Biomerica Inc. said it will begin clinical trials of two kits thatidentify people likely to develop diabetes.

The tests measure antibodies against insulin and against theislet cells of the pancreas that make insulin. The kits could allowdoctors to test the close relatives of diabetics to see if they areat risk, several years before they would actually develop thedisease.

During testing, the kits will be marketed for research use.

Joseph Irani, company president, said Biomerica has arrangedwith a leading Japanese laboratory to market in that country,but declined to name the company. Marketing in Europe alsowill be through established distribution channels, Irani said, butthe company is still open to establishing a U.S. marketingpartnership.

The Newport Beach, Calif., company has filed for patents on thekits. Its stock (NASDAQ:BMRA) closed unchanged at $2. -- RF

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