Preparing to enter the clinic this year, Repligen Corp. saidFriday that it has signed a letter of intent to acquire a cellculture and purification facility and other assets from AbbottBiotech Inc. for $5.5 million.

Cambridge, Mass.-based Repligen initially will use the NeedhamHeights, Mass., facility as a pilot plant to manufacture its HIVand inflammation monoclonal antibodies.

Repligen (NASDAQ:RGEN) anticipates having three products inPhase I trials for four indications by late 1992 or early 1993.The company had been planning to build a facility for $12million to $15 million, said Ramesh Ratan, chief financialofficer.

The anti-HIV MAb that Repligen recently repurchased fromMerck & Co. Inc. will enter the clinic, as will the anti-inflammation CD11b MAb being developed for trauma shock,septic shock and myocardial infarction. The first indication willbe trauma shock.

Platelet factor 4, which inhibits the growth of blood vesselsnecessary to tumors, will be tested first against Kaposi'ssarcoma and then against brain tumors.

Repligen will also receive revenues this year through thesupply to Abbott Laboratories and other companies ofundisclosed services currently provided by Abbott Biotech.Abbott Laboratories, which has operated Abbott Biotech as asubsidiary, will retain rights to certain technologies, includingthrombolytics.

Repligen shares were unchanged on Friday at $17. -- KB

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