Interneuron Pharmaceuticals Inc. has entered into an exclusiveworldwide license agreement with Princeton University for anew technology with the potential to deliver drugs across cellmembranes, the company said Tuesday.

The technology is based on a class of compounds that helptransport other molecules across the lipid membranes of cells.Interneuron (NASDAQ:IPIC) plans to develop a carrier thatwould be conjugated with therapeutic drugs.

The Lexington, Mass., company has paid a small up-front feeand is paying expenses for research conducted by Daniel Kahne,associate professor of chemistry at Princeton. Interneuron willhave exclusive rights to any resulting patents or products andwill pay royalties on sales of products resulting from thecollaboration. Patents have been filed on the technology, whichis still in early stages of development.

Interneuron originally planned to focus on getting drugs acrossthe blood brain barrier to treat central nervous systemdisorders, said Charles Casamento, chief executive. "But nowwe're seeing that at least in theory, one should be able totransport drugs through any cell membrane," he said. "Whilewe haven't tested it here, we believe it could have utility inoncology, AIDS and even antisense -- applications where youwant to get drugs inside cells."

Interneuron shares lost 13 cents to $12.25.

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