Ajinomoto Co., Ltd. B-cell differentia- EPO 585 957Tokyo tion factorDNA encoding a recombinant human B-cell differentiation factor,which has no natural signal peptide in its N-terminal region.

Alko AB Fungal WO 94/04673Helsinki, Finland promotersIdentification and cloning of sequences that express fiveTrichoderma reesei promoters, free of glucose inhibition.

Amer. Home Prods. Corp. Adenoviral EPO 586 076New York CIty vaccinesLive recombinant adenoviruses carrying genes encoding cellular orhumoral immunity to an infectious organism.

Applied Research Systs. Neuroblastoma WO 94/04661Curacao, Neth. Antilles virusVirus from human neuroblastoma cells, to cause N-myc amplificationin infected neural-crest, and other ectodermal cells.

Arch Development Corp. Anti-herpes WO 94/04920Chicago, Ill. activityGene product of herpes simplex virus UL13 gene, which phos-phorylates other HSV products; to detect anti-HSV activity.

Becton Dickinson & Co. Amplicon decon- EPO 585 660Franklin Lakes, N. J. taminationDecontamination by single-strand-specific exonucleases of nucleicacids contaminated with amplification products.

Behringwerke AG Anti-granulocyte EPO 585 570Marburg, Germany monoclonal Granulocyte-binding murine antibody construct. [In German] Biogen, Inc. TAT-derived WO 94/04686Cambridge, Mass. transportNovel transport polypeptides deliver bioactive nucleic acids andpolypeptides into cytoplasm and nuclei of cells.

Biotechnology Res. Co. Bacterial mercury EPO 585 652Braunschweig, Germany processBacterial strains for industrial reduction of mercury. [In German]

Boehringer Mannheim Alkaline EPO 586 872Mannheim, Germany phosphataseDNA sequence encoding a recombinant, bioactive, eukaryotic alkalinephosphatase in a prokaryotic host cell. [In German]

Bristol-Myers Squibb B-cell EPO 585 943New York City proliferationSoluble ligands for CD40 B-cell antigen, derived from human gp39protein; for promoting B-cell proliferation.

Brit. Columbia, Univ. of Polycationic WO 94/04688Vancouver, B. C. antibacterialMethod for recombinant production of cationic peptides, and apolycationic antibacterial peptide.

California, Univ. of Altering DNA WO 94/04032Berkeley, Calif. sequencesGene therapy for genetic diseases, e.g., cystic fibrosis, by homo-logous recombination to alter sequence of a DNA fragment.

California, Univ. of Opioid receptor WO 94/04552Berkeley, Calif. genesMurine probe to retrieve genes encoding opioid receptors fromvertebrate libraries under low-stringency conditions.

Canji, Inc. Anti-p110RB EPO 586 026San Diego, Calif. proteinMonoclonal antibodies, and hybridomas, specific for epitopesof p110RB protein in the nucleus. For diagnosis, therapy.

Casterman, C., et al. Light-chain- WO 94/04678Sint-Genesius, Belgium minus IgsImmunoglobulin comprising two heavy chains that can formcomplete antigen binding site(s), but devoid of light chains.

Cologne Immunology Targeted gene WO 94/04667Cologne, Germany replacementReplacing a gene in a non-human mammal's germline with ahomologous gene of another mammal, by transfecting embryo stemline.

CSIRO Plant-protecting WO 94/04660Campbell, Australia virusRNA virus capable of infecting major crop insect pests, e.g.,Heliothis species; nucleotide sequences and proteins encoded thereby.

CSIRO Bovine virus WO 94/04685Canberra, Australia vaccineDNA encoding antigenic proteins of bovine ephemeral fevervirus (BEFV); for making vaccines against this infection.

Dalgaard, Jacob, et al. DNA-cutting WO 94/04663Zeuthen, Denmark enzymesThermostable, sequence-specific DNA endonucleases "arevery rare cutters, cleaving with frequency of about 5,000,000."

DNX Corp. Gene-expression WO 94/04672Princeton, N. J. control Tetracycline repressor-mediated binary regulation system forcontrol of gene expression in non-human transgenic animals.

Dow Chemical Co. Bispecific WO 94/04691Midland, Mich. antibodiesDimers and multimers of single-chain antibodies, formed bynon-covalent linking; use, e.g., as a bispecific antigen-bindingmolecule.

