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SuccessEHS (Birmingham, Alabama) said it will offer an updated licensing option designed in conjunction with its Success Architecture. SuccessEHS's “Success Architecture“ minimizes risk with an industry-leading technical framework and helps lay the foundation for clients' success, according to the company.

Clients can now select Software as a Service or Turnkey options, along with a new “you own it, we host it“ licensing option that allows clients to own the software and maximize meaningful use dollars while taking advantage of the reduced risk offered by SuccessEHS hosting. The SuccessEHS solution is built on the trusted performance of an Oracle database; a scalable, reliable database coupled with a powerful feature set. In addition, the SuccessEHS solution helps clients streamline operations and manage tasks on the go, at the touch of a button with accessible, mobile solutions for iPhone and iPad.

“Our commitment to our clients' success includes providing the technical foundation necessary to ensure security and versatility so vital to the healthcare industry,“ said Paul Gartman, chief strategy officer at SuccessEHS. “Providing a solid framework with options to meet the diverse needs of our clients is the first step in our mission to provide less risk, with more results.“

SuccessEHS provides a single solution practice management and electronic health record with integrated medical billing services.