripening characteristics.

Zymogenetics Hematopoietic WO 95/21920

Seattle proteins

Coding sequences for hematopoietic proteins andfragments, encoded proteins, antibodies; for cell growthstudy.

Zymogenetics Orphan receptor WO 95/21930

Seattle cells

Methods for obtaining cells producing ligands for orphanreceptors, identification of ligand coding sequences.

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