BioWorld editors would like to invite our readers to choose adream portfolio of biotechnology stocks. You'll have a fantasy$10,000 to invest in up to six biotechnology stocks.

We'll pool readers' "money" together and see how the"investments" of the BioWorld reader in 1991 compare withthose of BioWorld's dart thrower and industry analysts such asformer Cetus Corp. Chief Executive Officer Robert A. Fildes orCounty NatWest Securities analyst Denise Gilbert.

You are allowed up to six separate stock trades during 1991.You can even convert half your portfolio's value into cash,earning 10 percent annual interest. For the sake of simplicity,we'll use Dec. 31, 1990, prices for your initial purchases.

Please let us know your stock picks by contacting DavidRosenberg at (415) 696-6535 for a contest entry form. Or youcan fax your picks directly to us at (415) 696-6590.

The deadline is this Friday, Jan. 11. Contest performance will betracked and reported quarterly.

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