A Medical Device Daily

Cardinal Health (Dublin, Ohio), a provider of products and services supporting healthcare, has licensed technology from Axeda Systems (Mansfield, Massachusetts), a provider of device relationship management (DRM) software and services.

Cardinal will use the Axeda DRM system for remote monitoring and proactive support of products by its Pyxis (San Diego) subsidiary, deployed at customer locations worldwide.

In addition to real-time, remote monitoring and service, Cardinal Health will use the Axeda DRM system to deliver remote software upgrades and patches to Pyxis products, as well as to run remote desktop sharing sessions and diagnostic programs for its customers.

The Axeda DRM system has security provisions that complement healthcare facilities’ existing network security infrastructure, including firewalls and intrusion detection systems.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA; Washington) has awarded a five-year contract to Zassi Medical Evolutions (Fernandina Beach, Florida). The contract is for Zassi’s Bowel Management System, which is designed to divert fecal materials in order to improve skin and wound care and assist in the reduction of the incidence of nosocomial infections in non-ambulatory patients.

“This is a significant contract for Zassi,” said President and CEO Peter von Dyck. “With this award, the Zassi Bowel Management System is available to assist in providing the quality healthcare that is deserving of our veterans and the military.”

He said the system “is being offered at tremendous value given its unique design. It not only provides clinicians with a means to contain and manage all types of stool output for better sanitation and hygiene, it also allows them to administer drugs and medications.”