AgriDyne Technologies Inc. announced that it has receivedregistration and marketing clearance from the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the use of itsneem-based bioinsecticides on all food and feed crops.

The Salt Lake City company's botanically derivedbioinsecticides contain the active ingredient azadirachtin (AZA),which kills a wide range of target insects by interfering withmolting. AZA is extracted from the seed of tropical neem trees,which are found in more than 50 countries, including India andIndonesia.

AgriDyne (NASDAQ:AGRI) plans to introduce a product underthe name Align to vegetable and fruit growers in selected areasof the U.S. on a limited basis later this year. The EPA grantedthe company non-food crop registration and marketingclearance for Azatin and Turplex, neem-based products used tocontrol insects in the greenhouse and turf markets,respectively, in January 1992.

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