LipidLabs adopts Telemedicus moniker

LipidLabs (Houston) reported its board resolution that adopts the Telemedicus corporate moniker as they move forward into the telemedicine marketplace. LipidLabs had recently purchased the assets of Telemedicus, including the “Disaster Relief and Emergency Medical Services (Dreams) Technology” and related communication equipment and technology developed by Texas A&M University (College Station, Texas) (Medical Device Daily, Aug. 6, 2007).

Through high-quality video, doctors in hospital emergency rooms can see and direct the first responders’ treatment of the patient. This technology improves trauma victims’ probability of survival, especially in remote areas, offshore drilling, and battlefields beyond the physical reach of medical specialists in well-equipped trauma centers.

The Telemedicus technology has been in operation since 2003 in Houston and in Liberty County, Texas. It can be used to treat trauma casualties anywhere conventional advanced emergency medical treatment is unavailable — in military operations, offshore drilling operations and in rural areas.

LipidLabs’ primary focus is acquiring technologies developed by major research universities and delivering those technologies to the marketplace.

CardioDynamics seeks NASDAQ options

CardioDynamics International (San Diego) reiterated NASDAQ compliance options available for the company’s consideration. The options include transferring to the NASDAQ Capital Market which would provide the company until mid-April 2008, or approximately eight more months, to regain the $1 per share minimum requirement.

On April 18, the company received a letter from NASDAQ indicating that it was not in compliance with the minimum bid price requirement because its common stock had closed below $1 per share for 30 consecutive trading days. CardioDynamics has been afforded 180 calendar days, or until Oct. 15, to regain compliance with the minimum bid requirement and, if unable to achieve this requirement, the company may then elect to apply to transfer its common stock from the NASDAQ Global Market, where it is currently listed, to the NASDAQ Capital Market.

CardioDynamics International makes impedance cardiography technology.

Memry awarded ISO certification

Memry (Bethel, Connecticut), a supplier of advanced material components to the medical device industry, said that its Menlo Park, California facilities and its corporate headquarters in Bethel, Connecticut have been awarded certification to the ISO (International Standards Organization) 13485:2003. ISO 13485:2003 is a comprehensive set of standards covering the quality of design, development, manufacture, shipping, installation and servicing of medical devices. Putnam Plastics, a Memry corporation company located in Dayville, Connecticut, will also be ISO 13485:2003 registered under this certification.

In order to meet the criterion for certification, Memry demonstrated compliance to the regulatory standards associated with quality medical device manufacturing management systems and provided evidence of application and adherence.

NMT Medical hires Deloitte & Touche

NMT Medical (Boston) said that it has hired Deloitte & Touche as its independent registered public accounting firm, effective immediately. Deloitte & Touche replaces Ernst & Young, which has served as the company’s firm of record for the past six years. The decision to change independent registered public accounting firms was approved by the audit committee of the company’s board of directors and is not a result of any accounting issue.

NMT’s executive VP/CFO Richard Davis said, “The decision to change independent auditors is not a result of a disagreement between NMT and Ernst & Young on any matter of accounting practices, financial statement disclosure or auditing procedure. We look forward to working with Deloitte & Touche, and we thank Ernst & Young for their years of service.”

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