• FlowMedica (Fremont, California) reported the release of the Benephit XT infusion system, designed for targeted renal therapy (TRT), the direct delivery of physician-specified medications and other therapeutic agents to the kidneys via the renal arteries. TRT is an alternative to the standard delivery method of systemic intravenous (IV) infusion of physician-specified agents. It may offer significant benefit via direct infusion of therapeutic levels of medications without the side effects that can be encountered with conventional IV delivery, according to FlowMedica. FlowMedica specializes in physician-specified agents in the peripheral vasculature, including the renal arteries.

• ISTO Technologies (St. Louis) reported FDA clearance of its InQu product, indicated for use as a bone graft extender in the spine and as a bone graft substitute in the extremities and pelvis. InQu is a biopolymer composite of hyaluronic acid which is entangled within the three-dimensional backbone created by synthetic polyester. Hyaluronic acid, a ubiquitous component of natural tissue, is known to play a predominant role in tissue morphogenesis, cell migration, adhesion, and cell differentiation. ISTO is a orthobiologics company.

• Pathway Diagnostics (Malibu, California) reported the availability of SensiTrop, its molecular heteroduplex tracking assay (HTA) for determining the co-receptor tropism status of HIV-infected patients. Pathway performs the SensiTrop assay in its CLIA-approved laboratory on samples received from Mayo Medical Laboratories and other national laboratories, which will be named later. SensiTrop is a molecular-based assay designed to be sensitive in detecting CXCR4-tropic HIV in patient samples that contain as little as 1% CXCR4. The assay is a molecular hybridization technique based on heteroduplex tracking technology that interrogates the HIV V3 loop, detecting sequence differences that determine whether the patient’s HIV utilizes either the CXCR4 or CCR5 co-receptor. Pathway is a developer of biomarker assays.

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