Duphar Intl. Research Animal pneu- WO 94/04683Weesp, Netherlands monia vaccineA vaccine against Bordetella bronchiseptica infection in dogs,swine, etc., based on the pathogen's antigenic fimbrial protein.

Experimental Cancer Res. Clot-buster EPO 585 995Copenhagen, Denmark inhibitorHuman plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 (e-PAI),produced by immunoadsorption chromatography using monoclonalantibodies. Fujisawa Pharm. Co. Anti-FK506 WO 94/04700Osaka, Japan monoclonalA monoclonal antibody that recognizes an antigenicdeterminant present in an FK506-binding protein (FKBP); assay forFKBP level.

Gen-Probe, Inc. Amplifying EPO 587 266, 298San Diego, Calif. target sequenceAmplifying a target nucleic acid sequence under constanttemperature, ionic strength and pH, using single promoter-primer.

Gen-Probe, Inc. Chlamidia EPO 587 331San Diego, Calif. pneumo niae probesHybridization assay probes specific to Chlamidia pneumoniae,but to no other Chlamidia species.

Genentech, Inc Humanized WO 94/04679S. San Francisco, Calif. antibodiesConsensus immunoglobulin sequences and structural modelsfor making humanized antibody polypeptides.

Genentech, Inc. Bispecific WO 94/04690S. San Francisco, Calif. immuno adhesinsBispecific immunoadhesins, characterized by three-chainimmunoglobulin-like structure, carrying first and second specificities.

Genetic-Biol. Res. Inst. Levan-express- WO 94/04692Berlin, Germany ing plants DNA sequences encoding fructosans; plasmids containingthem; to prepare transgenic plants with polyfructan (levan) expression.

Genzyme Corp. Treating cystic WO 94/04671Cambridge, Mass. fibrosisGenerating cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductanceregulator (CFTR) function in cells containing mutant CFTR; for CFtherapy.

Harvard University IP-10 as anti- WO 94/04670Cambridge, Mass. tumor agentMethods and therapeutic compositions for treating neoplasmsby administering cytokine IP-10, or DNA vector encoding it.

Higher Inst. of Health Cryptosporidium WO 94/04681Rome, Italy assay kitsNucleic acids derived from protozoan parasites ofCryptosporidium genus; polypeptides they encode; for detectionassays.

Hoechst Japan Ltd. Bone-repair EPO 585 801Tokyo proteinOsteogenic cadherin protein, OSF-4, from mammalian bonetissue, for treating, diagnosing, bone metabolic diseases.

Imp. Cancer Res. Tech. Cytokine tumor WO 94/04196London therapyDNA expressing a tumor sequence encoding a cytokineselective for melanoma, pancreatic, breast, colon and prostate cancercells.

INSERM Sinusal heartbeat WO 94/04668Paris, France rhythmTransgenic animals expressing a nucleic acid sequenceencoding a human membrane receptor that regulates sinusal heartbeatrate.

Jinro Ltd. Pokeweed EPO 585 554Seoul, S. Korea antiviralA virus-resistant transgenic plant expressing Phytolaccaamericana (common pokeweed) antiviral protein.

Kroczek, Richard, et al. Recombinant ster- WO 94/04675Berlin, Germany oid receptorsDNA encoding novel steroid/thyroid hormone receptorproteins; antibodies thereto; for diagnosis, therapy of diseases.

La Jolla Cancer Res. AT-rich DNA WO 94/04567La Jolla, Calif. regionsRecombinant human thymus protein that binds matrixscaffold-associated, AT-rich, DNA regions; antibodies; probes.

Ludwig Cancer Res. Inst. Schwann-cell WO 94/04560London mitogenesisA Schwann-cell mitogenic factor; therapeutic formulation fortreating conditions involving factor-sensitive cell type.

Mass. General Hospital Amyloid precursor EPO 586 790Boston, Mass. proteinsAmyloid precursor-like proteins (APLPs); their antibodies;genetic sequences regulating their expression. For Alzheimer research.

Mass. General Hospital GAP-43 proteins WO 94/04562Boston, Mass.Human and rat cDNA encoding GAP-43, and amino-acid sequences;for monitoring, regulating neuronal growth; diagnosis and therapy.

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