Published Sept. 1 & 8 (EPO); Sept. 2 (WO); Sept. 1 (GB).

Alabama, University of Defective-packaging WO 93/17118 Birmingham, Ala. vectors Vectors produce Mason Pfizer Monkey Virus (MPMV)proteins, but don't package RNA. Signal can transfer DNA, e.g.,for gene therapy.(Co-applicants: A. Lever, et al.)

Amgen Inc. Antibodies to PDGF EPO 559 234 Thousand Oaks, Calif. B-chain epitope Monoclonal antibodies specific for an epitope in theplatelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) B chain; their use inaffinity chromatography.

Amoco Corp. Chromosome structure WO 93/17128 Chicago, Ill. detection Detection of structure or region of chromosome involvedin rearrangement, by labeled DNA probes complementary todetection target.

Baylor College of Medicine Anti-proliferation WO 93/17125 Houston, Texas oligonucleotides Oligonucleotides blocking synthesis of proliferation-linked proteins; to treat, e.g, breast,cervical and renal-cellcancer, melanoma, etc.

Biotechnology Res. Inst. Recombinant WO 93/17115 Braunschweig, Germany dysentery vaccines Dysentery vaccines stimulating an immune responseagainst Shiga-toxin; plasmids; gene products; host strains fortheir production.

Brigham & Women's Hosp. Preventing graft WO 93/17043 Boston, Mass. rejection Preventing graft rejection by inducing local immuno-suppression at transplant site, with expression of recom-binant proteins by allograft.

Brit. Tech. Group Ltd. IBV spike GB 2 264 497 WO 93/17109 London, U.K. protein polypeptide DNA encoding a truncated Infection Bronchitis Virus (IBV)spike polypeptide, lacking transmembrane and cytoplasmicanchors.

CNRS (Science Research) Viral peptide antigen WO 93/17108 Paris, France analysis Analogous peptides of the internal image of a viralprotein, with amino acid sequence of a target antigen, orderedby Fourier transform method.

FMC Corp (UK) Ltd. Detecting polymer in EPO 559 249 Manchester, U.K. water samplePresence and concentration of water-treatment polymer inaqueous sample determined by mono- or polyclonal antibodyimmunoassay.

Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Cephalosporin EPO 558 241 Osaka, Japan C acylase DNA encoding a mutant recombinant cephalosporin Cacylase; expression vector and host microorganism areprovided.

Genencor Intl. Biosynthesis of WO 93/17112 S. San Francisco, Calif. methionine Fermentation synthesis of methionine, using reducedsulfur source, and modifying met biosynthetic pathway in aproducing microbe.

Hoechst AG RNA producing EPO 558 944 Frankfurt, Germany virus resistance RNA molecules that inhibit viral growth by binding toRNA replicative intermediate, to produce virus resistance indesired organisms. (Co-apps: Max-Planck Inst.; Bayer AG)

Hoffmann-La Roche AG Antigen-binding EPO 557 897 Basel, Switzerland proteins An antibody that can bind to an antigen and to a proteincomposed of predetermined regions of the heavy and lightchains of an antibody.

Igen, Inc. Expressing catalytic WO 93/17124 Rockville, Md. moieties Reaction-based selection of a recombinant virus, phageor cell expressing a catalytic antibody; increasing catalyticconcentration.

Iowa, University of Dystrophin protein WO 93/17031 Oakdale, Iowa DNA encoding all or part of a dystrophin-associatedprotein,to produce, e.g., antibodies for immunization, therapyof muscular dystrophy.

Lynxvale Ltd. Lactococcus WO 93/17117 Cambridge, U.K. host organism Alien proteins synthesized in Lactococcus by RNApolymerase gene and promoter include parenteral, oral ortopical medicaments or vaccines.

Marukin Shoyu Recombinant bile WO 93/17114 Kagawa, Japan acid enzyme A bile acid sulfate sulfatase gene originating inPseudomonas testosteronii plasmid; production of therecombinant enzyme.

Mass. General Hospital Recombinant CAR WO 93/17041 Boston, Mass. receptors DNA encoding CAR receptors; the recombinant proteins itexpresses are useful to identify CAR ligands and to producetherapeutics.

MIT (Mass. Inst. Tech.) Myotonic dystrophy WO 93/17104 Cambridge, Mass. gene Identification of CTG triplet repeat, abnormallyexpanded in individuals with myotonic dystrophy, forprognosis of disease severity.

Mochida Pharmaceutical Complement disease WO 93/17122 Tokyo therapy A protein comprising a natural membrane cofactordevoid of penetration and intracytoplasmic regions, to treatcomplement diseases.

Mogen Intl. Novel Agrobacterium WO 93/17116 Leiden, Netherlands strains DNA encoding and controlling expression of Agro-bacterium strains with two site-specific recombination sites,for transforming plants.

Monsanto Co. Tissue factor EPO 559 632 St. Louis, Mo. inhibitor To produce highly active tissue factor pathway inhibitor,express non-glycosylated form in E. coli, refold protein, purgeinclusion bodies.

MRC (Med. Res. Council) Improved malaria WO 93/17107 London vaccine Recombinant vaccine based on polypeptides withsequences isolated from those naturally occuring in malarialmerozoite surface protein.

