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Safety Sleep Systems (SSS; Tulsa, Oklahoma) reported Thursday that the company applied on March 22 for a U.S. Patent for "A System and Method for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Disorders."

Bruce Keltner, CEO of SSS, said "We are very excited about this new patent application which will establish a new standard for the diagnosis and treatment of people suffering from Sleep Disorder Breathing (SDB) such as sleep apnea. Specifically, the new system provides a sleep management network for the ambulatory monitoring, diagnosis, and treatments of persons having sleep apnea and related conditions."

The inventor for this new patent application is Dr. James Duke, co-founder of SSS. Duke is a board certified polysomnologist and nationally known expert with over 30 years of diagnosis and treatment of sleep-related disorders, according to the company.

The system provides for diagnosis and therapy management of sleep-related disorders by recording and analyzing polysomnographic data, distributing therapy, and providing extended patient management. Key to the patent-pending system is a method for monitoring, diagnosing, and treating SDB conditions in a patient that is remotely located from the evaluation facility.

SSS is currently working with manufacturers of durable medical equipment (DME) specializing in the screening, treatment and long-term management of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) and other respiratory disorders. The company's plan is to combine their patent-pending medical diagnosis and treatment protocols with medical equipment and satellite communication technology to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of SDB with a level of accuracy and efficacy far beyond what is currently available.

According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, more than 12 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, a serious health condition causing constant interruptions from sleep and depriving sufferers from the benefits of deep sleep.

In other patent news, Genesis Bioventures (Los Angeles), a development stage company, said that Mammastatin, the breast cancer marker exclusively licensed to Genesis Bioventures, has been allowed additional patent protection by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The discovery of Mammastatin and its anti-cancer growth inhibitory properties were first published in the journal Science by cancer research scientists at the University of Michigan Cancer Center (Ann Arbor, Michigan) The Mammastatin technology is being developed for breast cancer risk assessment testing by the company and its wholly owned subsidiary, Biomedical Diagnostics.

Earlier this year the company also obtained the exclusive option to exclusively license the Mammastatin technology for breast and other cancer therapeutic development from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor).

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