Neurogen Corp. has received its first patent and notices ofallowance on two other patents covering its agents for sleepand anxiety disorders.

U.S. patent No. 5,095,015, issued March 10, and the allowedclaims cover novel drugs that act at the GABA receptor in thebrain, which is involved in regulating anxiety and sedation.Neurogen (NASDAQ:NRGN) drugs are being developed to actmore specifically at receptor subsets to avoid the side effects ofavailable drugs such as the benzodiazepine tranquilizers thatinclude Valium.

The Branford, Conn., company is working with Pfizer Inc.,which has an exclusive worldwide license to the patents asthey relate to anxiety and certain other, unspecified disorders.The companies entered into the $50 million alliance inFebruary.

Neurogen shares were unchanged at $15 on Friday. -- RF

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