Psychemedics to switch to Nasdaq from Amex

Psychemedics (Acton, Massachusetts) said that it will switch the listing of its common stock from the American Stock Exchange to the Nasdaq stock market. The company's current trading symbol PMD will remain unchanged as its trading symbol under Nasdaq.

"This decision was reached after careful consideration of capital market alternatives and analysis of the electronic market model, which provides added visibility to our investors," said Raymond Kubacki, chairman/CEO of Psychemedics. "We believe that Nasdaq's electronic multiple market maker structure will provide our company with enhanced exposure and liquidity, while at the same time providing investors with the best prices, the fastest execution, and the lowest cost per trade. As the world's largest electronic stock market, Nasdaq promotes innovation and attracts leading growth companies from a diverse group of sectors. We are proud to be a part of the Nasdaq stock market."

Psychemedics makes hair-testing products for drugs of abuse.

Theranostics Health receives CLIA certificate

Theranostics Health (TH; Rockville, Maryland) said that it has received a CLIA certificate of registration from the federal government. This, along with its medical laboratory permit from the State of Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, allows the company to perform clinical diagnostic laboratory testing in the disciplines/specialties of Immunology/protein microarray and pathology/histopathology.

"This represents another significant milestone for our young company in terms of building our capabilities. It allows us to expand the scope of services that we provide to our clients and collaborative projects that we conduct with our partners. It also allows us to accelerate the launch of our suite of clinical theranostic tests for personalized therapy," said President/CEO Danong Chen.

Theranostics Health's core technology is the Reverse Phase Protein Microarray combined with Laser Capture Microdissection.