Genzyme Corp. has signed an agreement with KarlshamnsLipidTeknik AB of Sweden under which Genzyme will marketLipidTeknik's natural phospholipid product line to thepharmaceutical sector. The companies will share equally in theprofits.

Phospholipids are naturally occurring materials and are themajor structural components of cell membranes. In aqueoussolution, phospholipids naturally arrange themselves intospherical liposomes, which have a central aqueous core.

The agreement with LipidTeknik allows Genzyme tomanufacture the natural phospholipids if necessary. TheCambridge, Mass., company (NASDAQ:GENZ) already sellssynthetic phospholipids to pharmaceutical companies. Thecompany doesn't break out sales figures.

Liposomes are being developed as drug delivery vehicles bycompanies such as The Liposome Co. (NASDAQ:LIPO), LiposomeTechnology Inc. (NASDAQ:LTIZ) and Vestar Inc.(NASDAQ:VSTR).

Genzyme shares gained 50 cents to $48.75 on Tuesday.

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