“The NIH wasn’t broken 10 years ago, but a decade of declining funding is breaking it.”
Francis Collins, NIH Director

“We are seeing a good trend of improvement with small-molecule drugs. We were able to get an approval [in China] very fast, within eight months. The big challenge is for biologics, vaccines, antibodies – these can take more than two years to get approved.”
Jimmy Wei, venture partner at KCPB China, at the Chinabio Partnering Forum

“The important thing to keep in mind is the pipeline we have has changed dramatically over the last 15 to 18 months. Any distraction can certainly have a big negative impact.”
Pascal Soriot, CEO, Astrazeneca plc

“This new work will not only deepen [our] understanding of activation of this receptor super-family, but will also provide invaluable insight into the improvement and development of novel P2Y12 [receptor antagonists] targeting cardiovascular and other diseases.”
Zhao Qiang, a professor at Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, on publication of research mapping the detailed structure of a receptor with a key role in platelet activation and blood clotting


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