N.Z. Pastoral Ag. Res. Inst. Anti-tapeworm WO 93/16722 Hamilton, N. Z. vaccines Recombinant antigenic proteins or peptide fragmentsfor vaccines to protect hosts from infection by Echinococcusgranulosus and Taenia.

New York University Breast, ovary tumor WO 93/17119 New York, N.Y. antigens Purified recombinant 90kD antigen associated withbreast and ovarian tumor fluids; nucleotide sequence;expression vehicles; host organism.

Ohio University Mutagen, carcinogen WO 93/17123 Athens, Ohio assays Transgenic-animal-based assays for mutagens,carcinogens, in which marker transgene dinucleotidefrequency mimics host animal's genes.

Oj Alko AB High-yield trehalose WO 93/17093 Helsinki Recombinant yeast trehalose synthase produces thesugar on large scale in baker's yeast; to improve stresstolerance of organisms.

Ono Pharmaceutical Co. Glioblastoma EPO 559 428 Osaka, Japan polypeptide Recombinant polypeptide synthesized by humanglioblastoma cell line; to prevent or treat aplasia, adjustimmunological activity, treat tumors.

Oregon State University Plant potyvirus WO 93/17098 Corvallis, Ore. resistance Plants transformed with vectors including gene frommutant virus encoding untranslatable +-sense RNA, resistpotyvirus infection.

Oregon State University "Boomerand" DNA WO 93/17127 Corvallis, Ore. amplification Amplifying DNA sequences using single primer,ligating cleaved fragments to polynucleotides,forming, denaturing duplex products.

Pasteur Inst. b-lactamase WO 93/17113 Paris, France epitope vector Utilization of recombinant b-lactamase as carrierprotein for carrying heterologous epitopes in preparation ofvaccine compositions.

Pennsylvania, U. of Cytoplasm-to-nucleus WO 93/17102 Philadelphia, Pa. transport Ribonucleoprotein complexes permit active transport ofmolecules from cytoplasm into nucleus; for modulating cell'sprotein expression.

Public Health Research In. Manipulating WO93/17126 New York, N.Y.acid nucleic acids Binary oligonucleotide arrays for sorting, surveying,isolating, sequencing and manipulating mixtures of nucleicacid strands.

Sandoz Ltd. Brassica promoter EPO 559 603 Basel, Switzerland segment A Brassica promoter has been isolated, which providesfor constitutive expression of heterologous genes in widerange of tissues and organs.

Schering Corp. Anti-human IL-4 WO 93/17106 Kenilworth, N.J. monoclonals cDNAs encoding heavy and light variable regions ofhumanized monoclonal antibodies to interleukin-4; forblocking IL-4 bioactivity.

ScotGen Ltd. Immuno-silent WO 93/17105 Aberdeen, U.K. antibodies Antibodies made immuno-silent by replacement ofnative somatically mutated residues with selected germlineamino-acids

Scripps Research Inst. Gaucher mutation EPO 558 257 La Jolla, Calif. Detecting a new Gaucher disease allelic pointmutation, substituting adenine for guanine in normalglucocerebrosidase gene intron 2.

Scripps Research Inst. von Willebrand WO 93/16712 La Jolla, Calif. therapeutic Recombinant glycoprotein with high affinity for vonWillebrand factor; to treat or block thrombosis in platelet-type von Willebrand disease.

Scripps Research Inst. Activating CD8 cells WO 93/17095 La Jolla, Calif. for therapy "Rational, elegant means" of producing, using, Class Imolecules to activate CD8 cells in vitro, to treat cancer,viral, autoimmune diseases.

Suntory Ltd. Methanol-induced EPO 558 024 Osaka, Japan vector High-yield vector induced by methanol or glycerol byalcohol oxidase gene of a methylotrophic yeast, to expressrecombinant products.

Takeda Chemical Ind. Prostaglandin target EPO 557 966 Osaka, Japan protein DNA encoding protein receptive to prostaglandin E;vector; transformant; production, useful for elucidating PGEfunction, ligands, etc.

Teijin Ltd. Platelet agglutination EPO 557 535 Osaka, Japan blocker Human monoclonal antibody combines with glycoproteinIIb/IIIa to inhibit platelet agglutination; hybridoma,production method.

U.S. Dept. of Energy Sizing DNA by GB 2 264 496 Washington, D.C. fluorescence Obtaining and sizing DNA fingerprints from a selectedfluorescently stained sample, by high-speed flow cytometrydetection.

Unilever PLC Glucanase gene WO 93/17101 London alters plants Altering plant characteristics by inserting DNAencoding an enzyme having xyloglucan-specific endo-(1-4)-beta-D-glucanase activity.

W. R. Grace & Co. Multiplying bovine EPO 559 307 New York, N.Y. embryos Heat, chemical, biological or electric shock activatesbovine oocytes, achieves higher percentages of viablenuclear transfer embryos.

Washington University Delayed-release WO 93/17103 St. Louis, Mo. expression Expression system permits control of timing, levelof proteins produced; useful especially to synthesize toxicproteins at desired intervals.

Wellcome Fdn. Ltd. Hepatitis C peptides WO 93/17110, 111 London Peptide binds antibody to parenterally transmittednon-A non-B hepatitis, for use as immunoassay to detecthep-C, or as vaccine.

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