InnoVet Inc., a biotech animal health care company in BocaRaton, Fla., on Wednesday said it will license its first product,a new veterinary immune stimulant, to Colorado Serum Co. ofDenver.

IVET 629 is a non-specific booster of the immune system,which the companies will first market for a respiratorysyndrome in horses.

Colorado Serum, a veterinary biologics manufacturer, will haveexclusive manufacturing and co-marketing rights with InnoVetin the United States, Mexico and Canada for use of the productin cattle, sheep and swine, as well as manufacturing rights forhorse, dog and cat use. InnoVet has received a fee for therights and will receive royalties on sales.

Colorado Serum will be filing a product license application foruse of the product in horses with the U.S. Department ofAgriculture within a few months.

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