• Aethon (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) has introduced the Aethon Pharmacy Cart – calling it an extension to its TUG hospital asset utilization solution – designed as a hospital pharmacy application. Measuring 19 inches wide by 18 inches deep by 43.9 inches tall, the Aethon Pharmacy Cart is an autonomous mobile robot that can be navigated through tight hospital hallways and offices. The cart is expected to make on average 15 trips a day on nursing station rounds that can include as many as six nursing station destinations an hour, according to Aethon. The cart also can be used to help stock unit-based pharmacy cabinets. It has customizable shelving that can be adjusted to hospital needs and electronic locks to ensure secure deliveries. Aethon specializes in automating the hospital supply chain.

• B. Braun Medical (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) reported the launch of Pinnacle TPN manager. Complementing the company’s Pinnacle TPN management system, this advanced computer physician order entry and calculating software automates calculations and streamlines the total parental nutrition compounding process from the moment an order is entered by the pharmacist until the time it is infused into the patient. Designed with the pharmacist in mind, the Windows browser-based Pinnacle TPN manager features several advanced tools such as customized patient templates and reports to help ensure rapid and smooth delivery. For added safety, the software includes Trissel’s Ca/P graphical compatibility curves, which address calcium/phosphate compatibility in an effort to reduce potential errors. Labels can be generated with bar-coded prescriptions to eliminate the need for manual entry on the compounder and the infusion pump. B. Braun specializes in smart pump technology.

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