A Diagnostic & Imaging Week

Lifeline Biotechnologies (Reno, Nevada) reported that it has been awarded U.S. patent No. 7,384,401 B2 on its OvaScope technology. The OvaScope has been designed and developed to assist in the early detection of ovarian cancer, Lifeline said. Historically, ovarian cancer has not been detected until its advanced stages, which has led to poor survival rates, the company noted.

To date, the preliminary testing has proved to be very promising, according to the company. Lifeline said it would begin taking the next steps toward bringing the OvaScope to market upon completion of its current review of the testing data results and the market for the product.

According to CEO Jim Holmes, it is estimated that one in 70 women in the U.S. will develop ovarian cancer during their lifetime. "With a U.S. patent and very encouraging results from our preliminary testing, we feel the OvaScope has the ability to address this issue and make tremendous strides toward early detection of ovarian cancer. If we can detect this cancer in its early stages, it will dramatically increase the potential survival rate for women," Holmes said.

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