OrthoSynetics opens new emergency data center

OrthoSynetics (Metairie, Louisiana), a provider of business services to orthodontic and dental practices, has opened a new emergency data center and colocation facility in Dallas, Texas.

The company said the new facility will ensure redundancies for all of OrthoSynetics’ information technology functions, to ensure seamless operations in the event the corporate headquarters’ operations are disrupted.

“With headquarters in the New Orleans area, our company knows full well the dangers and challenges that hurricanes and tropical storms pose to our company, our employees and our customers,” said Chris Roussos, president/CEO of OrthoSynetics. “Our new data center will ensure that our company's and customers’ data is safe in case of an emergency, that our customers’ operations are not disrupted if a storm or other natural disaster strikes, and that our team has an alternate base of operations in case of such an emergency.”

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