• HitachiAmerica (Tarrytown, New York) said it has obtained FDA clearance for spot-scanning irradiation technology of Hitachi’s Probeat proton beam therapy system for application at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (Houston). Proton beam therapy is a localized form of radiation therapy, in which a beam of protons is focused at a tumor lying deep within the body in order to eradicate the tumor. Proton beam therapy minimizes the unnecessary irradiation to the normal tissue compared with conventional electron beam and x-ray radiation therapy. Hitachi’s Probeat currently uses double-scatterer technology, which involves two scatterers, whereby the proton beam is expanded to cover entire tumor profile. While scattering irradiation technology is effective for many types of tumors, limitations exist in treating tumors depending upon the target geometry. Hitachi America makes electronics, computer systems and products, and consumer electronics.

• Provista Life Sciences (Phoenix) said it has completed clinical trials on a new blood test for the early detection of breast cancer. The test is called the BT test (biomarker translation test) and is being made available to a select number of physicians in the Phoenix market as part of the company’s initial market release. The test is designed to assist physicians in making an earlier and more accurate diagnosis of breast cancer when used adjunctively with a mammogram. It uses a proprietary algorithm to evaluate the levels and relationship of multiple, cancer associated protein biomarkers in blood serum. This data is coupled with a patient’s personal medical profile to generate a comprehensive report designed to assist healthcare providers in making an earlier diagnosis of breast cancer. Provista Life Sciences is a diagnostic development company.

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