LifeCell Corp. announced Thursday that interim results fromclinical evaluations for its dermal skin replacement tissueAlloDerm indicate no evidence of immune rejection.

Based on results from the first six months of clinical evaluationof AlloDerm, said Paul Frison, president and chief executiveofficer, "we are accelerating the clinical studies and plan toincrease the number of clinical evaluation sites to eight."

The results were presented Tuesday at the company's(NASDAQ:LIFC) headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas, in ameeting with clinicians from six major burn centers whodiscussed initial observations of AlloDerm's performance in thetreatment of third-degree burns.

AlloDerm is processed human donor skin designed for graftingto patients who suffer from full-thickness skin injuries,including deep burns and pressure ulcers (bed sores), and forpatients who undergo plastic surgery following removal of skingrowths.

LifeCell plans to make AlloDerm commercially available laterthis year. Commercial applications of the company's patentedtechnology include reconstituted skin for wound healing,vascular conduits for bypass procedures, heart valves forreplacement surgeries and freeze-dried transfusable bloodcells.

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