(Country; Symbol)


Type Of Agreement

Product Area

Details (Date)


Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation


To jointly develop
tissue regeneration treatments

The partners will combine Aastrom's Tissue Repair Cells with the foundation's allograft matrices for bone graft applications (6/10)


Stanford University


For a therapeutic approach to cancer therapy

The collaboration combines Aastrom's single-pass perfusion cell production technology with Stanford's Cytokine Induced Killer Cell technology to produce cells designed to trigger an immune system attack on a patient's tumor cells (5/30)


Retrovirology Laboratory irsiCaixa (Spain)


To conduct efficacy screening of pooled siRNA compounds against HIV-1

Acacia's CombiMatrix group will work with the laboratory in its second collaboration based on its Express Track siRNA drug discovery platform (6/30)


Leland Stanford Junior University

Service and supply agreement

To provide broad access to Aclara's
eTag Assay System for high-throughput, multiplex
proteomics studies in the area of autoimmune

In addition to a license to use the eTag System for certain proteomics applications, the agreement includes access to custom services, and eTag assay reagent products, software and support (6/18)

Advanced Life

Argonne National Laboratory

Licensing agreement

For the laboratory's proteomics-based technology

The license involves the compound ALS-499; ALS will have exclusive worldwide rights to commercialize ALS-499, as well as the platform technology, as a method for preventing amyloid fibril formation (5/21)

Agilent Technologies
(NYSE:A) and
Rosetta Biosoftware
(unit of Rosetta
Inpharmatics Inc., a
subsidiary of Merck &
Co. Inc.)

Institut Gustave- Roussy (France)

Licensing agreement

For Agilent's gene expression solutions

Financial details were not disclosed (5/29)

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) and Rosetta Biosoftware (unit of Rosetta Inpharmatics Inc., a subsidiary of Merck & Co. Inc.)

Stichting Netherlands Bioinformatics Center

Licensing agreement

For the Rosetta Resolver system

The center will make the gene expression data-analysis system available to the Dutch research community (5/27)

Avant Immuno-
therapeutics Inc.
(AVAN) and DynPort
Vaccine Company LLC*

U.S. Department of Defense


For anthrax and plague vaccine efforts

The companies received an award of $344,000 covering stability testing of DVC's injectable anthrax vaccine; they also received about $1.3M for preclinical animal testing of vaccine constructs being developed by Avant for an oral combination vaccine against anthrax and plague (6/6)

Group Inc.*

University of Cincinnati Medical Center and the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center


To research the efficacy of creatine in the treatment of creatine transporter defect

Initial research has indicated that the disease, which results in cases of mental retardation, can be diagnosed early and treated (6/12)

BD Biosciences
Dickinson and Co.;

Carnegie Institute of Washington and the University of Massachusetts

Licensing agreement

For RNA interference technology from the institute and the university

BD Biosciences has launched a ser-ser (unit of Becton, ies of RNAi-based vector systems to better understand the function of particular genes (5/29)


National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the U.S.
Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases


To test BioCryst's hepatitis C polymerase-inhibitors against the severe acute respiratory syndrome and West Nile virus

BioCryst has an exclusive license to compounds resulting from the collaboration (5/28)


Institute of MicroNano Science and Technology (China)


For the production of novel nanoarray devices

The agreement aims to develop microfabricated tools for controlled biomolecular deposition; BioForce will provide the design for the target devices, and will retain intellectual property ownership and full marketing rights (6/9)


U.S. Army's Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases

Cooperative research and development agreement

For the development of biodefense vaccines

BioSante gains an exclusive license to any U.S. patent application or issued patent as a result of the agreement (6/4)

Cangene Corp.
(Canada; TSE:CNJ)

Health Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory


For further public health research into severe acute respiratory syndrome

The parties plan to develop a hyperimmune globulin from plasma obtained from recovered SARS patients (6/25)

Genomix Inc.*

Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute


To establish a Microarray Core Service facility on the campus of Johns Hopkins University's Shady Grove campus

Capital Genomix has two genomic and proteomic drug development technology platforms, which it will couple for the development of specific antibodies against genetic sequences of biological significance into a unified, end-to-end gene discovery, functional analysis and target validation system (5/30)


Tufts University

Licensing agreement

For three European patents and a pending U.S. patent application from Tufts

The patents and application cover methods for treating and preventing insulin resistance and related disorders (5/21)

Cel-Sci Corp.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases


To test CEL-1000 against SARS, small- pox, vaccinia, West Nile virus and several other diseases

Further details were not dis- closed (6/23)

Cerus Corp.

