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U.S. Preventive Medicine (Dallas) has signed a network participation agreement with Mayo Clinic Florida (Jacksonville) to jointly deliver preventive medicine services. Under the agreement, Mayo Clinic will become a participant in The Global Prevention Network, a select group of healthcare institutions with recognized research, preventive services and executive health programs in the U.S. and internationally.

As a participant in The Global Prevention Network, Mayo Clinic will serve as a worldwide referral partner for The Prevention Plan and executive health programs as well as an educational partner in U.S. Preventive Medicine's international outreach efforts. Affiliates in the Global Prevention Network serve as referral partners, enabling U.S. Preventive Medicine to provide both national and global prevention solutions for employers, insurers and government entities.

"U.S. Preventive Medicine is continually looking for opportunities to expand our preventive medicine business and the Mayo Clinic will be an ideal partner in helping us provide practical solutions for preventive and specialized care for our members," said Christopher Fey, chairman/CEO of U.S. Preventive Medicine. "Our goal with the Global Prevention Network is to bring together the leading research, education and preventive and specialized care providers from around the world for the benefit of our members and all citizens. We are delighted to have the Mayo Clinic on our team."

"For years, Mayo Clinic has had the opportunity to provide comprehensive hospital and specialty outpatient services for millions of patients around the world. Our new relationship with U.S. Preventive Medicine is built upon a shared goal of providing not only the highest quality of care to every patient, every day, but encouraging members to take greater control of their own health with preventive services," said Mayo Clinic Florida Family Medicine physician John Presutti, DO, who also serves as medical director for Mayo's contracting and payer relations department enterprise wide. "We are pleased to have the opportunity to better educate and encourage individuals and we look forward to a long relationship with U.S. Preventive Medicine."

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