Biomoda (Albuquerque, New Mexico), a development- stage in vitro diagnostics firm, and life science company Cytomyx (Lexington, Massachusetts) have entered into an agreement for Cytomyx to provide human clinical samples to Biomoda for its diagnostic test development program.

Validation studies for Biomoda's patented and patent-pending products for the early detection and targeted treatment of specific cancers will be supported by its relationship with Cytomyx.

"Cytomyx has one of the largest human tissue collections which makes them an ideal strategic partner for Biomoda," said John Cousins, president of Biomoda. "The clinical samples from Cytomyx are of the highest quality. Cytomyx has two main areas of expertise: the use of human clinical samples in understanding the linkage between gene expression and disease, and the development of cell-based assays."

He said Biomoda is interested in developing cancer diagnostic products in both of those strategic market spaces.