Army Medical Research Acquis ition Activity division of the Department of Defense

Cooperative agreement

For the continued development of technologies to improve the safety and availability of blood that may be used by the U.S. armed forces for medical transfusions

Cerus was awarded $6.2M as part of the agreement (5/19)


Toronto Medical Laboratories (Canada)

Licensing agreement

For Ciphergen's AutoMarker Protein Chip System

Toronto Medical will pursue targeted assay development projects aimed at identifying protein biomarkers for commercial diagnostic tests (6/5)

Circle Group
Holdings Inc.

U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory

Licensing agreement

To an anthrax/bacterial spore collection and elimination device technology

Brookhaven's patent-pending ThraxVac technology is a flexible device that simultaneously captures and kills anthrax and other bacterial spore biohazards (6/24)


U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency


To support the clinical development of Coley's CpG immunostimulatory TLR9 agonists to enhance anthrax vaccines

Coley received another $6M to support the project (6/24)

Crucell NV
(the Netherlands;

Kimron Veterinary Institute (Israel)

Licensing agreement

To develop and register a whole killed West Nile veterinary vaccine based on Crucell's PER.C6 cell line technology

Kimron will pay Crucell a license fee, milestones and a royalty on sales of the vaccine in Israel; Crucell will receive rights to the vaccine outside of Israel and pay Kimron a royalty on sales (6/11)

CytRx Corp.

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Licensing agreement

For the university's RNAi gene-silencing technology for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

The agreement is part of a broad-based alliance related to RNAi technology, which also includes exclusive licensing agreements for the use of RNAi for therapeutic products to treat obesity and Type II diabetes (6/30)

CytRx Corp.

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Licensing agreement

For the university's DNA-based product
for HIV vaccine development

A $15M government grant will cover clinical work on the HIV vaccine (5/21)

Cytyc Corp.

Harvard Medical School

Multiyear collaborative sponsored research agreement

To discover new molecular markers associated with the development and progression of
neoplasia of the
cervix, breast and
other organs

Cytyc scientists will work with Harvard researchers to translate the findings to complement Cytyc's testing platforms (5/15)

Cytyc Corp.

Northeastern University

Collaborative sponsored research agreement

Focused on identifying potential breast cancer markers in ductal lavage fluid collected with the FirstCyte Breast Test

The agreement calls for Cytyc to sponsor targeted research programs with the Barnett Institute at the university (6/2)

Diversa Corp.

U.S. Army Medical Research Institute


To develop diagnostic and therapeutic antibodies against anthrax and to identify new targets associated with anthrax and plague pathology

Diversa will receive a $1.38M award from the Department of Defense (6/16)

DOR BioPharma

University of Texas SouthWestern Medical Center

Exclusive, worldwide license agreement

To license issued U.S. patent and pending patent applications pertaining to all injectable uses of novel recombinant ricin A chain mutants as vaccines to protect against poisoning by ricin

The vaccine candidate consists of one of the two subunits of the ricin toxin, which has been genetically engineered to eliminate both its enzymatic activity and its ability to induce vascular leak syndrome (7/9)

Technologies Inc.

U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases

Cooperative research and development agreement

To evaluate the use of Emisphere's eligen technology to create oral vaccines against anthrax using a recombinant protein antigen

Emisphere will provide the institute with oral formulations containing Emisphere delivery agents and the recombinant anthrax antigen; Emisphere will gain an exclusive license to each U.S. patent application or issued patent and would receive royalties (6/19)

EpiTan Ltd.
(Australia; ASX:EPT)

Monash University (Australia) and the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science (Australia)

Collaborative research agreement

To help develop a topical formulation of Melanotan

Financial terms were not disclosed (6/4)

FIT Biotech

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

Research partnership

To evaluate FIT Biotech's investigational vaccine to prevent AIDS

The candidate, GTU-MultiHIV, will be tested in a clinical trial later this year (6/25)

Genaera Corp.

National Cancer Institute

Research agreement

To conduct preclinical evaluations on two of Genaera's second-generation anti-angiogenic aminosterol compounds

The company's goal is to identify an orally available candidate compound (5/30)

Genedata AG* (Switzerland)

National Cancer Centre Singapore


In gene expression analysis for cancer research

The NCCS licensed the Genedata Expressionist system for the analysis of microarrays (7/8)

Bioventures Inc.

