Cytogen Corp. announced Tuesday that it has been issued twoEuropean patents that together protect the company's coremonoclonal antibody linking technology.

European patent No. 0088695 grants Cytogen (NASDAQ:CYTO)of Princeton, N.J., exclusive rights to a therapeutic or diagnosticcompound covalently attached to the carbohydrate region of anantibody or antibody fragment.

European patent No. 017369 covers the antibody conjugatescapable of chelating radioisotopes, which Cytogen is developingfor the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Both patents were issued in June 1992 and passed theopposition period that gives a third party the right to seekrevocation of the issued patent.

The patents apply to technology used in "the majority" of thecompany's 11 cancer agents, president Thomas McKearn said inan issued statement.

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