Unival (Ann Arbor, Michigan) said it has been notified that a patent has been issued for its Digital Data Direct (D3) data conversion system. D3 is used to convert paper medical records to data elements and to then import this data to electronic health record (EHR), electronic medical record (EMR), and personal health record (PHR) systems.

"We are very pleased to receive the D3 patent," said Unival President Mike Gallagher. "Our D3 data conversion system enables us to provide an important service to the healthcare industry. As federal incentives are put in place to encourage the computerization of medical records, healthcare providers need to convert specific key data from their paper records to make immediate, meaningful use of the computerized systems."

"When physicians convert to electronic records, existing paper medical records cannot be simply scanned and filed in the EMR system as electronic pages," said Ron Fernandez, Unival IT director. "Key information needs to be abstracted from the paper records by medical professionals, converted to data elements, and then imported directly to the system in order to quickly use their EMR/EHR, maintain continuity of care and maximize the value of their investment."

Unival maintains a national network of some 350 nurses, chosen from its total pool of more than 2,500 nursing and other medical professionals. Using the D3 system, this network is scalable to convert large volumes of paper medical records, according to the company.

Additionally, as increasing numbers of healthcare providers convert to computerized records, Unival will license its system to qualified organizations for them to help meet the growing demand for medical record conversions, the company noted.

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