University of Michigan

Exclusive worldwide licensing agreement

For diagnostic uses of mammastatin technology

Genesis Bioventures gained the rights and will use the technology to identify a woman's risk for developing the disease (5/15)

Technologies Inc.
(Australia; ASX:GTG)

University of Utah

Research license

To Genetic Technologies'
noncoding patents

The university will expand its genetic research program into the noncoding regions of genomes with the support of Genetic Technologies (5/22)

Biomedical Corp.

Naval Medical Center San Diego

Cooperative research and development agreements

To further assess the feasibility of using in vivo electroporation enhanced DNA delivery of various functional growth factor genes

The parties aim to improve the healing process for incisional wounds and laser-injured skin (6/10)

BioSciences Inc.*

Morehouse School of Medicine

Sublicensing agreement

Giving researchers at Morehouse the right to implement the use of Positive-Positive Selection gene-targeting technologies

The technologies will be used for the creation of knockout and knock-in transgenic embryonic stem cells and mice (6/2)

Collaborative Inc.*

Boston Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis


To further Boston Cure Project's multi disciplinary blood, tissue and data bank to find the causes of multiple sclerosis

GCI will help develop the study protocol, create an informed consent form for participants and generate and distribute sample kits (6/11)

Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals Inc. (HEPH)

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics Inc.


To study HE2000 (Immunitin) in a Phase I/II trial for cystic fibrosis

Hollis-Eden will receive about $1.7M to fund further development of the drug candidate (6/18)


French Ministry of Defense


For the French Ministry to purchase IGEN's biological agent detection products

The products will be used to detect bacteria, viruses and toxins that may pose a public health threat (6/16)


U.S. Department of Defense


To sell products based on IGEN's Origen technology for the detection of specific biological agents

The four-year contract provides for product sales to the U.S. Army, including $7M over the next year (6/23)

Illumina Inc.

Johns Hopkins University


To sell Illumina's BeadLab product, a production-scale SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) genotyping laboratory

The university will install BeadLab in its Genetic Resources Core Facility, where it will be used to perform whole-genome and fine-mapping studies against hundreds to thousands of samples (7/10)

Illumina Inc.

National Center for Biochip Technology (China)


For the purchase of Illumina's BeadLab

BeadLab will be installed in the new NCBT facility in Shanghai and used by the center for large-scale genotyping projects such as the identification of genes associated with complex diseases and the stratification of patient populations based on genetic differences to enable better therapeutic outcomes (6/30)

Inovio A/S*

U.S. Army


To develop vaccines for use against bioterrorism

Inovio will contribute its nonviral gene delivery technology; Inovio received $2M for the project from the U.S. House of Representatives (7/7)


National Cancer Institute


To co-develop Introgen's p53-based cancer agent Advexin

Introgen supplied Advexin to the institute for distribution to clinical investigators (6/24)


Industrial and Technology Research Institute (Taiwan)


To identify antisense drug candidates targeting the corona-virus associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome

Isis will conduct the antisense drug discovery research and the institute with provide $2M in initial funding (6/24)

Isolagen Inc.

University of Texas Health Science Center


To use various methodologies developed by Isolagen for the replication of autologous neuron cells to determine the viability of similar replication of neurological cells

It will be used to treat a variety of serious neurological conditions, such as spinal cord injuries, Alzheimer's disease, stroke and Parkinson's disease (6/17)

LifeCell Corp.

National Stem Cell Centre (Australia)


To combine stem cells with acellular tissue matrices

NSCC gains rights to use the LifeCell technology internally and to use processing technology and distribution of regenerative tissue matrix products for specific indications in Australia and New Zealand; LifeCell will receive royalties (6/23)

Lynx Therapeutics

International Livestock Research Institute (Kenya) and the Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine (UK)

Service agreement

To study the gene expression of certain livestock parasites and the anthropod vectors that are responsible for transmission of the pathogens

Lynx's Massively Parallel Signature Sequencing technology will be used to perform genomic discovery services, and Lynx will receive undisclosed payments for the services (5/16)

MDL Information
Systems Inc.*

FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

Cooperative research and development agreement

To jointly develop a series of predictive software modules that represent major toxicological endpoints

The endpoints include human adverse effects such as carcino-genicity, teratogenicity and mutagenicity (7/10)

Therapeutics Inc.*

University of Kansas

Collaborative research venture

Focusing on the design, synthesis and biological testing of polycationic compounds in biological assays developed by Sunil David of the university

