• Alphatec Holdings (Carlsbad, California) reported introduction of the Dynamo semi-rigid spinal system. Alphatec’s complete solution combines the Dynamo semi-rigid rod with the rigid stabilization of Alphatec’s Zodiac spinal fixation system to offer a new segmental solution for treating different stages of spinal degeneration at contiguous levels. The Dynamo provides surgeons with the flexibility to address varying degenerative indications and patient needs by matching the magnitude of stabilization needed for each of the multiple levels of spinal degeneration. Alphatec Holdings makes products for the surgical treatment of spinal disorders.

• Aperio Technologies (Vista, California) received FDA clearance to market the manual read of digital HER2 slides from a computer monitor using its patented ScanScope digital slide scanning system. The FDA-cleared system is intended for use as an accessory to the Dako HercepTest to aid pathologists in the detection and semi-quantitative measurement of HER2 protein expression to assess breast cancer patients for whom Herceptin treatment is being considered. The FDA clearance encompasses the company’s complete digital pathology system, including ScanScope scanners for creating digital slide images from microscope slides, and the Spectrum digital pathology information management system for managing, viewing, and analyzing digital slides. Aperio makes digital pathology for the healthcare and life sciences industry.

A new creatinine monitoring system from Nova Biomedical (Waltham, Massachusetts) enables simple, rapid, and accurate assessment of renal function by finger prick capillary blood sampling at the point of care. Incorporating new patented, Multi-Well test strip technology adapted from Nova’s hospital glucose monitoring system, Nova StatSensor Creatinine allows creatinine to be measured with a simple 30 second test in the emergency department, radiology, oncology, or other point-of-care areas where renal function must be assessed. StatSensor Creatinine measures creatinine and calculates estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) by MDRD or Cockroft-Gault equations. Creatinine with eGFR is a more accurate and sensitive measurement of kidney function than creatinine alone. Nova Biomedical makes blood gas/electrolyte analyzers in hospitals, and chemistry analyzers for cell culture and fermentation in biotechnology.

• RSB Spine (Cleveland) reported the first implantation of its InterPlate L in the lumbar spine. RSB Spine also has completed the national rollout of its InterPlate C device for use in the cervical spine. The company also expects to introduce two new InterPlate products manufactured from a radiolucent polymer (PEEK, polyetheretherketone) later this year. The InterPlate C and InterPlate L are designed to facilitate rapid fusion and are used in conjunction with graft material to fuse spinal vertebrae. RSB Spine is a privately held medical device company focused on making innovative spinal implants.

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