Company Product Description Indication Status
Phase I
Clover Biopharmaceuticals Inc., of Chengdu, China SCB-313 TRAIL-Trimer fusion protein Malignant pleural effusions in cancer First patient dosed
Forma Therapeutics Inc., of Watertown, Mass. Olutasidenib Inhibitor of mutated isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 IDH1-mutated gliomas Demonstrated blood-brain barrier penetration as measured by cerebrospinal fluid exposure and disease control; confirmed partial response in 1 patient and stable disease in 10 patients with enhancing glioma with a median duration of treatment of 3.7 months
Immodulon Therapeutics Ltd., of Uxbridge, U.K. IMM-101 Contains heat-killed whole cell Mycobacterium obuense Advanced melanoma Long-term survival data in patients with stage III/IV disease show 9 surviving patients at 5 years, and 8 surviving at 8 years
Phase II
Inotrem SA, of Paris Nangibotide TREM-1 inhibitor peptide Septic shock First patient enrolled
Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc., of San Carlos, Calif. Lifileucel Autologous cell therapy Stage IV melanoma Subgroup analysis of cohort 2 patients refractory to prior anti-PD-1/L1 therapy found 41% objective response rate; median duration of response not reached at 12 months
Xeris Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Chicago Glucagon Continuous subcutaneous glucagon infusion Hypoglycemia Hypoglycemia Associated Autonomic Failure (HAAF) program found no statistically significant differences between the treatment arms in percent change in plasma epinephrine concentration from baseline
Phase III
Biogen Inc., of Cambridge, Mass. Timrepigene emparvovec NSR AAV-Rab-escort protein 1 gene therapy Choroideremia Enrolled last patient in STAR trial
Harmony Biosciences LLC, of Plymouth Meeting, Pa.  Wakix (pitolisant) Histamine H3 receptor inverse agonist Narcolepsy; cataplexy Articles in Sleep describe long-term safety and efficacy of pitolisant on daytime sleepiness, cataplexy, hallucinations and sleep paralysis is confirmed and, separately, that pitolisant demonstrated significantly lower potential for abuse compared with phentermine and an overall profile similar to placebo
Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. TNX-102 SL Low-dose sublingual formulation of cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride Fibromyalgia Initiated Relief, a potential pivotal study of a 5.6-mg dose


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