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A day before his death on April 8, Dr. David Long, CEO and chairman of Biofield (Philadelphia), transferred controlling interest of the company to The MacKay Group .

A company statement said that, as of April 7, Long resigned his positions from Biofield, maker of the Breast Proliferation Detection System (BDS), and The MacKay Group acquired control. As part of the hand-off, Long appointed James MacKay, chairman of the board of The MacKay Group, as the new chairman.

MacKay has been involved in a number of international multibillion dollar projects with other associates throughout the world, according to the statement from Biofield.

Long said he wanted to assure that the Biofield technology moved forward, and through The MacKay Group his last wishes will be permitted. He said that with the company's agreement with The MacKay Group, Biofield “will now be in a position to maximize future successes and growth.“

The new president of Biofield is Michael Yom who has experience in the medical device field in the areas of business development, strategic planning and management. Yom said he is “thrilled to lead Biofield and excited at the opportunity to bring the Biofield Breast Proliferation Detection System to a global market of women who will find profound benefits from this revolutionary diagnostic tool.“

Long received his MD degree from Hahnemann University School of Medicine (Philadelphia), and his PhD from the University of Minnesota . His work made advancements in areas such as prolonged drug delivery administration, cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, radiopaque perfluorocarbon compounds, synthetic oxygen carriers, and diagnosis of breast disease using electropotentials measurements.

Long is survived by his wife and six children.