Company Type/Product Area Terms/Details (Date)

Paul Royalty Fund Paul Royalty purchased a portion of the future revenues of the approved spasticity products Zanaflex Capsules and Zanaflex tablets Acorda received $15M and could receive two payments of $5M each if sales milestones are reached (1/19)
Bio*One Capital (Singapore) They established a new entity in Singapore, CombinatoRx Singapore Pte. Ltd. The new entity will focus on use of high- throughput screening technology to discover and develop drugs for infectious diseases; terms were not disclosed (1/19)
CytoDyn Inc.
UTEK Corp. Deal under which CytoDyn will explore technology acquisition opportunities UTEK is a technology transfer company focused on discoveries at universities and research laboratories; terms were not disclosed (4/11)
CytoDyn Inc.
Timeway International Inc. They entered a letter of intent to establish a joint venture in China The venture would develop CytoDyn's Cytolin immune therapy for HIV in China; terms were not disclosed (2/14)
Celtic Pharmaceutical Holdings LP (Bermuda) Celtic acquired worldwide rights to IDEA's Transfersome delivery technology and all its products, except the lead candidate, IDEA-033 Celtic subsidiary TDT will make an up- front payment to IDEA, as well as potential contingent payments and sales royalties; TDT committed to invest at least €15 in developing Transfersome-based products (2/23)
PharmaStem Therapeutics Inc.* Lifebank Corp. (Canada) Lifebank obtained a license to PharmaStem's patent portfolio The deal will allow Lifebank to market in the U.S. its services for processing and storing umbilical cord stem cells (2/10)
Pharming Group NV (the Netherlands; Euronext:PHARM) Paul Royalty Fund Paul Royalty purchased a single-digit royalty interest in Pharming's rhC1INH and other products for 10 years Pharming got $18.5M up front and a $3.5M equity investment; it could earn another $10M in milestone payments; rhC1INH is a recombinant human C1 inhibitor being developed for hereditary angioedema (2/3)
VistaGen Therapeutics Inc.* Cato BioVentures VistaGen got rights to all central nervous system product opportunities identified or acquired by Cato VistaGen has the exclusive right of first negotiation to those products; Cato is the venture capital affiliate of the contract research organization Cato Research Ltd. (3/22)

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
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OTC BB = Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board.