MediQuest will receive funding via a subgrant on a five-year, $1.13M grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (6/2)

Myriad Genetics

Mayo Clinic


To develop Alzheimer's disease therapeutics based upon several drug candidates discovered at the Mayo Clinic

Myriad gained worldwide, exclusive therapeutic rights to the drug candidates and to further drug discoveries that result from collaboration on compounds-that lower Abeta42; Myriad gains rights to develop and market all resulting drugs (7/10)


Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University and the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia

Research collaboration

To develop its gene-editing therapy for sickle cell disease patients

NaPro's technology is designed to make the single base pair correction in hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells ex vivo and then reinfuse the patients with their own corrected cells (6/24)


Guatemalan government


For the Orchid Gene- Screen unit to provide DNA testing services to confirm the identity of Guatemalan children being adopted by foreign nationals

The agreement could generate revenues for Orchid of more than $1M annually (7/1)

OxiGene Inc.

Cancer Research UK


To complete preclinical studies of OXi4503 and move the compound into Phase I trials

OXi4503 has shown positive results in blocking the flow of blood to the core and periphery of solid tumors transplanted into mice (5/27)

Genetics Inc.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the National Institute of Environmental
Health Science


To identify genetic markers of acetaminophen toxicity
in the liver

Paradigm will conduct biochemical-profiling experiments on tissue and biofluid samples from rat and human subjects exposed to acetaminophen (6/23)


Duke University Medical Center Division of Neurology


To identify compounds that could be of value in the treatment of Huntington's disease

The parties will focus on research in which the DNA sequence CAG is repeated multiple times in certain genes in affected individuals (7/1)

Revotar Biopharmaceuticals AG* (Germany)

Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Ernst Moritz Arndt University (Germany)


On the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds with biological activity

The chemistry group will interact with the molecular modeling and medicinal chemistry groups of Revotar (6/6)

Senetek plc

Institute of Experimental Botany (Czech Republic)

Cooperative research agreement

Giving Senetek exclusive access to all chemical-
and botanical- based products and related scientific data developed by the institute in a range of dermatological applications

Senetek has the option to enter exclusive licenses for successful compounds for medical and cosmetic skincare applications worldwide (6/24)

Tm Bioscience Corp. (Canada; VSE:TMC) University of Michigan

The Hospital for Sick Children (Canada) and the gene mutation patents in the company's Tag-It Mutation Detection Kit for Cystic Fibrosis

Licensing agreement

For the use of the hospital and university's cystic fibrosis

Further details were not disclosed (6/26)

United Therapeutics Corp. (UTHR)

National Institutes of Health


For the NIH to use United's multigram, drink-based formulation of arginine in a study of sickle cell disease

A five-month study will be conducted by the NIH titled "Evaluation of Potential Synergy of Combining Hydroxyurea with Nitric Oxide Donors on Fetal Hemoglobin Synthesis in Patients with Sickle Cell Anemia" (5/19)

Vical Inc.

Vaccine Research Center, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Manufacturing agreement

For clinical-grade supplies of an experimental DNA vaccine against the West Nile virus

Vical will supply the vaccine for development by the Vaccine Research Center (7/15)

Virtual Drug Development Inc.*

U.S. Department of Defense

Development agreement

To develop an oral anthrax antibiotic

Virtual Drug will receive $1.6M in funding from the Department of Defense to develop a nicotinamide adenine dinucletide synthetase inhibitor as an oral antibiotic for Gram-positive bacteria, including anthrax (6/20)

Virtual Drug Development Inc.*

University of Ulster's Coleraine campus and Queens University (Ireland)


To develop peptides produced by amphibians to fight multiple drug-resistant bacteria, cardiovascular diseases and cancer

The partnership resulted in the formation of AmphiBiotics Ltd. (6/26)

Wilex AG*

VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Exclusive licensing agreement

For the university's monoclonal antibody K931 to treat various cancers

Wilex receives full exclusive licenses to the chimeric and the murine K931 antibody and the cell lines producing the antibody in return for undisclosed upfront, milestone and potential royalty payments (5/15)


This chart does not include grant agreements (unless they are also part of a larger collaboration) or agreements between biotech companies and clinical trial centers.

* Denotes privately held company.

@ Some institutions listed have for-profit components. They are located in the U.S. unless otherwise noted.

Unless otherwise noted, shares are traded on the Nasdaq exchange.

AMEX = American Stock Exchange; ASX = Australian Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange; VSE = Vancouver Stock Exchange