A Diagnostics & Imaging Week

Biomagnetics Diagnostics (Orangevale, California) reported that the U.S. Patent Office has granted it the right to file for international patent protection.

Clayton Hardman, president/CEO of Biomagnetics, said,"It is essential that a company does not place all of its eggs in one basket, by continually developing additional products we insure Biomagnetics success."

The company's second product is a new diagnostic system designed for multi-analyte testing for blood banks titled"System and Method for Detecting Specific Binding Reactions Using Magnetic Labels." This technology uses a combination of opposing magnetic fields and light refraction.

Blood banks receive and test approximately 14 million units of blood annually. Each unit is tested for nine infectious diseases totaling 126 million diagnostics tests. The company said it hopes to bring this new system to market in 2009. The system will perform all nine required tests in a single assay thus substantially reducing the costs blood banks will incur.

Biomagnetics develops diagnostic equipment and immunoassays.