Oxford GlycoSciences plc, of Abingdon, Oxfordshire, U.K., announced the issue of two European patents in proteomics, bringing to seven the number of patents it has been issued in this field. The patents relate to techniques for automatically determining post-translational modifications that may modify the activity and the function of specific proteins.

CEO Michael Kranda said, "OGS is already the leader in proteomics, the high-throughput analysis of proteins. Whilst others are still working at the primary sequence level, it is essential to identify the functional form of mature proteins and how they are altered in disease."

The two patents allow the routine, high-throughput analysis of protein glycosylation.

The company also said it has completed recruitment of 24 patients in its Phase I/II trial of OGT 918 for the treatment of the glycolipid storage disorder Gaucher's disease. The trial involves a one-year treatment period. Later this month, OGS intends to launch a second trial in the related disorder Fabry's disease. The company was granted FDA orphan drug status for both indications in July 1998. - Nuala Moran