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Kinetic Concepts (KCI; San Antonio) reported it has filed suit in state District Court in Bexar County, Texas, against Innovative Therapies (Hunt Valley, Maryland) and three of its principals, all of whom were former employees of KCI.

The claims in the suit include breach of confidentiality agreements, conversion of KCI technology, theft of trade secrets and conspiracy. KCI is seeking damages and injunctive relief in the case.

“This case represents our continued determination to protect and enforce Kinetic Concepts’ rights to our innovative technologies,” said Catherine Burzik, KCI’s president/CEO.

The Innovative Therapies principals named in the lawsuit are former employees of KCI, and KCI said that they were involved in various aspects of the company’s proprietary technology.

Kinetic Concepts makes wound care systems, such as the Vacuum Assisted Closure, which promotes healing.

Late last year, Innovative Therapies sued KCI seeking invalidation of five patents held by KCI. Innovative asked a Delaware federal court to declare that its new Svedman wound-therapy system doesn’t infringe KCI’s patents (Medical Device Daily, Oct. 1, 2007).

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