• Aesthera (Pleasanton, California) reported commercial introduction of a new painless laser therapy — Isolaz (deep pore laser therapy). Powered by photopneumatic technology, the Isolaz helps destroy acne-causing bacteria with a combination of pneumatic energy (vacuum) and laser light for a dramatic pore purifying therapy that helps clears acne fast. The Isolaz therapy is cleared to treat mild to moderate, inflammatory acne and acne vulgaris. Along with being cleared for acne, the Isolaz is also FDA cleared for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions as well as permanent hair reduction. Aesthera makes light-based aesthetic treatment systems based on photopneumatic (PPx) technology.

• Oculus Innovative Sciences (Petaluma, California) said it has enrolled the first patient in a Phase II trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of topical Dermacyn wound care vs. systemic oral antibiotics for the treatment of mild diabetic foot infections. Dermacyn is a non-irritating oxychlorine formulation manufactured using Oculus' Microcyn technology. The primary efficacy endpoint of the trial will be clinical cure or improvement of infection. Patients will be randomized 3:1 to receive Dermacyn, Dermacyn in combination with the oral antibiotic levofloxacin, or saline plus levofloxacin. The 20 patients in each arm will be treated over 10 days, each time their wound dressing is reapplied. After 10 days, patients will stop treatment and return two weeks later for a follow-up assessment. Oculus specializes in Microcyn Technology-based products intended to help prevent and treat infections in chronic and acute wounds.

• USGI Medical (San Clemente, California), reported use of its EndoSurgical operating system (EOS) to restore the size of the stomach pouch and stoma — the connection between the stomach and small intestine — to more closely match original post-surgical dimensions. The procedure does not require surgical incisions. The EOS is introduced through the mouth to create multiple tissue folds circumferentially around the stoma to reduce its diameter, and within the stomach pouch to decrease its volume. The folds are held by specially designed suture anchors. USGI specializes in the field of incisionless endolumenal surgery.

• VirtualScopics (Rochester, New York) reported release of its next-generation 2.0 software platform for the use of imaging in clinical trials. This platform provides FDA-required 21 CFR Part 11 compliant tools for managing international imaging sites. The software platform includes a new image analysis automation system, improved traceability, enhanced tools for data management, in addition to real-time detailed reports for VirtualScopics' customers. VirtualScopics makes image-based biomarker solutions.

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