WASHINGTON -- Forrest Anthony, president of Quality BiotechInc., will succeed Regentech Inc. President Martin Nash aspresident of the board of directors of the Association ofBiotechnology Companies, the ABC announced Tuesday at itsannual meeting here.

In addition to Anthony, the ABC's executive committee for1991-92 includes ABC President-elect Samuel H. Ronel,president of Interferon Sciences Inc.; ABC Vice President FrankC. Kung, president and chief executive officer of Genelabs Inc.;ABC Vice President for European Affairs Thomas Wiggans,managing director of Serono Laboratories (U.K.) Ltd.; SecretaryDouglas Doerfler, business director of apparatus at LifeTechnologies Inc.; and Treasurer Edward A. Bartko, a partner atCoopers & Lybrand.

Newly elected board members are Robert J. Beckman, presidentand chief executive officer at Intergen Co.; Richard A. Herrett,government relations scientific liaison at ICI Americas; BruceMerchant, Viagene Inc. vice president; and James D. Skinner,president and chief executive officer of Diagnostics Inc.

Remaining on the board as directors are Mark D. Dibner,director of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center; Robert J.Judge, vice president of operations at Charles RiverLaboratories Inc.; Bruce F. Mackler, partner at Baker &Hostetler; George W. Masters, president and chief executive ofHemosol Inc.; Marvin Miller, vice president at LederleLaboratories Division, American Cyanamid Co.; RussellMcLauchlan, president of Immunomedics Inc.; and GrahamStrachan, president of Allelix Biopharmaceuticals Inc..

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