"[A] huge opportunity to make a contribution to a global problem... to canvass over 100 new classes of novel natural products that we predict – we don't know, we predict – have the potential to be antibiotics. Then we'll sift through that set in our collaboration with Roche and pick a subset of those to go into drug discovery."
Laurence Reid, CEO, Warp Drive, on the deal with Roche Holding AG in which it receives $87 million in up-front, option fees and milestone payments related to preclinical achievements. Up to an additional $300 million in payments are linked to clinical, regulatory and sales milestones for products licensed to Roche

"Pharma companies need to understand the law and its implementation so they can find a way to shape it in a direction that is more palatable to them. This is happening; it will happen to their industry. If they talk to the CFDA, they can potentially shape this in a way that is satisfactory to both sides and still protect patient privacy."
Carly Ramsey, associate director at Control Risks in Shanghai and a cybersecurity expert, commenting on China's new Cybersecurity Law, which tightens the government's grip on the transfer and security of data collected in China

"Hemoshear's technology is the anchor for Takeda's future first-in-class targets in NASH. Their approach is different from most other pharmas. There's a lot of repurposing of drugs going on right now in NASH, but there aren't too many groups going out and truly putting effort into finding new targets."
Brian Wamhoff, co-founder and head of innovation, Hemoshear Therapeutics LLC, commenting on the discovery and development pact with Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. covering liver diseases

"We are purposely going about our business model differently than many others. We're thinking in terms of multiplatform and multiprogram. And we're purposely doing this because we think infectious diseases are complex. In many cases, you're trying to beat evolution, which is a tall order."
Howard Horn, chief financial officer, Vir Biotechnology Inc., which initiated broad deals with Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Visterra Inc. and also acquired Humabs Biomed SA

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