Roberts Pharmaceutical Corp. said it has received exclusiveworldwide marketing rights to Bayer AG's Dirame analgesic andexclusive Canadian marketing rights to Research IndustriesInc.'s RIMSO-50 treatment for interstitial cystitis, a chronicinflammation of the bladder.

Roberts shares (NASDAQ:RPCX) gained $2.13 to $23.38 onThursday.

Dirame (propiram fumarate) is non-addictive, with potencyequivalent to classic narcotic analgesics. It is indicated formanagement of cancer pain, traumatic and post-surgical pain,and pain associated with dental surgery and childbirth.

The drug is entering U.S. Phase III trials this year, and Robertsplans to submit new drug applications in the EEC andScandinavia. Bayer will receive sales royalties and retains co-marketing rights under certain circumstances.

The Eatontown, N.J., company will receive marketing rights toRIMSO-50 on July 1. RIMSO-50 is administered by directbladder installation to relieve pain and inflammation associatedwith interstitial cystitis. It is sold by Research Industries of SaltLake City under its own label in the United States.

Roberts already holds Canadian marketing rights to ResearchIndustries' Duvoid treatment for urinary retention. -- KH

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