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Emageon (Birmingham, Alabama) reported that it will resell TouchWorks Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) solutions from Allscripts (Chicago) to its 585 healthcare system and hospital customers. Additionally, Emageon said it would provide implementation and first-level support for the combined Allscripts EHR and PM solution to its hospital customers.

The companies said they plan to provide integration between their solutions, enabling physicians who use TouchWorks in ambulatory offices to view images taken in the hospital using Emageon’s Enterprise Visual Medical System platform, including the RadSuite and HeartSuite product lines.

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The agreement will help address recent changes to anti-kick-back and self-referral regulations, which govern the scope of hospital-physician relationships. On Oct. 10, final rules from the Centersfor Medicare and Medicaid Services and theOffice of the Inspector General took effect, creating a new safe harbor to the federal Anti-Kickback Statute and a corresponding exception to the federal Stark Act. The new safe harbor and exception permit hospitals to provide their affiliated physicians with electronic health record (EHR) and electronic prescribing technology. As a result, hospitals need EHR and ePrescribing solutions that meet the needs of ambulatory physicians, Emageon said.

Allscripts is a provider of clinical software, connectivity and information solutions for physicians. Emageon provides enterprise information technology systems for hospitals and healthcare networks.

In other agreements news:

• Dmetrix (Tucson, Arizona) has teamed with Definiens (Munich, Germany) to combine platforms and provide a high-throughput, ultra-rapid quantitative and objective tool for preclinical research to speed the development process for new therapeutics.

The partnership is intended to develop a complete solution to enable automated digital pathology. The partners will jointly develop connectors for the new solution, which will enable customers to benefit from the image capture-to-analysis process in drug discovery, delivering faster results, the companies said. The solution includes the DMetrix DX-40 array-microscope whole slide scanner designed to capture images of slides in less than one minute as well as the Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence suite of products.

DMetrix is a privately held company and the exclusive developer of array-microscope technology. Definiens bills itself as the No. 1 enterprise image intelligence company for interpreting images from microscopic cell structures to satellite images.

• Acuo Technologies (St. Paul, Minnesota) and NUDesign Medical Technologies (Minnetonka, Minnesota)reported that NU Design would incorporate DICOM Services Grid technology from Acuo Technologies into its Mammography Manager. The technology will allow NU Design’s Mammography Manager to automatically route, based on content, to a reading physician without manual intervention, the company said. The system will enable content-aware DICOM routing, storage virtualization, JPEG, encryption and storage virtualization.

Acuo was founded in 2000 to develop the first enterprise-wide collaborative asset management solution for medical DICOM images residing in a Picture Archiving and Communications System. NU Design is a privately held software and teleradiology company specializing in women’s healthcare.

• Smiths Medical (Carlsbad, California), part of the global technology business Smiths Group and provider of temperature management products worldwide, recently signed an exclusive agreement with Inditherm (Rotherham, UK), a provider of heating solutions to the medical industry.

The three-year distribution agreement stipulates U.S. market sales of Inditherm heated mattresses and blankets under Smiths Medical’s Level 1 brand, adding to Smiths Medical’s range of temperature management brands such as Snuggle Warm Convective Warming Blankets and Hotline Fluid Warming